Week Latte #47

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Feeling inspired by these luxe makeup and gold jewels! @bojana.inaesthetics / @onabeautybender / @makeup_by_makena / @lovefredaus

Pretty much adding all of these beauty products to my cart.

On a very serious note, a message for anyone thinking of having a baby (now or in the future.)

Love this concept of ‘joy triggers’.

A weekly beauty schedule like this is so practical for someone who is forgetful and/or lazy like me haha! I plan on printing it out so I remember. I particularly need encouragement to wash my brushes oops haha.

@the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics is laughing a free 5 Day Facebook Challenge which sounds fabulous! Join here!

Stretches to destress from too much time at your desk.

Jamie Paige’s video challenge ‘My Entire Makeup Collection If I Wasn’t A Beauty Guru’ was sooooo fun to watch. I’m excited to see a drugstore version of this, and for other beuaty bloggers to take on the challenge!

I also love Jamie’s calming makeup series.

Still on the theme of beauty Youtubers, Allie Glines ‘How to Look Expensive With Drugstore Makeup’ spoke to my soul! Drugstore has my heart, and like Allie said she feels too, I’m seriously overwhelmed by the beauty industry right now. I can’t keep up with launches and i feel like I’m drowning in my own collection. ‘When it’s on your face, no one knows how expensive it is.’ AMEN!

In the same breath, Priceline recently had their half price cosmetics sale… here are some of my favourite blogger’s hauls!

@katiecosmopolitan wins this haul, she found the best Makeup revolution palette!!!

@bottledbeautyblog picked up this gorg marble palette, definitely on my wishlist.

@i_shall_shop picked up her fave lip tint and lip oil.

@jesscbeautylover did sooooo well. Also, yes I regret not getting this palette.

@beautystyleloveau bought the Luma lip and cheek tint based on mine and Kim’s recommendation. Enjoy!

@itsjustkrystle bought my fave Essence lipstick, that I always forget to mention. guys, it’s divine!!!

Ok, I could go on and on but basically I loved living vicariously through these hauls haha!

‘5 Tips to Help Stop Impulse Shopping’– because we all know that ya girl needs HELP! These tips were actually practical which was comforting.

And to finish off, I just wanted to share with you my new series – Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap! It launched this week in collaboration with Emmie’s Beauty Life, read her blog post here and my blog post here! It was so fun and you guys all enjoyed it too which I’m so glad about.

What’s been your fave thing from the internet this week?

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Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap ft Emmie’s Beauty Life

affordable beauty, Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap, ROLLY Mag

Welcome to a new series! I saw Arna Alayne do this beauty swap with Jessica Braun and thought it would be so fun to do with some of my fave Aussie Beauty Bloggers. To kick things off, we have Emily from @emmiesbeautylife.

You guys will know and love Emily (as I do) for her Priceline recommendations, honest reviews and ‘Spotlight On…’ posts.

How this works is I gave Emily five of my fave affordable beauty items and she swapped with me her five faves!

Below I’ll tell you what I chose for Emily and why, and give a review on the products she gave me!

Be sure to check out Emily’s blog and Instagram, as she has also reviewed the products I swapped with her!

Thank you for collaborating with me, Emily, and I hope you all enjoy! xx

What Emily Gave Me:

Rimmel Transparent Loose Powder: Ok, guys… I am doing this beauty swap with another person (soon to be revealed haha!) and they also swapped me this powder. So I’ve obviously been sleeping on it. My current loose powder of choice is the innisfree Matte Blue which is under $20 so I would deem that affordable. however, this Rimmel one can be as little as $8 if you find it half price, which is bonkers! Especially because you get so much product! Honestly, after trying this I would never buy a high end loose powder. This does the work for you!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow, shades ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Socialite’: I never paid much attention to these eyeshadows before, but I’m so glad Emily has brought them into my life. I tried applying these with my fingers which works well but also a small brush. Depends how much pigment you’d like. I always wear an eyeshadow primer, and set my eyes with a powder before I wore these. They claim to have 24 hour wear, and whilst I haven’t tested that, they do last the full work day. You can read about why Emily likes them here and I have to agree. I wore both these shades by themselves as a ‘one and done’ look but think that ‘Socialite’ works particularly well as a base or on the inner third of the eye whilst ‘On and on bronze’ is fabulous lid or middle third option!

Loreal Unlimited Mascara: I’ve tried this mascara thanks to @maddies.makeupmess’ recommendation and I at first I was excited to try it because you can move the wand to be positioned at a few different angles. I realised quickly however that this wasn’t actually a feature that I thought was necessary. i just use it in a straight, regular position. This swap with Emily reminded me to actually use this mascara again. I found it quite a thick formula that appeared to coat my lashes in a way that made them look chunky? I didn’t noticed that it performed exceptionally in terms of lengthening or volumising. And, it was starting to flake at about 8 hours of wear (which yes, is a long time that it didn’t flake, but I have mascaras that don’t budge at all.) I’m sorry guys, but this one doesn’t cut it for me!

Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick, shade Nude: This lipstick is heaven!!!! I’m not usually one to go for a neutral lip however I think it’s ‘important’ to have one in your collection. This is the only neutral I need! Super comfortable to wear, needs to be reapplied but is easy to do so. There are a few other pretty colours in this range too. Big fan! (Also along with this, I wanted to share this article “It’s time to finally talk about the decades-old problem with ‘nude’ beauty products.”)

Andalou Face Mask Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask: I already have this mask in my collection but honestly can never be without it. It’s so freaking fabulous- a really effective exfoliating mask that leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and fresh. See why Emily likes it here.

What I Gave Emily:

Mud Makeup CC Cream: I apologise to everyone who loves this, because it is sadly (and maddeningly) being discontinued. If I had’ve known that when I purchase it, I wouldn’t have got it haha in case Emily falls in love with it!! This only comes in two shades, and the lightest shade only suits me when I’m tanned (which is rare) but it is a Aussie beauty fave for a reason. Great coverage, durability and could seriously rival other CC creams. And the fact that you could buy it at Woolies??? A dream!

Flower Beauty Highlighting Palette: I asked Emily if she’d tried any Flower, and she had tried the concealer and foundation, so I was eager to introduce her to more of the range. This highlight palette is an absolute steal and fab quality. The brush that is included is pretty useless IMO. I often use the champagne shade alone, but it’s funny to have the gold and rose gold – these I use more so on the eyes than face.

Flower Beauty Blush in ‘sweet pea’: This was the blush that made me love blush so it holds a special place in my heart. A beautiful, natural colour that lasts well on the skin.

Barry M Lip Kit in ‘Femme’: This is my hidden gem of the drugstore. You can buy this lip liner and gloss separately but i think they’re a power couple when use together. This is my absolute perfect mauve colour. The liner goes with 90% of my lip product collection and I’d say this gloss is *my fave*. Such good pigment for a gloss, and the actual formula isn’t sticky. Plus, I find it holds up pretty well. Brilliant! Honestly, this is why I wanted to do this swap, to introduce this combo to more people haha!

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara: This mascara has a big reputation and rightly so. The cute rose gold packaging, the perfect brush shape, wears well. Just a great all-rounder. I was actually going to give Emily the Maybelline Lash Sensational with is my GOAT but she is already a fan of that. I like both of those mascaras because I can wear them for an everyday look or build them up for a false lash effect.

Have you tried any of these products? Who else would you like me to do this beauty swap with?

Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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Priceline Half Price Cosmetics Sale Recommendations & Wishlist – June 2020


Not going to lie, guys, this sale caught me off guard! 

Normally these sales happen Tuesday through Thursday… so this catalogue ending on a Tuesday was pretty typical and I didn’t see it coming. 

So I’m madly rushing to put together this resource for you the day before the sale goes live. 

These are my favourite posts to write, and I stand by what I’ve recommended in the past –

See those posts here! 

March Haul

March Haul Part 2

November Recommendations

November Haul

July Haul

July Haul Part 2

I’m trying to recommend new things, that I’ve not yet shared in one of these posts before!

Also!!!!! I was gifted the Luma and Makeup Revolution products I’ve mentioned. However, I truly love them and was under no obligation to post. This post is not associated with or sponsored by Priceline. (But like, in future pls do sponsor me xo)


Thin Lizzy Foundation: I picked this up last half price sale, after @beautybyhiuy recommended it. It’s a gorgeous, glowy foundation that is seriously slept on! 

Thin Lizzy Sponge: @i_shall_shop has sung the praises of this sponge for ages but I’d never remembered to pick it up. I finally bought it last sale and let me tell you… the hype is real. This is the best makeup sponge I’ve ever used. Better than Mco, Real Techniques, Kmart etc etc. So good, in fact, I recently picked up some when they were half price at Big W. 

Revlon Lip Oil: Another purchase from the last sale, this lip oil is really easy to wear and has a sheer pigment.

Revlon Lip Polish: Revlon just don’t really fab lip products! The perfect, pigmented gloss.

Revlon Candid Glow Foundation: how this is called a “foundation” I do not know because it merely works as a tinted moisturiser for me but that’s why I like it! I could apply this with my eyes close and know it would be ok. So if you need very light coverage, this could work for you!

Makeup Revolution Waterproof Mascara: I actually have a post coming with a more in depth review but this mascara is incredible. I don’t really need/want waterproof formulas so I’m hoping to pick up the regular one!

Makeup Revolution Brow Tint: You can read about how much I love that here. 

Luma Beauty:  My favourite product is the cheek and lip tint in the shade Muse that I purchased a few sales ago. But I was recently gifted the range and am enjoying the brow mascara and this highlight. See @Centaine_mclean’s review here. 


Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks: These have just launched in Australia, and don’t seem to be available online yet so you’ll have to get them in store. They have been so popular in America, I first found them when Allana raved about them here. 

I plan on buying a few – oops…. including ‘so sleek pink’, ‘beaming strawberry’, ‘glossed up rose’ and ‘fire & ice’.

Australis Foiled Eyeshadow in Guns n Rose Petals: This was recommenced by Arna Alayne and I did pick up another shade in the Big W sale I mentioned but would love to try this shade in particular. 

Bourjois Big Oui Mascara:  I have heard great things about this but I certainly don’t need another mascara. So I won’t pick it up this time around, but eventually. Same goes for the brow mascara. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream: @mummakesitup and @theamyclark are both fans of this, with Amy calling it a NARS dupe… sign me up!

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: another @i_shall_shop recommendation! I don’t know if I need this and the CC cream so we’ll see haha.

Maybelline Glass Setting Spray: I honestly haven’t heard a whole lot about this, but I love the sound of it. I am also so tempted by the Maybelline Nudes palette however I! Don’t! Need! More! Eyeshadow!

Thinks I definitely wouldn’t recommend:

Australis Fresh n Flawless Foundation: I am one of the very few people who doesn’t like this foundation, I know. But it just didn’t work for me in any shape or form. I think it’s particularly bad for dry skin types. @thebeautyroast also isn’t a fan.

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara: This post by Amy Clark shares some fab items but it reminded me that I was disappointed in this mascara. It has big claims that it sadly didn’t live up to for me. I think Lash Sensational works harder than this!

 In case non-cosmetic items are on sale, I’d also recommend:

  • Neutrogena Cleansing Oil
  • Neutrogena Bright Boost Polish
  • Anadalou Roses, Enzyme and CannaCell Masks 
  • Revlon Face DeFuzzers
  • Manicare Microfibre Cloth (cheaper alternative / similar concept to Face Halo!) 

Random but notabe:

Also recently I picked up aother Arna Alayne recommendation, the Models Prefer Light Veil. I haven’t used it yet but I’m so excited to and it’ll be so affordable in this sale if you want to try it out too. 

I really feel like I don’t have all that much to share with you this sale, but hopefully you and I both find some new treasures! 

My Fave Priceline Bloggers:













Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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7 Days of Face Masks


At the beginning of self-iso, I thought I would challenge myself to 30 days of face masks. Like lots of things I wanted to do during this time, it didn’t happen. But I did manage seven consecutive days, so here are my thoughts!

Day 1:

The day that started it all! I was feeling really blugh and so wanted to pep myself up a bit by doing a face mask. Note: face masks aren’t usually what I turn to when I need some self care. BUT! It felt like a productive task. I opened my face mask drawer (yes, drawer!!!!) and was overwhelmed by choice. To ease myself in to the challenge, I used the first mask I saw, which was my most recent face mask purchase- Swisse Skincare Manuka Honey Detoxifying Clay Mask – as recommended by @thebeautyroast who claims it’s a Glam Glow dupe! I’ve never tried the Glam Glow one so I can’t comment on that sorry. I use it on my T-zone predominately and really like it. However, most masks I disobey the ‘leave on for blah blah amount of time’ instruction because I feel like I – as an AdULt – can be the judge of that. This mask, however, I leave on for 10 minutes MAX! Because it gets very dry and uncomfortable. (70g, $20.99)

I always double mask, with my second choice being a something rich in hydration. Today I chose the Andalou 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask and left it on overnight. Lovely! (50g, $24.99)

Day 2

So even though yesterday I said I always double mask – tonight I broke my own rule! I was gifted the ESK Hydroxy Overnight Mask which instructs you to use after cleansing, in place of your night routine. So I did! I had seen that Elayne from @skincaresweets had used and enjoyed it so I was excited. When I first put on the mask, it felt nice. But my skin is used to hydration in the evenings and so I spent all night feeling like I wanted to pop on some moisturiser. This feeling was still there in the morning. My blemishes looked less red and my skin felt really smooth and less textured however it also felt tight. Elayne didn’t have this problem but she has oily skin. I have combo skin, and so when I use this again I’ll either pair it with some moisturiser or use it as a spot treatment.

Update! I used this a few days later as a spot treatment and it worked soooo well! Much prefer it for this purpose. (Gifted) (15g, $50.00)

Day 3:

I’m finding it hard to balance active and detoxing masks with hydration so today I used the Tribe Skincare Chill Out Hydrating Mask by itself. I sometimes use this as a night mask but it leaves the skin feeling very tacky. So today I used it by itself and then washed it off after 15 minutes. It kind of smells like cucumber, which is fine for me but just something to keep in mind hah. I don’t think I would repurchase this because I have other hydrating masks I prefer. (50ml, $65)

Day 4:

The whole idea of this challenge is to try and use up items before they go out of date. I’m really going to try and make this include mini sizes as well. I tell you this because today’s mask – the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Canola Honey – is marketed as a ‘one use’ but I often get (at least!) 3 uses out of these! So I will repeat this mask a few times. The mask claims to provide intensive moisture and nourishment to the skin. I was surprised to open it and find that it actually looks like honey and has a similar consistency just without so much stickiness. It felt so nice on my skin, instantly nourishing! I left it on for well over ten minutes because it felt so nice on my skin. (10ml, $3.00)

Day 5:

I was feeling particularly dry today, so lathered myself in the Lanolips Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask . This is the first time I’ve used this mask. I’ve heard it compared to the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask, which I’ll compare next! It has a slightly ‘soapy’ fragrance which didn’t bother me but just be aware of. My skin soaked this up so quickly, I would say for me it worked as a heavy duty moisturiser rather than a mask, per se. My skin felt nice the night I used it but wasn’t overly soft or plumped the following morning. It’s nice but idk, not sold on it yet. (60ml, $25.99)

Day 6:

Like I said yesterday, I’ve heard that the Lano Face Base is a dupe for Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. Again, I’ve never tried the SF so tonight was my first time – I had it in a little sample pot from Mecca. First impressions, the texture is very similar to Lano. And similarly to Lano, my sin soaked this up and I didn’t have to remove it. Left on overnight I didn’t wake up with ‘wow super soft’ skin but would say this acted like an intense moisturiser. This one was a bit more oily in consistency than Lano, IMO.

After trying both Lano and SF, both of which I used as an overnight mask, I think that whilst I enjoyed both of them, I wouldn’t rush out to buy either again. I don’t think I would buy the SF at all. Lano is good to have on hand, but I if I need some intensive overnight moisture, I will always turn to my beloved Weleda Skin Food (75 ml, $24.95 – making it bigger and cheaper than Lano). It’s my fave overnight mask and literally transforms my skin during the night. She’s the real MVP and I think she’s the reason my standards of overnight masks are SOOOO high.

For some more opinions, I liked reading these SFJL reviews by Team Man Repeller.

(64g, $77)

Day 7:

Today I’m trying the first sheet mask of the week, with the Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Mask. I like sheet masks because they’re not messy, and pretty no-fuss. However, I also like masks that come in a jar because they’re less wasteful in the sense that you aren’t throwing away the sheet after one use. But, jar masks can be wasteful if you don’t get through them?? Win some, lose some- pick you battles 😉 This sheet is quite thick and big (as in, t’ll easily cover your entire face!) It was quite juicy too, which I always like to be able to use the excess serum down my neck and chest. My skin defintely felt hydrated after this, and whilst it has ‘age revitalising’ claims (I’m 19) I think it’s a pretty fab all-rounder. No irritations and made my skin feel more ‘alive’. Enbacci is an Aussie brand, and this mask has a $20 price tag which is a bit more than I’d usually pay for a face mask however, if you’re looking for a really luxe pamper treatment for you or a friend, I would recommend these. (Gifted) ($20 for one, $73 for five, 20ml each.)

@i_shall_shop and @allmyshittymakeup have both reviewed Enbacci too!

So, surprise, I actually have two more reviews for you. But ‘9 Days of Face Masks’ doesn’t really have the same ring to it as ‘7 Days’ does it? Haha. Let’s do a rapid fire round…

Day 8:

I have never actually bought the full size Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask as I seem to have numerous mini tubes I’ve collected from various occasions. This mask is the bomb!! Seriously, it detoxifies without being harsh, leaving you with clean and fresh skin. I find it gentle enough to use all over but also it’s extremely effective as a spot treatment. It’s a cult classic for a reason! ($69.90 for 60g, $39.90 for 30g)

Day 9:

Ok, so not actually a face mask, but under-eye patches, Good Molecules Caffeine Energising Hydrogel Eye Patches. These are super juicy, yet don’t slip and slide all over your face. I find a lot of under-eye masks sting my sensitive skin, so am always a bit apprehensive. These ones don’t do that at all which is why I like them so much. I don’t find that they actually do anything in terms of brightening however they do make my under eyes more hydrated and so I like to use them in the mornings before makeup. (Gifted) (60 patches/30 pairs, $18USD)

Have you tried any of these masks? What’s your favourite face mask?

Items that were gifted were done so without the obligation to review or post, just FYI.

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Week Latte #46

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

The most recent Week Latte was at the start of May and now this one is at the end. Idk, you guys. Time isn’t real.

I resisted the urge to share exclusively purple eyeshadow looks (which makes up most of my saved posts, no shame) so here are some of my other recent IG faves x

@showmetheglow / @littlelistofmine / @georgieandginger.co / @othersummers

Go To shared some fun beauty articles on their stories, my faves were:

15 A-Beauty Brands / How A Celeb Flight Attendant Gets Good Skin / Unexpected Beauty Products Selling Out

Obsessed with the blog ‘Stolen Inspiration’, particularly enjoying the IG template from this post!

Quarantine Instagram Story Template

Hillary’s Duff $987 (US) Quarantine Makeup includes my fave Colourpop lip tints!

Reality TV and beauty are two of my favourite things, so you already know that I am VIBING this post on Into The Gloss; The Beauty Products I’m Bringing With Me To Reality TV!

Anna’s ‘Working From Home Beauty Edit’ was a fun read- but I can’t relate. Early on in iso I was doing my makeup almost more than I did IRL. But over two months into iso, I haven’t been wearing makeup for my uni zoom calls. Soz guys.

I’m not one for maths, but this pie chart is a wardrobe hack I can get on board with!

Wardrobe hacks

I saw this post on Pinterest and it really resonated with me – and although the post was written a year ago, I think it’s particularly relevant to me (at least) right now in a world of you-know-what.

Arna uploaded this incredible calling GRWM. I wanted to close my eyes to enjoy the music, but to keep them open to see the makeup haha. I then promptly fell down the rabbit hole of makeup ASMR.

If you’re struggling for motivation for studying online, I found this article to be *actually* helpful – it’s not your stereotypical tips which I appreciated.

Also found this bullet journal website very inspiring.

Bullet Journal can help you plan and monitor your study life. Check out these 9 must have Bullet Journal page ideas to improve your studies and get the most out of your journal. #bulletjournal #backtoschool #mashaplans

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Sand & Sky Zoom Event


Sharing some notes from tonight’s Sand & Sky Customer Event via Zoom. More info coming soon!


Sarah Hamilton – Managing Director Sand & Sky 

Sarah Davidson – Founder of Matcha Maiden 

Nassim Belhaq- Head of innovation, Sand and Sky 

Nassim’s fave skincare tips 

  • Warm up the skincare on the back of your hand, in circular motions, to help with the penetration into the epidermis. 
  • Tap on the external contours on the eyes  quite strongly. Facilitates the regeneration process of skin that is most active at night. 

Nassim’s Isolation skin tips 

  • Problems may be caused by dryness: staying home, decreased level of physical activity. Bring moisture to your skin. 
  • Still protect your skin from UV rays. Even staying home, your skin is still impacted by the sun. Particularly if you were in the habit of applying sunscreen, keep this up! 
  • In summary, keep it hydrated and protected. 

Even if you’re not feeling actively feeling anxious, there is a major change in our lives that is often presenting itself in our skin – Sarah D 

Seize the YAY – what brings you joy. Rather than ‘seize the day’ which is the idea of glorifying busy. 

Teaser of upcoming products: Unique Australian ingredients, different skin concerns, 3 new ingredients. It will address something new! 

Sarah H – has put down her business books and picked up fiction! And Netflix in addition to her usual ABC News. Masking at breakfast. 

Sarah D – Meme community has upped its game.  ‘It’s like earth has sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.’ It’s given us the gift of time. In a time of tragedy, you might feel bad by doing things that make us feel good. But make the most of the fact, we are being forced to stay and home and indulge in things that we would never do. We finally have a forced excuse. Let go of the guilt. (Was still wearing her QANTAS pjs with her blazer).  ‘Around this time, I bet Marie Kondo is mad she threw all that shit out.’ 

Nassim – calling his grandma everyday, who is 90 years old and lives in the South of France. She is amazed that she can talk to him whilst he is so far away!

Adding magnesium, berries and immunity boosters to his diet. 

Gary Gorrow – 

Inter connection of all aspects of human life, it is hard to isolate anything. 

What is one thing I can do to increase my health and happiness?
Meditation and mindfulness is about re- orientating.

This time can be used to become introspective. 

Often in achievement mode, with a final destination. 

It is ok to live inside yourself. 

Shifted from action mode to being mode. 

Shed you mind completely, to be just aware. 

When you’ve been in awe of something, you mind’s gone offline. 

The present moment is the most sacred moment. 

But our mind has the ability to project ourselves away from the present – blessing and a curse. Can breed anxiety and unnecessary worry. 

Balance between being visionary and attachment to this idea. 

Happy tears and sad tears taste different! 

Finger tracing mindful technique

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An Autumn Style and Beauty Wishlist


This post was inspired by Vivienne – you can read her beautiful blog here.

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for ages and forgot about it! Autumn is very nearly over so I wanted to share it now before I forgot again xx

Normally, I love summer. Give me dresses and sunshine and beach days!

However, now that I’m at uni and work – I have fun dressing for the cooler months. I no longer have to shiver in a tights, an itchy woolen jumper and a kilt! Hurrah!

Therefore, my wishlist for clothing items is rather large. Give me all those cosy things. I’m also on the hunt for the perfect casual black boot. Recommendations are appreciated!


I’m seriously lusting over this Olivia & Co ‘warm caramel’ bag (that’s how Daisy described it haha) and the fact that my name is on the example image makes it feel like it’s meant to be hah!

Uniqlo’s new collection is filled with practical yet stylish pieces – I have my eye on this cute colour jacket!

So pullovers like this are trendy now and I am all here for some practical layers!

Love the colour of this teddy coat, and it’s on sale too!

I had picked my uni backpack months in advance, but failed to fit my laptop case in it prior to my first day – oops. So I have been carrying my laptop around for the last three weeks and it’s honestly so annoying. I managed to find a cheap but convenient backpack from Kmart for $7.50 but I love the look of this one. It has a side drink bottle holder which is a must, but I’m not sure it would fit my laptop… I’ll need to measure!

Think I need this balloon-sleeved cardigan in both colour-ways please and thanks, Kmart.


I was going to say, ‘aww I don’t really have much on my beauty wishlist because I bought pretty much all of Priceline in the half price sale’ but ha ha ha no I scrolled the new in section of Mecca and Sephora and curated this list.

Lanolips launched a new colour in their tinted 101 ointment and ekkk it’s so pretty!!

I’ve heard good things about Sephora-brand skincare, and I like the look of this set!

This is a fab way to try Marc Jacobs products, but also would make a sweet gift.

I’ve honestly never heard of this brand but it looks v v pretty soooooo…. and I love a set, as I may have mentioned!

I’m all about those shimmery peach vibes. Get on my cheekbones!

Another lip product set… are we surprised? Such great value though!!

I saw RMS featured on Matilda’s page and umm hi have I been living under a rock? This aesthetic – divine.

These Nars lip products are so popular right now, and having seen the shade Dolce Vita on some of the Mecca staff I’m convinced i need it… the $45 price tag may say otherwise.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post… let me know in the comments. And I’d love to know – what’s on your wishlist?

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Week Latte #45


Happy Saturday everyone!

This blog post has been in the making for weeks, but I’ve never quite got around to finishing it until today.

Often, I feel suffocated by choice and it paralyses needs from making any decision or doing anything.

But lately that has been worse than ever thanks to the whole self isolation situation.

I am ok, I promise, just struggling a bit.

I wanted to let you know that, in case you feel the same. You are not alone.

But! I don’t want it to distract from all the awesome content I’ve got for you. Enjoy the links and be sure to share some of yo ur absolute posts with me in the comments. Xx

I am constantly making my Glossier wishlist for when I eventually visit in store *a girl can dream* – read 8 bloggers fave products.

Kate’s Friday night rituals.

I recently discovered Ash Owens on Instagram – but oh my gosh her blog is beautiful! Lots of WFH inspo on ther eta the moment… some of my faves:

35 Easy Lunch Ideas / A Guide For Lockdown Boredom / How to be Productive When Working From Home

Why I Faked My Own Diary Entries – you all know I’m a fan of a thought piece, but this by Julia at It’s All Fluff HIT ME GOOD! Isn’t it funny how we are afraid to be true to ourselves, and how clever the brain is to be able to LIE to ourselves? Deep thought, soz.

Really love the sound of this BB cream s/o @roxanepapa

So far, I have made two Cotton On orders in iso. Oops. I really want this jumper Romy has styled but they’re out of my size… noooo!

I was super lucky to win a $25 Mecca voucher from @the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics and @beautyspice.glitter – I used it to buy a few of the new Zoom stick eyeshadow shades.

As you guys know, I’m obsessed with Tik Tok right now. @mikzazon creates epic, empowering content – such a babe!

Zo launched her website recently – so excited to see more content from her.

Emma from The Broke Generation shared this post last week – Your Feelings Are Valid. The conversation surrounding this post was really interesting, and something Emma said she was a bit scared and hesitant to share. But the comments were resounding in support, and I really liked these ones in particular.

francescooknz: This is so very true. I think gratitude can help stop us spiralling, but it’s the second step, not the first. The first step is recognising your feelings, and treating them as valid. This is a tough time, and burying how we feel about it will only make it worse!

the_conscious_budget_mum: I think this is sooo normal. I’ve been feeling the same, but less eloquent 😳

lauraen.right: This is very valid, thanks for sharing. Many in the disabled/chronically ill community are feeling similar feelings of toxic positivity, because ideas such as, “we’re all in this together,” and, “this too shall pass,” are hurtful, because (a) no, you at least have an able body, and (b) it doesn’t end for everyone.

If you need some at home workout inspo, there are plenty of options here. I am pretty much proud of myself for going for one dog walk a day, I’m very rarely doing a workout. I used to go to the gym 5-7 days a week and I miss it os much but I just cannot motivate myself at home.

You know how much I’m loving lilac, but this has been the most luxe lilac eye look I have seen!

I discovered this blog, and I’m really enjoying reading her quarantine diaries- it’s soo interesting to see how people are spending their time and feeling.

All of the Savey products from You Beauty have been collated here and all I can say is: let the shopping begin (lol, begin? Continue may be more apt haha!)

@the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics has created this fab AND free skincare resource, you can download it here!

Lots of love for the Andalou face mask shared by Mamamia here- I’m personally a big fan and I know @breeze_beauty_loves is too! Andalou is now available at Chemist Warehouse as well as Priceline!

So much amazing content in my feed right now!





From my IG:

April Favourites

Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Sticks Review

Mecca Haul

Makeup Revolution Review

Daily Naturals Review

I’m really happy with my recent blog posts:

Makeup Revolution Brow Tint Review

Homebodii x Study With jess (tips for working from home)

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Makeup Revolution Brow Tint Review


This brow tint was gifted to me, however I was under no obligation to write this review. I was just really interested in the process and wanted to share my thoughts. Irene from @icxbeauty has also written a review you can read here.

I tint my eyelashes at home because they’re quite long, but fair.

My eyebrows however, I’ve never tinted at home because I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong. And I’ve just not really thought about going to a salon to get them done.

So I was very excited when the Makeup Revolution Brow Tint landed on my desk. It comes in three shades, is $12.50 and is available from Priceline, for us Aussies.

I used the shade taupe.

Directions: Apply to a clean brow using the applicator. Leave on to develop for up to 2 hours for semi permanent brow tint that lasts up to 3 days.

The process: the applicator is like a thin paint brush, and was super easy to apply. I was worried the tint would stain my skin to, like what sometimes happens with my eyelashes, but it was fine! I tided up around the edges with a Q-tip. It has a slight smell but nothing overly offensive.

I accidentally left it on for three hours, because time got away from me. But it didn’t give me any reaction at all so that was fine. I jumped in the shower and removed it with my wet Press Beauty Swipie (I guess you could use any microfibre towel or even just a face washer!) and it came of so easily- pretty much in one swipe.

Results: I was so impressed with this tint. It looked very natural, I don’t think you could possibly make it ‘too dark’. It lasted about 3 full days for me.

I would definitely recommend trying this if you are new to eyebrow tinting and want to make sure you like it. But having done this, it makes me think I should got an at-home kit that lasts longer than 3 days- because that really isn’t all that practical to be honest. And the tint was quite light, I would still add some product to my brows. It’s easy to use, effective and very budget-friendly. Certainly can’t hurt to try! I’ll continue to use it, whilst I have the spare time during self isolation to keep the product on my eyes for two hours every few days however I can’t see much time for this in my non-isolation life.




4 Days Later

These pictures were so hard to take haha! But I hope this gives you a good idea of the effects!

This product is likely to go on sale on ASOS and Priceline so keep your eyes out for that too!

Have you tried at home brow tinting?

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Homebodii x Study With Jess


My beautiful friend Daisy sent me the link to a @homebodii x @studywithjess Instagram Live this afternoon and it inspired me so much that I was furiously jotting down my key take aways.

I decided to curate those ideas into this info-graph for you all to learn form too! It’s my first attempt at anything like this haha.

For more information about the RAIN Technique, see here.

For more information about Single Daily Actions, see here.

Shop Homebodii here.

Follow Jess here.

**Not sponsored, simply just a girl procrastinating her uni assignment xo (the irony!)

Download here >

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