I’ve had this sitting unpublished in drafts for the whole month of March and April lol but it’s finally here! I didn’t fill out the ‘ATE’ section and now I can’t remember so lol we miss out on that.

February started off strong, as I knew it was my last few weeks of ‘freedom’ before uni started back on the 22nd and I wanted to make the most of it. We had a little blip in there with the snap lockdown, but we are out the other-side!

Listened to

Instead of connecting to Spotify, my car connected to the music on my phone randomly. The stripped version of Perfect by 1D came on wow it reinvigorated me. Good times.


I managed to get a fair bit of fun into the first half of the month before lockdown began. A few friends and I went to Trinket for their bottomless pizza and cocktails one Saturday afternoon. It was delicious and really good value for money.

They only do this for lunch sittings and it was so good. Trinket is a really luxe, Gatsby-vibe bar on Flinders Lane that is just as magical at night as it is during the daytime. Oh, and the bathroom is PINK! Epic. We got crepes from Harajuku Crepes at Melbourne Central afterwards. Delicious. 

The food was very delicious and generous. However, we thought we would be able to pick any drink (as the website didn’t say otherwise) but it’s actually a set menu of four different cocktail jugs to choose from. This worked well for us but just something to keep in mind.

Daisy and I also caught up in the city to do some shopping and go to Byblos (on @strictlysal’s recommendation). It was a really fun way to try a lot of different items and everything was so tasty.

We definitely ordered too much food but who can blame us when there are so many tasty options? 

My highlights were the watermelon Spritz (non-alcoholic) and the halloumi salad. 

On the last day before Melbourne’s snap lockdown, I met my fellow West side blogger gals Doreethy and Azra as well as Wendy for the first time, and we went for dinner. we tried Madam West because the IG vibe was cool. They were super busy, and our food was a tad underwhelming but it was nice to try.

Not much happened for the rest of the month because of work and uni. But I did manage to visit a new local cafe for brunch which was a nice discovery!

I also got really sick one weekend which knocked me around quite a bit. I’m lucky it was sorted quickly but it reminded me that if you don’t choose to take rest days, your body will choose them for you. Because of that, my plans calmed right down for the last half of the month.


Olive by Emma Gannon

I found it so hard to get into this book, despite the fact that I loved the concept. The characters were unlikeable and all sounded a bit selfish in my opinion… but I was talking to a friend who did enjoy it and she said it was kind of the point. It showed us that we are all so involved in our own lives that we can miss important things happening with our friends. 

I trudged through because I wanted to finish the dang thing and I was disappointed. I would love to read more on this topic but in a more enjoyable book-universe.

I found this review that sums up my feelings pretty well too. 

I thought the book would explore the concept of choosing to be child free in a more emotionally intelligent and sensitive way – instead it really did feel like Olive was researching and deceiving for the sake of her article. I was hoping she would get what she deserved (some accountability at the very least), but instead it was a neatly tied up ending. 

I also wonder if I had too many expectations for the book. I was hoping to read it and feel a sense of decision or at least feel heard. Although Olive and share a lot of the same views, her overall nature was nothing I could relate to. 


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 3

My friends and I have done a Galentine’s viewing of this series for the past two years, but this year it was done virtually thanks to lockdown.

I thought it was a nice way to end the series, but I’m sad it’s over. As always, the set design and wardrobe was heavenly. I was pleasantly surprised with the more grown-up plot in this movie too. Big fan.

However it’s funny that three years ago I was literally obsessed with Peter Kavinsky and now, I really don’t vibe him lol. Cute nonetheless.

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