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Happy Friday, friends.

These posts are a work-in-process over the month, but dang this one came up on me quickly. Life is hectic. I’m tired lol.

But instead of talking about that haha let me tell you that the past week and a half I’ve been so good in term so buying things. Okay, ‘so good’ is an exaggeration. But I’ve definitely been better than my frenzied spending spree at the start of the month.

In saying that…

I’m so keen for Black Friday sales!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the links x

Posts that inspired me:

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You know how I was looking for the perfect light coverage tinted moisturiser/foundation?! Well…. I’ve found a product that’s in the running! The hyaluronic acid tinted moisturiser from @colourpopcosmetics ☺️. . Here are my thoughts -> . So since my skin is looking pretty fine thanks to Roaccutane 🙌🏻, I’ve been on the hunt for a tinted moisturiser that gives me light/sheer coverage that lets my skin shine through. So my first impressions when trying it – it’s very sheer, don’t bother trying to cover blemishes. Although I was able to build it up a bit under my eyes for a bit of concealing. I used a sponge when applying (I can’t buff into my skin using a brush atm due to how sensitive my skin is.) after applying, which was a breeze, I loved how natural and glowy it looked on my skin! I only set with powder under my eyes, to keep the glow going 🙌🏻. In terms of wear, I wore it for about 8 hours and it held up great! Definitely impressed! My skin also never felt dry throughout the day which I was super impressed by. I’ll be continuing to test it out for the time being, and get back to you guys with a full review soon ☺️👍. . . . . Have you tried this tinted moisturiser? And what’s your favourite tinted moisturiser/ light coverage foundation? I’d love to know! ☺️😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #beauty #crueltyfreebeauty #hyaluronicacid #makeup #crueltyfreemakeup #makeuplooks #skincare #tintedmoisturizer

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Jayde did a fabulous, in depth review on Function of Beauty which was so interesting. I have the hair serum and mask on my wishlist, but think I could happily pass on the shampoo and conditioner (despite them being so cute).

I discovered this beautiful blog, which did a really fab review on Rare Beauty. I pray this comes to Australia!

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🌸 RARE BEAUTY FIRST IMPRESSIONS REVIEW 🌸 Today was the first time wearing it so you're getting my first impression after an all day wear test. For full day updates, head to my stories. Here's the important stuff you need to know: ⭐ The products are designed to be inclusive to people with mobility issues. The cap design makes for easy opening. I absolutely love this! ⭐ The price point is a nice middle ground for a Sephora brand. Not quite high-end pricing, not quite drugstore pricing. Very affordable for what you're getting. ⭐ Products themselves are vegan and cruelty free. They apply seamlessly and easily with minimal effort making for a really quick application. ⭐ The color selection is huge and very inclusive so you're guaranteed to find the right shades for you ⭐ After 9 hours of wear there was still a decent amount of coverage and minimal fading of the products. My skin was oily, very oily lol but it didn't look bad. Some blotting and a little bit of powder and you'd be good to go for another couple hours, at least! ⭐ All of the products felt completely weightless on the skin and looked identical to natural skin. All the benefits of full coverage makeup, with zero of the uncomfortable feeling. Needless to say, this line is a huge win for me. I'll be trialing out these products for the rest of the week to find the best application techniques in a way to keep the oils controlled for a little longer. This got a solid 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars for me today, and I know with the right primer it'll be five! To try out these products for yourself click the link in my bio and head on over to SHOP or my LiketoKnow.it account! . . . . #rarebeauty #wearerare #selenagomez #naturalmakeuplook #glowyskin #embraceyourself #canadianblogger #happylifestyle #budgetmakeup #affordablebeauty #drugstoremakeup #drugstorebeauty #ottawamom #styletips #canadianmama #mommakeup #easymakeup #fallmakeuplook #affordablemakeup #makeupmadeeas #budgetmama #makeupaccount #makeupartistworld #quickmakeup #canadianmakeupartist #whatimloving #momstyles

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Emma created this fabulous resource for keeping a Makeup Inventory. I started one in January, but like any resolutions, failed to stick with it. Part of me doesn’t want to because the amount of products I have makes me feel a bit sick lol.

This discourse about being brave is so interesting – I read something similar a few years ago and I wish I could remember it correctly. But basically, wearing a bikini to the beach isn’t being brave… it’s none of your business. Nurses and doctors and teachers are brave.

This story is INCREDIBLE! Gave me chills. ‘I fell five storeys from a New York rooftop and survived.’ This is not easy to read. I had to take a break before I finished it. It’s unimaginable. If you needed a reminder that life is precious, this is it.

Why Your Morning Routine Isn’t Working… I am obsessed with hearing other people’s morning routines, one of my niche interests lol. This video was really unique, particularly the tip to theme your routine each day. I definitely want to implement this!

@thecaryledit has reviewed the newest SPF to my collection – and my first ever physical sunscreen- Medik8 Physical Sunscreen!

I stumbled across this post on Pinterest and it’s got some great, practical tips for helping you do a spending ban. I like the phrase ‘project 10 pan.’ We’ve hear of project pan before, right? Hitting pan on a product… I tried this and failed for many reasons but basically it left me feeling overwhelmed. But I like this idea of using a product 10 times before you buy another product in the same category etc. Sounds achievable!

What Happened to Man Repeller? Holy moly, the icon is no longer. It was a rocky road to the end.

Matilda was inspired by this post to try the Ohii Lip Smudge in the shade ‘scorpio’ and boy oh boy, it FLEW to the top of my wish list. Divine!

What content have you loved recently?

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Colourpop Sale Haul – October 2020 (& Recommendations)

affordable beauty

I had been anticipating making a ColourPop order at Black Friday, but they announced a 25% off sale in late October and so I decided to jump on and buy a few things in the meantime. I hope to also buy some things come November, but am waiting on stock.

Lip Tint in Shade A Go Go

There were only two shades in stock on the website and this is the one I don’t have out of them. This formula is heavenly, but has a strong peachy scent (I like it but it might be overwhelming for others?) I really hope the full range is restocked.

Luxe Lip Oil in Shade Skinny Dip

These were high on my wishlist and I very easily could’ve purchased the full set of 5 but I thought that may be excessive? Lol I hate when I’m reasonable! 

Lux Gloss in Shades Dream Queen and Figgy With It

Another item high on my wishlist was this gloss. I actually wanted to buy the entire mauve collection, but once again, my good old logic came back to play and I just purchased one shade from this collection. 

Mauve collection blushes in Catch My Vibe

As I said above, I wanted the whole collection. But I figured, I have the Flutterby palette (sitting untouched mind you) so I didn’t need another mauve palette. I did want to pick up both blushes from this collection but only one was in stock. Allie Glines and Juudy both made such a good case for both shades so I’ll definitely be picking up Coast to Coast when I can. 

Wild Nothing Palette

This palette really excited me when it launched, so I was very pleased that I was able to get it when it was in stock. I have nothing like this in my collection so am excited to play! 

Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturiser in 4N MINI

I had done extensive research to find a shade that would suit me, and ended up choosing 4N because that’s what @maddies.makeupmess wears too (I think, lol? Or maybe it was Jessica Braun. Either way, Maddie has been very influential in my CP purchases hah!) Just before the sale, they released mini sizes making it much less scary to commit to a shade. I’m so glad they’ve done this, it is also available in the pretty fresh primer and mist (the mist is amazing, would recommend) 

Coral Collection Blush 

SIKE! It was out of stock… pleaseeeee be available at Black Friday.

I’m not sure if this coral tone will really suit my fair skin but I’m excited to try. I love this compact and honestly that’s what draws me to it the most. 

Clear Brow Gel

Because the coral blush was out of stock, I had to bulk up my cart with other products to reach free shipping over $60USD. So I added this. I’ve heard good things, and you always need clear brow gel, right?

Liquid Illuminator in Soft Ivory

Who knows how this will go but I’m excited nonetheless. I don’t own anything like this (does MAC Strobe Scream count?) so will have to have a play with how I like to apply it. Mixed with foundation? On top of foundation as highlight?


  • Face mask mini set: mainly for the aesthetic, I won’t lie
  • Lip tints: for some reason these haven’t restocked in a really long time and it makes me SO sad because this formula is just heaven
  • Pretty Fresh Foundation: I’m hoping this order arrives before Black Friday so I can test the TM for a shade match and then buy the foundation, but otherwise I’ll probably just bite the bullet and get it. It looks so pretty! Maybe even the concealer if I’m feeling crazy.

Things to note

I have ordered from Colourpop twice in the past (or three times, I can’t remember?)

The first time, it arrived in like three weeks which was equally incredible as it was shocking. I mentally prepared for a long wait time.

The second time I ordered, it arrived in about four weeks, but half my order was missing. Excuse me what???

It was relatively easy to follow up with Colourpop and they sent out my missing items. But like how does that even happen? It wasn’t just one item… it was like 10!!!

Anyways it was resolved easily, but I’m always cautious now.

Also, always add a few extra dollars onto what you think your total will be.

I used a USD to AUD convertor on Google, but my bank must use a different one. I thought I would be paying $100 AUD but it was atcually about $106 AUD.

Recommendations from bloggers

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The OFFICIAL best and worst of @colourpopcosmetics ✨ – I’ve tried my fair share of colourpop, enough, that I believe I can put together a list of my hits and misses. – ✨Best✨ – pressed matte eyeshadows: these are god tier, up there with ABH shadows, so many options that you couldn’t possibly not find a palette for you. – super shock shadows: also god tier, I really think cp paved the way for many brands to release shadows like this….for a much heftier price range. – brow boss gel: she thicccc, holds my brows all day and comes in clear, and is $6USD each. Unbeatable – lip liners: excellent, creamy, cheap, great range of colours. – super shock highlighters: absolute blinding goodness – powder blushes: just the right amount of pigment, I love that you can make palettes out of them or put them in a single pan, great range of shades. – no filter concealer: not cakey or drying, great coverage, a little goes a long way, super affordable option! – Worst 😗✌🏻 – bullet lipsticks and liquid lipsticks: they’re. so. drying. Like prison for your lips – mascara: it dries out so fast! And it’s really clumpy and flakey, there are much better drugstore options. – pressed powder bronzer: waaaay too pigmented for a bronzer and shades are kind of ashy – no filter foundation: very drying, a little cakey. Pretty fresh is much better however not good enough to make my best list haha. – Okay! So comment below your favourite and least favourite product from @colourpopcosmetics 🥰

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What’s your favourite Colourpop product?

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In October I posted my First Impressions: 5 Days of 5 Foundations! I have also done one on mascaras. 

It’s a great way to encourage me to 

  • try out lots of different products in my collection
  • Make content 
  • And give rapid reviews!  

For reference, my skin concerns are redness, texture and acne/acne scarring. 

I tend to wear light coverage, glowy bases.

And I have combination skin. 

These are all reviews after only one day of wear… so not my final reviews but a good starting point if you’re similar to me and want to know what’s worth a try! 

I have also tried to include a mixture of reviews from other bloggers!

When I reference my blending brush, I use this one.

And my beauty sponge is this one.

Bourjois BB Cream in 01 Light 

I have the shade ‘light’ (there are only 3 shades in the range, booo). I was worried it would be too dark for me, and whilst it’s not my perfect match, it is definitely wearable. If you are any fairer than me, I wouldn’t recommend this. 

I first applied it with a brush and enjoyed that application. It is quite glowy, and did a good job at covering up redness but blemishes still came through. It didn’t quite last all day, I would say it gave about 5-6 hours of wear. Keep in mind I didn’t set it either. I did however, enjoy how it wore. For me, it looked it’s best after 2-3 hours of wear. I can definitely see myself incorporating this into my routine more often.  It’s perfect for a little bit of no-fuss coverage. 

Be mindful of the strong scent.

IC x Beauty review and first impressions

Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation in Latte 

You know when you get a new car, and you start seeing it everywhere? That’s kind of how I feel about EP. I got a few of their products in the Vital + Pharmacy Supplies sale, and then was sent a few products in PR. And now I’m seeing them all of my feed! After a bunch of bloggers said they loved the foundation – see here and here- I decided to buy it for myself. 

I got the lightest shade ‘latte’, which is a little bit too light for me. So already not a massive fan of the shade match. However, the brand has recently bought out two new shades, with a promise to keep developing. 

The founder of EP herself recommends using your hands to apply the fountain. So that’s what I did. I agree that this is a really good application technique for this foundation. I did use a beauty sponge to apply a second layer which worked okay. 

It is definitely medium, buildable coverage. It looked pretty good overall but did cling to dry patches and a few breakouts I had. However, I found that the longer I wore the foundation, the better it looked. 

To be honest, I don’t really see the fuss about this foundation after just one use. Especially because – for ‘everyday’-  I tend to go for less coverage and something more glowy. 

This was quite high coverage (for me), semi-matte and not the right shade – so that was hard to look past.

I can imagine this could be a good foundation if you have oily skin or you like something with medium coverage. If this was my match, I think it would be the perfect ‘night out’ foundation. 

But as we know, I’m not a fan of mixing shades to get my perfect match. I want to be able to buy one shade and be done with it. 

Also, there is the issue that when you first squeeze the tube, heaps of air comes out and it significantly reduces the amount of product that appears to be in the tube. My friend @byamygee pointed this out and many other online reviews reflect this. Interesting… @showmetheglow compared this to chip packet! You still get the intended amount of product (or chips) but it’s a bit deflating (literally!)

This also has a strong scent.

Marisa Robinson Beauty review

On a Beauty Bender review

 MAC Face and Body in C1

I was a bit stressed because I ordered a Mac Face and Body foundation off Amuse Beauty, only using the Internet to help me pick a shade! 

I chose C1 because on the Mac Australia website it is described as “fair beige with neutral undertone for light skin.” I also used the foundation match tool in Adore Beauty and the site Findation. Both of these matched me to C1. 

I was tossing up between C1 and N1. I know someone online who uses N1 and they look to be the same skin tone-ish as me but the reason I didn’t choose that is because the Mac site describes it as “rosy beige with neutral undertone for light to medium skin.” All sounds good except I am not light to medium, I would say I’m fair to light. That’s the reason I didn’t choose that. However, in my research since purchasing, Temptalia describes C1 as for “very light or light skin tones with yellow, moderately yellow undertones.” And N1 they describe as for “very light to light skin tones with neutral undertones.”

However, when I tried this, it was clearly a VERY yellow undertone. 

I’m so disappointed and confused about how there could be such a discrepancy in the description. 

Nonetheless, I persisted and gave this a chance. The coverage is honestly so sheer that you could almost get away with the wrong shade match. BUt my neck is very pale so that was throwing everything off a bit. 

Instead, I used a bit of moisturiser to mix in with the foundation to tone it down a bit. 

I applied this was a buffing brush, and really blended it into the skin. I’ve heard that if you keep buffing, it builds coverage. 

I liked this application. 

The coverage is barely there, but buildable. I really liked how no fuss this was, it looked natural, like your skin but better, and it had a day-long wear time too. I was thoroughly impressed by this. 

Gossmakeupchat can give a better review and demo than I can…

I also didn’t expect the strong scent of this…

But basically, big fan!

Summertime Glows reviews

Max Factor Miracle Second Skin in 01 Fair

I was very excited to try this! It’s described as a ‘hybrid foundation for healthy-looking and visibly perfected skin.’

I used a damp beauty sponge to apply this and really liked it. This is my preferred type of application (I should probs mention this four foundations in lol) but I would be interested to see how this goes with fingers or a brush.

I would say this rings true to all the claims.

  • it is light weight
  • looks like second skin as in it’s very natural looking
  • luminous but not ‘wet glowy’

I think this would work nicely for dry skin types, which the foundation claims too. It also has skincare benefits but I honestly overlook that because I don’t look for that in a foundation. There isn’t a very big shade range, and whilst this was a close match, it definitely leans more yellow on me. It wore well, and honestly looked good straight away. That was something I didn’t find with the Bourjois or EP. Also I like the pump on this tube, that’s my fave type of packaging.

For an everyday look, I am obsessed. I think this is my fave so far.

Amy’s Chapter review

Auntie Haul review

Flower Light Illusion in Porcelain L1

This foundation is lucky last, and because I am so late to the party with this, I did have other people’s opinions swirling around in my head as I tried it.

I first used a wet beauty sponge to apply it but that was NOT the one.

So I went back in with my trusty makeup brush to blend it in.

The reason I hadn’t tried this sooner is because the shades all looked too yellow for me. And I was correct. However, I do think it is more wearable, unlike the Mco Beauty. And whilst it’s more wearable, I still don’t think I would wear it out of my house which is a shame.

As I was applying it, I thought it was a matte finish. However, as it sat on my skin it is definitely a natural finish, and I can understand the ‘luminous’ claim too.

It offers medium coverage, evens skin tone and imperfections. Yet, it felt super light and comfortable on the skin.

If I were to wear this IRL, I would definitely set it with some powder because it was quite glowy even upon first application.

Also, the packaging on this is just delightful!

Like many of this foundations, I enjoyed it, but I can’t look past the poor shade range. Sadness.

I wanted to mention too that I have the concealer from this range and really enjoy it.

OMG! As the day went it, this was getting so glowy. If you are oily, proceed with lots of caution! For these foundation trials I haven’t used primer or powder but I did end up setting my face after a few hours of wear because I had to leave my house and I knew wearing a mask this would just transfer immediately.

Blondee’s Beauty review

Emmies Beauty Life review

Have you tried any of these foundations?

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First Impressions: 5 Days of 5 Foundations


GUYS! This has been sitting my drafts since April… omg. But I’m working on the second instalments so figured should probably post this hey 😉

For reference, my skin type is combination x

Revlon Colour Stay: I’ve used this foundation once or twice before and don’t remember enjoying it all that much. But I gave it another shot. The colour 110 Ivory is perfect for me. I used a buffing brush to put the majority of the product on, and then added some more product to a wet beauty sponge to finish up around my eyes and nose. At first, I wasn’t overly happy with how it looked, but as it settled down, it gave quite a flawless look to the skin. I didn’t use a primer or setting powder (like I usually would) and I found this had disappeared off my face within about 6 hours. I’ll have to test it with both of those things, but otherwise I’m quite happy!

Maybelline Superstay: It claims to be a full coverage foundation and I agree it has the potential to do that. However, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin- woo! I noticed it didn’t sit very well on the sides of my nose where my pores are the largest. So in future I will use a silicone primer in this area to help minimise the appearance for a more flawless finish. I used a wet Mco Beauty sponge and was really happy with how it applied. A light, matte finish. Unfortunately, it did oxidise a bit within about 2 hours of wear.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define: I applied this with a wet beauty sponge, and my first impression was how good the colour match was! Definitely has the ability to build up to full coverage. Didn’t emphasise my pores which is what I’m most impressed by! So far, this foundation has lasted the best out of the others I’ve tried this week. It has a light-matte finish. I also really like the large, doe foot applicator. I’ve never used a foundation like this before but think it’s potentially more practical than a pump. Really happy! I was gifted this by @katiescosmopolitan in our beauty swap!

Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion: I’ve actually tried this before this week. I tested it out on my IG stories, after I bought it in the Priceline half price sale. It applied best with a wet beauty sponge, rather than a brush. It was beautiful and glowy on the skin, with buildable coverage. Initially, I had applied it as a medium coverage and didn’t set it. Because of this, it creased horrendously under my eyes! So next time I tried it at medium coverage, I set it and it lasted really well and the glow still came through. However, this week, I applied it 4 minutes before my uni Zoom class- lol. So I did very light coverage, applied with a wet beuaty sponge and I didn’t set it. I was so impressed with it! Evened out my skin tone and gave me a bit of glow. So nice!! So whilst my first impressions were a bit ‘meh’, I have really grown to love this foundation.

Revlon Candid Glow: This foundation is the one I’ve actually tested the best, because I wore it for about two weeks straight. I had a really busy period at work and so needed a streamlined and quick makeup routine. I liked using this foundation because I could apply it with my fingers, and it never really went wrong. The coverage is extremely light. It evens the appearance of your skin tone but it certainly doesn’t do much more than that. Blemishes and coloured spots still come through. But, that does make for a very natural finish which I don’t mind for an everyday basis. The foundation claims to ‘glow’…. if this is the glow formula I would hate to see the matte! Forget everything you associate with ‘glow’- dewy, fresh, glassy etc. Because you don’t get that. The best way I can describe this is a natural finish. Not a ‘natural glow’, but natural. I also didn’t find this lasted a whole day of wear. And another thing, yes I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently, but I seem to be going through it soooo quickly. It is a smaller packaging than other foundations on the market (only 22ml). So whilst I did keep reaching for it, and I enjoyed it, I’m not sure where I sit. If I could pick it up half price, then I think I would repurchase it because it’s an easy addition to my makeup routine, but nothing groundbreaking in comparisons to the other ones I tried this week.

Have you tried any of these foundations? What do you think?

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REVIEW: MCo Beauty UltraStay Flawless Foundation

affordable beauty, review
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It is with great sadness that I live in a town that doesn’t have Woolworths. Can you even believe? 🤪 Usually it takes is a 20 minute drive to the next suburb to get in store, but thanks to lockdown, getting my hands on these during the current half price sale, proved a little more difficult. Nonetheless, I’ve secured the goods! Here’s my @mcobeauty haul and #firstimpressions on the foundation! I got the foundation in the lightest shade, Classic Ivory. In the bottle it appears lighter than the shade it actually is when you pump it out. Unfortunately, this foundation runs deep and so even the lightest shade was too yellow for me 😭 (although it is described as a neutral undertone, that wasn’t the case for me). It comes in 12 shades, but you can’t get them all in store… I reached out to Mco before posting this, and they’ve said that the shade range WILL be extended. However, they also said that shade range in Woolworths will vary store to store. I applied this with a damp beauty sponge and it applied really well. It is described as a builable to medium coverage ✔️which I agree with. Evens skin tone ✔️ also agree. 24 hour oil control✖️ disagree! This was long lasting, but my t-zone got slightly oily like it normally would. Sorry, this miracle-worker claim didn’t come true for me. Light-weight formula ✔️ true! It was really lovely to wear on the skin and felt comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this foundation, however if you are fair like me, you won’t be able to find a match. (And I’m not really about mixing with lighter foundations etc, I just want the product to work itself, ya know?) Also, I have combo skin- if you are really dry or oily, I don’t think this will play nice 😬 Next, I picked up the brush set. These are also sold individually. They look and feel like pretty decent quality. I was so excited to see that these are now stocked at Woolies, as they were exclusive to Oz Hair and Beauty for a short while. And lastly, I picked up the ‘peachy babe’ shade of the lip oil. I was eyeing off some of the brow products and the oh-so-famous tubing mascara, but I really don’t need them. 🙈What did you buy?

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If you missed it, I posted my review of the new Mco Beauty Foundation on IG. You can see my thoughts in the post.

Wait for a Woolies sale and purchase here.


  • long lasting (but not 24 hours long)
  • light-weight and comfortable to wear
  • natural finish, perfect for normal to combination skin, but I wouldn’t think this would suit dry or oily skin without a lot of prep and maintenance work.
  • buildable coverage
  • shade range is lack-lustre. No options for very fair or very deep skin tones. However, Mco have said there is more to come. I’ll believe when I see it.
  • I tried the lightest shade ‘Classic Ivory’ and it was too deep and yellow for me unfortunately.

Reviews form bloggers I love

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•MCO BEAUTY• it’s review time! i’ve been putting this baby to the test over the last few days and i honestly cannot say enough amazing things about it! so let’s jump right in! —————————————————————————————— WHAT IS IT; this is the new @mcobeauty #UltraStay Flawless Foundation. it is a lightweight liquid formula that offers a medium to full coverage finish that doesn’t cake, fade or rub off. it comes in 10 shades and is sold through the McoBeauty site or at @woolworths_au 😊 WHAT I FOUND; so i tested this foundation for 4 days. i wore it alone, with powder, with moisturiser underneath and with setting spray. i cannot believe how well this foundation works! the claim that it doesn’t budge holds up so well. even with the foundation simply on my skin, it held on so well. wearing a mask made the foundation rub off my nose slightly but i dont blame the foundation for that! i found the best combo for my skin was placing a sheer powder over the foundation and using setting spray – it lasted all day! no caking, minimal creasing and my face didn’t feel heavy after wearing a full day of liquid foundation. i am pretty much obsessed hahah! ——————————————————————————————— overall i would recommend this foundation! it not only has an awesome formula, but the price is awesome too! off the @mcobeauty website you’ll pay $28AU but @woolworths_au at the moment it’s on special for half price! also, let’s all take a moment and remember my gorgeous @kaleidosmakeup sponge before my dog got into it and shredded it hahah! i give this foundation 4/5! how can it get 5? bigger shade range 😍 . . . . . @mcobeauty #mcobeauty #mcobeautyproducts #mcobeautyinspo #mcobeautyfoundation #ultrastayflawlessfoundation #foundation #ashleysmakeupaddiction #makeupreview #review #makeup #beautybabe #beautybloggers

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Patrick Ta x Colourpop Masterclass


I was binging YouTube, and came across an incredible series of videos by Colourpop featuring professional makeup artists. They create a makeup look live and talk you through their tips and tricks using a variety of CP and other brands. It was soooo cool! And a very generous thing for both CP and the artists to do.

Here’s my fave tips from Patrick Ta!

  • Moisturising the skin is key 
  • Focus eyeshadow primer where the blending is going to occur- on the brow bone and a little bit on the lid 
  • Then put foundation all over the eye with a beauty sponge
  • Set the eyeshadow base with a powder
  • Apply foundation with a brush first, you can follow up with a sponge if you need more coverage 
  • Use face oil instead of primer for glowy skin
  • However, use primer instead of oil for oily skin. Fenty primer is recommended for oily skin 
  • Contour before concealer
  • NYX number 17 brush recommended for concealer 
  • Fluff excess powder into palm before applying to space with a sponge 
  • Apply cream blush over powder because it’s the first thing to go on your face so by adding two textures, it extends wear 
  • Apply cream with a beauty blender 

What’s your favourite tip from Patrick?

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REVIEW: Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation


Guys, finally! I put on some makeup. And I did it *all for you*!

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Guys, finally! I put on some makeup. And I did it *all for you*! 😉 I tested out this foundation for 4 days… my full review is on the blog! Would I recommend it? #linkinbio to find out! Truly, curiosity got the best of me and I thought gosh dang I have to put this foundation to the test. I’ve heard really good things, and really not-so-good things – reviews from other bloggers are linked at the bottom of the blog post. However, I tried to go into this with an open mind. *Foundation was received in PR, with no obligation to post* DAY ONE: I had fresh, cleansed my skin, and just had some Cipher C-Shield and Beach Way Aromatics moisturiser underneath. I had come home from a run and washed off my sunscreen to apply those skincare bits, then forgot to reapply sunscreen- fool. I tried not to listen to too many opinions so I could form one for myself. The only thing I did take from other reviews was that many said it applied best with fingers, so that’s what I did. No obligation to post. #makeupcollection #makeupmess #instabeautyau #beautycommunity #ausbeautybabes #slaytheflatlay #bbloggersau #makeuptime #beautyaddict #makeuplovers #beautyjunkie #beautyaddiction #beautyroutine #beautyobsessed #flatlayforever #flatlaystyle #skincareaddict #discoverunder5k #covergirl #covergirlcosmetics #covergirlskinmilk #covergirlskinmilkfoundation #coty #cotypr #covergirlau #easybreezybeautiful

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Truly, curiosity got the best of me and I thought gosh dang I have to put this foundation to the test. I’ve heard really good things,  and really not-so-good things – reviews from other bloggers are linked at the bottom of the post. 

However, I tried to go into this with an open mind. 

*Foundation was received in PR, with no obligation to post* 


I had fresh cleansed my skin, and just had some Cipher C-Shield and Beach Way Aromatics moisturiser underneath. I had come home from a run and washed off my sunscreen to apply those skincare bits, then forgot to reapply sunscreen- fool. 

I tried not to listen to too many opinions so I could form one for myself. The only thing I did take from other reviews was that many said it applied best with fingers, so that’s what I did. 

First thing- this is the second lightest shade in the Australian range. There are only 6 shades available from Priceline. 

The coverage is very, very sheer. Like, barely there. Yet, I could still feel the product on my skin. It did a pretty good job at evening out my skin tone- mostly the redness on my cheeks.  But it definitely didn’t do much to cover up my dark undereyes or any blemishes I had. It just clung to them. 

It pilled (sometimes I think this is the fault of my C-Shield though just fyi) and it really clung to any texture I had. Acne scarring, peach fuzz, eyebrows etc it CLUNG!!! 

The finish is quite glowy, in a healthy sort of way not a wet way.

I really wished I liked this because it would make a great foundation for isolation. But sadly, it just didn’t turn up to the occasion. 

If you have smooth, blemish free skin this might be ok. But any texture at all will be highlighted by this. 

Of course, everyone’s skin and preferences are different so we must keep that in mind. What works for one may or may not work for another. 

I noticed when I was washing this off later that day that it looked it very milky… so far that’s the only way it’s living up to it’s name! 


I went in with a bit more product today than I did last time. 

It was hard to rub in, I used my fingers and it wasn’t soaking into the skin.

Same as Day One, it evened out my skin tone, and had a slightly dewy finish. 

The smell still bothered me, immensely. You can’t smell it’s on your skin but when you’re applying it you can. 

I think after today it’s made me decide I really don’t like the application. So today’s wear test will make or break it my thoughts on this… 

I did a little workout today and safe to say this does not survive the sweat test. It wasn’t even *that* hot, and it was melting off in a weird way. 

When I was just warm (it was a warm day) and I was going about my day, it looked more glow but in a nice way. Particularly on my cheeks. But I wasn’t loving it on forehead where I had a lot of texture and it was CLINGING! 

But yeah, it did not survive the sweat. 


Today, I did a different base. I still used my Cipher C and Mesoestetic SPF but between these two steps I used my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream. 

This is a gel-cream texture, and left my skin quite moist. 

I think this is the secret to making the Covergirl work it’s best.

Having a super hydrated base certainly helped the appearance of the foundation. It still clung to dry patches around my nose, but not so much on my forehead texture. 

It also still required a lot of rubbing into the skin in order for it to blend. It is quite odd in this way. The foundation sort of just moves around on top of your skin, it doesn’t blend easily at all. It’s a lot of work, and the end result isn’t even worth it. 

So today was better but still not wow… 


Today I was watching an old video by Jessica Braun and she said she liked this foundation (but wouldn’t buy it again… I’ve linked it in the ‘Ok’ category!) 

She applied it with a wet beauty sponge and I so I thought I would give that a go. 

I think I used more product for this particular application and maybe that was a good thing. 

It appeared nicely dewy.

However, the persisting troubles I’ve had these past days remained. Clung to every bit of texture, and kind of has a ‘balled up’ appearance in some areas. 

I did really like the application though, and it allowed me to build up some coverage I couldn’t achieve with just fingers. 

After today, I think I’ve been able to draw my final verdict.


I used the shade 530 Fair/Light which was wearable but a tad too yellow for my liking. The shade range just doesn’t cut it. 

I think the smell is supposed to be coconut, but it comes across like bread. Oops.

It definitely has a dewy finish, light/medium finish.

But the finish itself isn’t great. If you have texture (which we all do) this stuff will cling to it for dear life.

The longevity is, well, not long. 5 hours max maybe?

This product is just not reliable. I can’t put it on when I’m in a rush and know it will look good. 

Heck, I can’t even take my sweet time and HOPE it will look good. 

Also the coverage is so light. For me, I may as well go makeup free. I don’t wear high coverage makeup anyways, but I like the option of something more buildable.

I can’t say I’m going to keep wearing this, and I definitely won’t purchase it myself. Such a shame, because it has worked so well for others. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?

Read reviews from other bloggers below:



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Hi lovelies. I can’t believe it’s already time for Monday tomorrow, I guess I say this because i worked all weekend. It’s been a long time since I worked a weekend and i genuinely missed the sleep in ☹️ What’s even more surprising is once again we’re at the end of the month so it’s time to round up my thoughts on the products that were in my August makeup basket 😊 • • • This months primer was the @bobbibrownaustralia vitamin enriched face base and while it’s very moisturising, unfortunately my skin did not agree and caused me a reaction. The @covergirlanz skin milk foundation is light coverage and lightweight. I found using my hands is the best way to blend out this product with no primer underneath. Unfortunately this shade is too light for me ☹️ The @rimmellondonus volume shake mascara was really lengthening on my lashes. I didn’t notice it smudging or transferring which is a plus. As for the @baremineralsuk dew mist setting spray, this leaves glitter all over my face. No matter how hard I shake it. I wasn’t impressed 😠 • • • I’m going to do a whole post dedicated to the @covergirl skin milk foundation so stay tuned for that, I just wanted to share some quick thoughts. What product did you try out this month and what were your thoughts? • • • • • #sephoraaus #pricelinesisters #meccabeautyjunkie #w7makeup #rimmellondonau #flowerbeauty #smashbox #rethinknatural #bareminerals #covergirlau

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COVERGIRL 💗 CLEAN FRESH 💦 SKIN MILK 🍼 NOURISHING FOUNDATION 💪🏻 (tinted moisturiser IMO) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *imagine me singing this softly in your ear* 🎶 i promiseeeeeeeeee a review is comingggggggggggg bcus baby girl youuuuuu deserve it, i wanna give you everythinggg, maybe one day even a diamond ring but for now please just stayyyyyyyyyyyy (patient) 🎶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ive been watching tiktok too much. #mipan 🐝 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❗️OK so basically ive seen this foundation buzzing around on socials atm bcus obviously its just launched in Australia and apparently were all sickos for new makeup 😛 SOO i just wanted slide into your feed real QUIK and deliver my lil two pump supreme (if this jokes means nothing to you, youve lived a satisfying life) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ANYWAY THIS STUFF IS DOPE CITY. i can say with absolutely certainty that i have never liked a covergirl product before this – i felt their makeup was trash quality, boring to look at and srsly uninspiring 😴 so when i tell you i was S H O C K E D 😧 i was GENUINELY SHOCKED to my core at the things this boy could do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🤓✏️I AM writing up a PROPER (well about as proper as you would expect from me😅) review/breakdown which i will *maybe* have posted tomorrow night BUT FOR NOW just wanted to show off my highly skilled swatches 💃🏻 AND remind you all that im still here, im sour as ever and WOW ive missed complaining w you guys 💔 pls look forward to more saucy content comin ur way ✨ bcus it rly do be comin (unlike me during quarantine) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🥰 IF YOUVE READ DOWN THIS FAR 🥰 i love u, i appreciate u, ive added you into my will, i wish never for u to deal with a two-pump and slump kinda dude EVER in your life AND i wish your foundation to forever be blended to perfection 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #thebeautyroast

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I, to no one’s surprise, bought three new crewnecks this month. Oops. I will not buy anymore this year! I got a lilac Levi’s one (my colour of the year!), finally found a sage one by Subtitled that was 1) in stock and 2) under $100 and finally the fourth and final addition to my Fayt crewneck collection 2020 with the shade coffee.


Big news, I bought a car! Wow. In July I had a car accident, and hastily bought a car off a family-friend. It wasn’t perfect but it was quick, easy and cheap to get me by. I’ve been looking for a car since and the perfect one fell in my hands! It was a tricky situation, buying during covid, and this process definitely took longer than I would’ve liked. But I’m grateful, and hope this car lasts me a while to come!


Hazelnut kit kat… dare I say my fave Kit Kat yet

I tried a twirl bar for the first time in forever and I thought I wouldn’t like it… but then I loved it? Like not a fave but I would choose it out of a bunch?


Ok this collab, was epic! Whitney and Lauren reunited! This makes me want to rewatch The Hills immediately.

I also binged Selling Sunset on Netflix! It truly is as trashy and fabulous as everyone says. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I like a show, I will be completed obsessed and consumed by it. It doesn’t happen often, it is all or nothing. This is certainly the case with Selling Sunset… there’s a void in my life now that I’ve watched all available seasons haha!

I’m on uni break this week, I should add. Hence why I binged another show! Julie & The Phantoms on Netflix. It was a bit slow, but sweet and not too dramatic which is what I like. I hate suspense haha. I even cried! And the soundtrack is catchy!


Ok, as I was writing this on the 28th I thought crap, I haven’t read anything. So I binge-read The Space Between. I’m not finished yet but hopefully I’ll have an update on that next month 😉

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Week Latte #50

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Happy 50th Week Latte!

This is a milestone for me, I can’t believe it honestly! And to think, that many of these posts were published in consecutive weeks – pat on the back to past me.

Now they are primarily monthly occurrences, lol so the name ‘week’ latte doesn’t quite means the same but it’s the same vibe, no?

MCo Beauty have launched new brushes that were exclusive to Oz Hair and Beauty at the start of th emonth when I started this post, but as I edit it, it’s actually in store at Woolies, woo! They look very luxe for MCo, and the price tag reflects that. Still affordable, but I’m still keen to get them half price, ya know? They look so fluffy, I’m very tempted to try!

September was an exciting month in the publishing world, with the wonderful women behind @shamelesspodcast and @seize_the_yay all releasing books! So exciting, I had ‘The Space Between’ on preorder, but am yet to pick up Seize the Yay.

The Sephora 15-20% off sale happened at the start of the month, which took me by surprise. I wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared (in my head, I was prepping for the next one to be Black Friday) so I demonstrated great levels of self control and skipped this sale. However, Hannah created a great list of recommended products I’ll certainly refer to next time.

Emma shared this post and so much yes. Lockdown in Victoria was getting the best of me, particularly because I was seeing people in other states doing boomerangs with rosé as if life was normal and was shocked. I actually thought ‘are they posting a memory?’ because that is so far from the reality in Melbourne. And you really can’t understand it unless you lived through it.

I adored Ash Owens’ aesthetic, and have just started reading her blog (late to the party!) This post was beautiful, ‘My Daily Wellness Routine.’

Erika wrote about how she plans to change her life post-quarantine. Such an interesting read, because I’m sure we’ve all learnt something about either ourselves or our way of life thanks to lockdown. I want to write a similar reflective post on this myself.

This episode of Shameless spoke about how friendships are changing during the pandemic. So interesting, and something I had felt but hadn’t considered the long-term effect of. They referenced this article from Man Repeller.

How to build a timeless wardrobe– adding everything to my shopping list!

This blog is a new discovery of mine, love the aesthetic.

Beauty influencers share the products they’ve repurchased!

I am honestly really apprehensive about lockdown being over. I don’t think I remember how to socialise! This post was a good read for making the most of weekends (post lockdown!)

Who else has been too harsh on themselves this year? It’s okay if productivity looks different in this season.

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It’s okay if “productivity” looks different in this season. Small progress is still progress. You are not weak for needing rest. I’m writing this note to the one who feels a little overwhelmed right now. You feel the weight of what you *should* be doing, this very second. You keep thinking about what you *could* have done a year ago to have made this season better. I just hope you know it is okay if today didn’t start like yesterday. It is okay if this week felt different than last week. There will be highs and lows here, moments of courage, moments of fear, and through it all you will be free to trust: you do not have to perform or be productive to be worthy of love. I hope you make progress on your projects and dream a new dream or two, but more than that, I hope you are able to see how love has continued to find you, and you still have the chance to give love, even though you feel like you’re not doing enough. I hope you know your post doesn’t have to go viral and your words don’t have to reach everyone before you know what matters is this: you took time to show up with courage, gratitude, and love. Because a year from now, you won’t remember everything you put on your checklist. You won’t remember how every single second was spent and every moment you felt the most productive. But you will remember how you felt when you felt loved and seen. You will remember those people you got to show love to, even when it was on the other side of a screen. You will remember that even though you had moments of restlessness, worry, and fear, it took courage, strength, love, and grace to make it another year. You will realize that more than you want to be known for your accomplishments, you want to be known for the way you love. And how, when you choose to love, your love becomes reflected in the life you live, and the work you do. II The second part of this was inspired by today’s theme of the #MakeThingsApril challenge: “a year from now.” I wrote the first part yesterday. It’s been taking me longer to write these days, and I am learning to see: that’s okay. I also didn’t make all the art I wanted to make. That’s okay, too. ♥️

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VITAL+ Pharmacy Supplies Haul & Wishlist


The team at VITAL+ Pharmacy Supplies generously gave me a $60 gift card to spend at their store. The day I checked out, they happened to be having a massive HALF PRICE sale on Ere Perez, which is a brand I’ve been very keen to try for a while. I feel super lucky to be able to share a haul of some really fab products with you today.

Plus, VITAL+ PS have given me a discount code to share with you guys, so you too can grab a bargain! (Not affiliate, just a bargain for you.) You can find the discount code and more info about Vital+ at the bottom of this post.

Hope you enjoy this haul!

Chapstick Ultra Lip Balm SPF30+

I bought this because you can never have too many lip balms, right! I had grand plans to do a ‘Lip Balm SPF’ guide, but then realised, lol, I already have one of those! You can read it here. I might add to it, once I try this one.

Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Crème

I knew I had to try a few Ere Perez products when I saw they were stocked on the site. The aesthetic of these products is beautiful! I didn’t really know where to start, but decided to pick up this cream because @thebeautyroast sung it’s praises. Naturally, it was an immediate, ‘add to cart’.

Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey Shade Chilli

The name of this is what drew me in instantly- ‘lip honey’… yes please! This shade is absolutely divine, a coral pink with plenty of shimmer.

Ere Perez Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush

I also have an absolute WEAKNESS for brushes and this one looked like a perfect multitasker. I would say it appears smaller in real life that it does on the site. However this is a good thing because I think the shape of it will not only be great for blush or bronzer, but also for powdering under the eyes.

As promised, here is my discount code that Vital + have very kindly shared with me. Use code ROLLYMAG5 at checkout for 5% off your order.

I know I’ll probably use my own discount code in the future, as I have already created a wishlist hah!

I’d love to try this La Roche Posay XL Dry Touch SPF50 – I think it will be great for summer when my skin is typically oiler.

After trying a few things from the brand, the next product on wishlist is the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation – it offers buildable coverage and includes ingredients like vitamin E!

This Ultimate Youth Potion by The Jojoba Company has been so popular on Instagram, so I’d love to try the cult-favourite for myself!

A few extra things to note, Vital + offer free shipping on orders over $50 Australia wide, same day delivery for Sydney metro, and also offer Afterpay!

Shop Vital + Pharmacy Supplies Australia here.

And follow them on Instagram here, @vitalpharmacysupplies.

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