Week Latte #54


Happy Friday! March was a very spendy month for me thanks to the Priceline, Sephora and various Afterpay sales. Lots of new makeup has been added to my collection so I took inspo for that when compiling the IG post… enjoy these pretty shots and links! x

Why I broke up with my fantasy self – I think this is such an important read, especially during a time of ‘romancing’ our everyday life is really taking off post/during-pandemic. (Which is a concept I generally love but can be misleading too.)

Canva is literally my fave lol. This is such a great tip!

You may know I have a little crush on Thanasi Kokkinakis (hehe) – which is why I started listening to his podcast interview on Ordineroli Speaking. It was fantastic to hear a platform that encourages vulnerability from sportspeople in regards to mental health and adversity. (Ctrl C + ctrl V from my Monthly march post hehe)

It is bonkers to me that last year I did Couch to 5K… I could run 5K??? ME??? lol. Anyways, I would love to get back into running, and this post from Rachel was inspiring.

Reading/watching/listen to people’s routines or a ‘day in the life’ is my favourite form of content, so I thoroughly enjoyed this by The Designs Files, A Day In The Colourful Life Of Influencer + Entrepreneur, Flex Mami.

You may have seen this circulating the internet this month…

In response, Leigh Campbell wrote this piece for Mamamia: Why I Unfollow People Who Subscribe to ‘Hustle Culture’.

The past few years have certainly glamourised being a ‘boss babe’ and ‘the hustle’. I know it’s certainly ingrained in my thinking. It is SO hard for me to say no to work. I’ve got another 50+ years of work ahead of me. I know it’s not healthy. But work/business equates to success in my head. I loved Leigh’s article, and I want to learn from her and stop myself from getting burnt out. But a small part of me still thought ‘oh cool would her life at the magazine have been?!’ despite the fact it lead her being hospitalised. My stupid brain STILL glamourised that. Hustle culture is TOXIC!!! Any advice for a brainwashed Gen Z?

Funnily enough, shortly after writing this, look what popped up on my Pinterest. This is a mindset I can get on board with!

March marked a new season, and for the first time ever I paid attention to how the change of season would effect my makeup. Katie Jane Hughes talked to Elle about transitioning your makeup from summer to fall (autumn for us Aussies!) in 2019, a few tried-and-true KJH tips can be found here.

Chriselle Lim takes us inside her fall makeup bag.

Emily Freybler shares her fall transition tips.

I also liked this info graph to remind me of subtle ways to tweak my makeup. I wish I could rock a matte, berry lip but it’s not happening haha. I do think I could play with some orange-y tones on the cheeks though!

Zoe and Alfie announced they are having a baby and it excites me beyond belief. The gals on the Culture Club Pod discuss it, as well as life expectations and parenting bloggers in general. Fun!

I saw this on Pinterest and the well-loved highlight from this palette makes me want to buy it agh lol.

Priceline had their half price cosmetics sale this month and whilst my haul was a bit lacklustre, I loved seeing what you all bought! Azra’s swatches make me want to collect all of these Revlon palettes ha!

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