SKINCARE REVIEW: Dirty Skincare Co


The first time I’d seen this brand, Dirty Skincare Co, it was because @beautybyhiuy had mentioned them.

She had been gifted some products from them, and loved them so much she’d bought more products herself.

As both a blogger and a consumer myself, when someone purchase a product they’ve been gifted before, you know it’s a true testament of how much they truly loved the product.

So, when Dirty Skincare Co reached out to me to collaborate, it was a no brainer! Despite the fact that I had never before paid any interest to the type of soap I use; I was excited to try!

I trusted Hiuy, and so I had high hopes that I would enjoy the brand as well.

Dirty Skincare Co sent me their full range of soap bars- Raise The Bar. There are 6 of them in the collection.

The first soap bar I tried was the ‘Lavender and Rosemary’.

I love the smell of lavender, and I’m personally someone who showers at nights so having a calming scent like this is always a nice addition to my ‘wind down’ routine.

The soap had a lovely fragrance, but was gentle on my skin. Nothing bad to report here!

The next soap I tried was the ‘Coffee Scrub’.

I really want to try to use a coffee scrub more often, and I even have one sitting in my shower, yet I either 1) forget to use it or 2) hesitate when using it because of how harsh it feels on my skin.

Having a scrub in a bar made it super convenient to use on my body, it wasn’t messy in my shower and it wasn’t harsh on my skin.

Soap is nice, but I feel like it is almost all much of a muchness- however this coffee scrub soap was a somewhat revolutionary addition to my shower routine and I would definitely consider repurchasing this.

They were so generous to send me all 6 soaps, but as you can imagine, when using them just once a day and to use up the whole product would take a while. So, for the sake of this review, I’ve only tried three soaps, each for a few days.

The third soap I’ve tried, is the ‘Pink Clay’ soap.

I feel like people are scared when they hear of ‘soap’ – it has connotations of being stripping and unpleasant… but the actual ingredients of these soaps containing nourishing oils such as rose and ylang ylang.

Like with the coffee scrub, I don’t often use clay face masks because they can be messy. (Not that this soap is a mask!)

But being able to use this pink clay in the shower was really convenient.

I’ve never used a soap like this, but I did really enjoy it. The website suggests using it for a gentle skin detox and I feel like that is certainly what was achieved.

Since writing this review, we’ve put the ‘Coconut and oatmeal’ soap in the bathroom to use to wash our hands.

I have eczema prone skin on my hands and so I hate washing my hands because of the tight, uncomfortable feeling it leaves me with.

This soap however feels almost milky and nourishing, rather than stripping, so when combined with warm water, my hands don’t feel dry.

If you’re looking for a new Aussie business to try out, I’d definitely suggest you begin with Dirty Skincare Co. I enjoyed trialling some of their products (and will continue to trial) but they also have other products such as Bath Soaks!

Thank you to Dirty Skincare Co for gifting these products to me – it was my pleasure to support an Aussie biz. Shop here.

Have you tried Dirty Skincare co? Let me know in the comments below…

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Week Latte #42


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have always celebrated this day because it’s my brother’s birthday, but it shocked me so much to see there is so much dislike for it on the gram.

I think it’s important to disassociate the day with romantic love and make it about whatever kind of love suits you!

This is a nice reminder too.

This house is incredible and so pink!!

I have to agree, be less modest! I think an extension to this is believe in yourself- your successes are worth singing about.

The timing of life is funny isn’t it… I saw Leigh share this post in her stories on Thursday, and just a few days before, I had said no to working with a brand. It would’ve have been a massive collaboration for me- but the brief was so strict and I felt so much pressure to perform just reading it, that I declined. The brand emailed back saying they respected me for saying no, when it’s often so easy to say yes. That gave me a lot of perspective.

I adore Jack’s Youtube videos and am soooo excited to read his new book, particular because I’m about to embark on my uni adventure!

More uni related content, Jess shared tips for mindful study!

This made me laugh… and cringe a bit- I promise I’ll wash my brushes this week 😅

@glossco shared this pic on her feed and it’s officially my life mission to hunt down this limited edition bag and make it mine. So so so beautiful- if you happen to be selling yours, hit a girl up!

How creative are these artworks by Arna… I’m truly so in awe! I’m doing a double Bachelors/Masters degree so I will definitely be purchasing one of these.

Absolutely beyond obsessed with this eye look! It makes Maddie’s blue eyes pop!

Danica has so beautifully captured the limited edition Natural Lust palette – again, if you know of anyone selling it, I’m a willing buyer!

Michelle shared this genius makeup bag Bekka May and omg I need it!!! So practical!

Ok friends, big beauty news this week was that Mecca Max released their fourth “eye and cheek” palette, this time “Dream Queen” – apparently the neutral palette people have been asking for. I have the previous palette, “Sugar Queen” and part of the reason I love it so much is because the colours are so unique and unlike anything else I have.

But this one, I have to say I’m torn. Don’t get me wrong it is beautiful and I know I would reach for a lot of these shades. But does it excite me? I’m not sure.

There is no denying however, that at $38 these products are incredible quality for that price.

After all of that, I think I will add this palette to my collection because it is beautiful and practical – but I’d love to know to thoughts too!

Tbh, this incredible capture by @thebeautybloss is doing a lot of convincing 🤤

I celebrated Galentine’s Day with my friends on Thursday, we had delicious food and watched To All The Boys 2 on Netflix. The outfits and decor and that film are beyond stunning – omg!

This Week On Instagram

Cortney and I collaborated again this week with a “Advice For Uni Students” blog post. So many of you guys contributed your advice to my post and I am so so grateful. Thank you!!!

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Advice for Uni Students – *Makeup With Cortney Collab*


I’m Going To Uni! And you guys gave me some advice!

Read more advice on Cortney’s blog here.

Little life update, guys, I’m officially off to uni this year – again.

To recap super quick:

In 2019, fresh out of year 12, I started a uni course because it was the only thing I’d ever imagined doing. Not the course, but uni. That was just the way of things, or that I knew.

It was a communications course at a city uni- it was very inflexible and difficult for me to travel to. I started off there hating it before it had even began.

I gave it a solid week, before I cried on the phone to my mum in the middle of Bourke St Mall and said ‘I can’t do this.’

So I deferred for a year and worked, hoping time would help me figure out what I actually wanted to do.

Spoiler: I still haven’t figured that out. All I know is I certainly don’t want to go back to that course.

I’ve applied for A LOT of jobs in the beauty industry, but I’m young and have little experience nor expertise and so that avenue did not seem feasible.

VTAC (how you apply to uni if you’re not applying directly) preferences opened and I contemplated what I would do.

Out of the blue, I saw a brand new Speech Pathology course at a uni close-ish to me.

I had always had an interest in speech, but in year 12, 2 universities offered it and they were both far from me and I wasn’t willing to travel.

So the closer uni offering the course was ticking all the boxes for me!

Mid January I was accepted and I’m due to start late February. I’m apprehensive- I still don’t know if it’s what I realllly want to do, I’m scared of the science-y components AND my life is about to get a heck of a lot busier. BUT! I’m trying to be excited!

One of my blogging besties, Cortney, has just graduated from her journalism degree and we’ve collaborated on this ‘uni series’ post – read about Cortney’s uni experience and her advice for new students- like me, HERE.

Cortney and some of my other Instagram faves have generously shared their uni tips and tricks with me and I’m so excited to share them all with you below.

@makeupwithcortney, recent journalism graduate

My advice would be to not sweat the small stuff – embrace the environment and if you fail something it’ll be okay! It’s not worth the stress. (And also don’t buy textbooks 🙊 the library is your friend!)

@sensitiveskingal, third year biomedicine student

1) try to immerse yourself in as many events as possible, and talk to everyone in class – some of my best friends are friends I made at uni, who were only in my class for a semester!

2) rest! no one can prepare you for uni, prioritise your health because you literally won’t even realise yourself burning out until you’ve literally burnt yourself out!

3) uni lunches cost an arm and a leg – scope out cafes and restaurants nearby or on campus that are a little out of reach because chances are, they’ll be cheaper!

@beautyflatlay, recent pharmacy graduate

Don’t be afraid to make new friends! – everyone’s in the same boat and it’s so fun meeting new people! Surround yourself with positive people ☺️

@theeditbycaylie, third year Arts student

  1. Don’t let people get into your head. Meaning, ignore any negative comments or doubt from others about your decision to study. You know your capabilities better than anyone. 
  2. Some teachers can be quite rude. Don’t take their feedback as gospel and if it’s rude and not constructive – pull them up on it! 

@beautystyletravelblog, Bachelor of Science (major is microbiology and minor in ancient history). Currently works in Environmental Protection.

Hmmm I had a real love/hate with uni tbh. I found it quite isolating to begin with and wish I had gone to more of the social things on campus. Possibly the best piece of advice I might be able to give is follow the subjects that really interest you, even if that sets you on a completely different path to what you initially thought you wanted to study. I started at one uni where I was determined to get a degree in Molecular Biotechnology and hated every minute of it. I ended up changing unis and didn’t decide on a major until the end of my 2nd year when I found my passion in Microbiology (never in my mind did I think I’d end up graduating with that!!). It has led me to an incredibly interesting and varied career!

@beautywith_lauren, psychology graduate

The first year is always very theoretical and gives you the history of your career path. Don’t base your feelings of the degree based on first year.

@daisy_chain_daydreams, second year media student

1. Join a club. I know this sounds cliché, but it really is a great way to meet people, and even if you don’t become close friends, it’s nice to have some familiar faces around campus. I know stepping it of ones comfort zone isn’t the best feeling initially, but if I can do it, you can too lovelies, hehe! Plus, they’re usually fun activities! 

2. Try and go to your lectures when possible. It’s really easy (and convenient) to just do them all online, but getting dressed in the morning and going into your lectures is more fun and good for socialising too. When I did watch the occasional lecture online, I found them so boring to listen to, and often got distracted looking at other things when I should have been concentrating (oops!). Plus, it’s great to know at least a handful of people from your lectures because when you attend your tutorials and labs for the same units, you’ll know people, and it makes it a lot easier when it’s group project time too. 

3. Pack lots of snacks and food. Okay so this one might sound a bit like a ‘no brainer’, but honestly, you’ll be surprised how hungry you get on campus (or maybe it’s just me haha!) but #brainfood, right? And it will also save you more money, because buying little snacks and drinks from the uni cafes occasionally is lovely, but it adds up over the semester (trust me, I know 🙊). I’m also going to try and do more ‘meal prep’ this year with my uni lunches, fingers crossed haha! 

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Week Latte #41


Hey lovelies!

Short and sweet post today because I had to finish it up on my train ride home this evening after an extremely fun yet tiring day. Read about it on my IG (link at the bottom of the post!)

For now, enjoy these links!

I loved how detailed and specific this foundation review by Chanelle was.

I have recently started a new morning routine which has actually been surprisingly fun and enjoyable- so I really enjoyed reading Amanda’s post about making habits.

Polished and Inspired’s post about makeup she bought on sale, and whether or not she’d buy it again, really made me think- often I give in to buying new things because of their sale price. But I’m trying to recognise, it’s not a saving if you don’t need it!

These Kosas lip oils look amazinggggggggg and Zorica has captured it beautifully!

Amanda did a beautiful shout out to me and ROLLY Mag on her page and I’m honestly so grateful for her kind words 💖 Follow Amanda here!

Get a free silk robe with any Olivia & Co purchase for Valentine’s Day.

Liv Purvis’ book came out this week- it looks lovely and I can’t wait to read it!

This Week On Instagram

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January 2020 Favourites


I was watching Anna’s Jan Faves video on Jan 27th and I thought – oops, I haven’t written my post yet! Usually, I start these posts early in the month and continuously update it. But, I don’t know, this month quickly got away from me – or something.

Aldi $2 sunscreen / in store only

Guys, if you can get your hands on this sunscreen still – get it!!! For the price, you really cannot go wrong. It’s not sticky / glowy / matte on the skin just ‘nice’, the formula is quite light weight and it’s SPF50 so a great all-rounder, everyday face sunscreen that you wont feel bad ‘wasting’ on your body either.

Bettyquette Sleep On It Night oil / here

I have quite a few night oils on rotation, but this is the most recent to my collection which was kindly gifted by the incredible Bettyquette team. Fun fact, Kirsten reached out to me on the day I created my backup account. I felt so honoured that the brand wanted to send me their products even when my follower count was significantly less. Very grateful, but also excited that I could share the products with you once my OG account was restored!

I really like the ingredients in this oil- jojoba, argan, rosehip, etc. I am scared of rosehip by itself for acne prone skin, but in this concoction I feel like it’s less scary to use haha if that makes sense!

It’s not thick, and feels nice on the skin, but did take a while to settle into my skin. So far, so good!

I was also gifted the day oil but am yet to use it!

Innoxa CC Cream in light / here

This was kindly gifted to me by @katiescosmopolitan and before I started using it, I searched for reviews. All I could find was this review by Cortney– lol how random but also I fangirled haha.

I will just quickly say, the colour range spans acorss *three hwole shades*. Not cool. The light shade barely matches me. It veers on being too yellow but I think I get away with it.

When I first applied this, I was like ‘ekkkk’. It takes a lot of work to blend out. It’s quite medium coverage once you do get it blended.

I was looking at the coverage and couldn’t pin point what was standing out to me.

Then it hit me, “Omg, it actually colour corrects.’ That’s what a CC cream stands for- but in the past I’ve tried Chi Chi and IT Cosmetics and I feel like the’re more sheer than this.

This coverage literally eliminated any redness or even colour I had.

I still could see blemishes through the product, but not colour.

When I first applied this, I looked dead. Like I had too much product and didn’t look alive. So the next times I applied it, I was much more light handed.

It did cling to dry patches, but most products do. And it lasted quite well too!

I definitely prefer the Chi Chi CC cream, but this one is nice.

I feel like I suck at explaining things- so if you have questions please ask away and I’ll do my best haha.

Honey Love Handmade Snap Travel Case / here

I was gifted this case by Erin but it is definitely a product I would’ve purchased myself. It’s so practical to store a lip balm and a pen in to keep in your bag- this way they don’t get lost in the deep dark depths of our handbags haha. Wo can relate?

Colourpop Just a Tint duo / here

These Colourpop lip tints are SO GOOD! So moisturising on the lips, a beautiful pop of colour and no fuss to reapply. Definitely one of my new favourite lip products.

Revolution Skincare Drying Lotion / here

I purchased this at the Priceline 40% skincare sale on a whim, I hadn’t really one much research on it, but quickly compared the ingredients tot he famous Mario Badescu drying lotion and they are almost identical. I have trialled this a few times since then and I’m so impressed with how it reduces the appearance of spots overnight. It doesn’t make them disappear completely, but it definitely works at reducing them. So impressed.


Not beauty related, but I am really not a person to sit down and watch a movie at home. I get too distracted. But with the holidays, I really wanted to dedicated some time to watching some shows.

The first I binge-watched was the doco-series, Cheer. It was such an insightful look into the world of cheerleading. The reviews are msotly positive for this show, but some people have come out to say what a hrash leader the team’s coach, Monica, was. I disagree- she was extremely inspiration and a role model to those kids. It makes me want to be a teacher of some sort, because of her teaching style. I highly recommend giving this show a watch. it was quite easy to watch, but the last episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Agesssssss ago I watched S1 of The Good Place, but hadn’t kept up. I managed to get through S2 of the show which i’m glad about, I find it pretty chill yet funny to watch. I like light hearted shows like this. I often joke that the most suspenseful and gory show I’ll ever watch is The Avengers.

This could go in the Week Latte, I guess, but I’ll say it here- I’m kinda obsessed with watching ‘What I spend in a week’ videos. I’ve discovered this new-to-me Youtuber and relate with her spendy grocery hauls haha.

And that’s that on that- January Favourites! Kinda crazy to think that this is my second January of blogging- wooow!

Have you used any of the products / watched any of the shows I talked about? Let’s chat in the comments!

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February Editor’s Letter 2020


You’ve seen all the memes about how January seemed to go on for 57 months- and I agree. But at the same time, I feel like it went very quickly because it was my last weeks of holidays before I return to my second job and before I start uni.

Naturally, I procrastinated for most of the month, then used the final few days to binge watch The Good Place and try to run some errands. All the while it was 39 degrees. Fun.

I never really properly shared my 2020 Goals, but basically I want to save money and DO more. Yes, they contradict each other in a way and yes it’s a struggle.

But honestly, I’m really proud of how I’ve been acheveing my goals so far.

I’m not really saving money, per se, but I am spending it more-so on experiences rather than things. And that’s a big step for me.

I resisted a lot of sales in January, including Adore Beauty and Colourpop. I did shop the Priceline skincare sale but with restraint- remarkable!

In February, I have a lot of social plans which I’m excited about. And I also start uni.

There is a lot going on! But I’m really working on my positive outlook, and trying to cultivate a sense of courage and confidence within my self, so I have a lot of faith going forward – in both my actions and my choices.

I’m feeling good.

So going into February my goals are:

  • Get organised- plan outfits/pack my bag the day before, make a blog/IG upload calendar
  • continue to say yes to socialising
  • continue to maintain self control when it comes to buying things (namely at Kmart and beauty products)

Alsoooooo, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before TWO comes out this month and you bet I’m having a viewing party with some gal pals. I am a keen bean!!!!

It’s also Valentine’s Day, which is my second favourite ‘holiday’ (my fave is Easter, fun fact! Because, chocolate, but make it mini!)

What’s planned for you in February? Or, how was your January? Or how was your breakfast? I don’t know, tell me anything and everything my dear readers! See ya in the comments xx

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Week Latte #40


Happy Friday! It is a hot one here in Melbourne…

I’m feeling good this week- I’ve done lots of socialising and have plans for more to come too so I’m trying to recharge my social battery when I can haha.

Enjoy the links!

Soooo a nine year old didn’t know who One Direction is and that is just… upsetting.

Discovered the travel company called July via the Feather and Noise IG page. So freaking cute!

How gorgeous and glowy is Katie’s makeup?! And it’s all from Woolies… yep! Unfortunately the Cc cream has only two shades and so they don’t match me. I’m so sad because the actual formula is incredible.

Mandy has beautifully captured the new CP blush and nudes collection. I want it so bad! But I resisted purchasing anything from the 25% off sale last week- go me!

Janae has her nighttime routine seriously so organised. Think I might try categorising my skincare based on different nights!

Sophie said this was a good read for freelancers, students (soon to be me!), self-employed and creatives! But also anyone who just wants to be productive. I am a serial procrastinator so I need all the advice I can get!

The amount of girl love at the Grammys – THIS IS WHAT WE NEED.

Productivity tips.

Go To released a new product this week – a face oil cleanser! – and the beauty community went a bit crazy for it. @glossco has shared her review here. It’s definitely on my Wishlist!

Lilly had skittles in her purse at the Grammys and honestly – new life goals! 😂

Thanks to @allmyshittymakeup, o really want these pink Sudio earphones! But I think they’ll be practical for when I go to uni etc… right?!

This Week On Instagram

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Week Latte #39


Happy Friday!

I had such a fun day yesterday at the Arbory Afloat with one of my blogging besties, Daisy! Despite the muddy Yarra next to us, the restaurant is sooooo Instagrammable- such a cool vibe. We had a delish lunch then did a ~spot~ of shopping at Priceline. See my haul here. And omg! It’s my face- hehe.

I love the look of the Canva diaries- but it’s the caption of this post that spoke to me! @studywithjess also shared a “productivity hack” on her stories recently that she learnt that can help combat “to do list anxiety”. Make just ONE thing a priority for the day. You might feel like you have five priorities, but be realistic with yourself. Can you achieve them all? At what cost? And how will you feel is you don’t complete them all? By prioritising one thing, we give ourselves a better chance at success and reduce the anxiety associated with an adventurous to do list! Try it yourself! I’ll try too… easier said than done I know!

With the New Year in full swing, I’ve been lapping up all the fresh content about bettering ourselves in 2020. Wit & Delight always share such insightful pieces, some of my recent faves include

Forgive yourself today, and then do it again tomorrow.

This reading list template.

2020 Horoscopes.

Habit tracking.

I’m always up for new makeup hack… and I thought Taryn’s tip was so good! We always hear that if you work out/journal etc first thing in the morning, you don’t get the chance to procrastinate and do it ‘later’. Same goes for doing face masks!! This is genius. Read more fab tips here.

I loved reading Carly’s Q&A… there is something so old school about a Q&A hahah. It inspired me to reach out to you guys on Instagram to see if you had any questions for me- so that post will come soon! If you do have any q’s, leave them in the comments.

I need all the food inspo I can get, saving this for myself haha.

I am so inspired by the colour eyeliner trend right now, and have quite a few shades sitting in my Colourpop cart! Amy shared some inspo here.

More inspo by Bianca!

Tara is just soooooo creative – look at this!!

It’s scary how easy it is to access misleading information on the internet. If you are concerned about recent “sunscreen is toxic” claims, I urge you to do your own research and find information by professionals. Hannah (a scientist) and Lisa ( a journalist) have compiled this information.

Me, actually me.

Sarah makes this mini bag look so chic! I have it to but find it so impractical haha. Yet, I continue to use it to hold my lip balm and headphones, and lug everything else around in a tote bag lol.

It’s Ultra Violette’s birthday… and to celebrate- they’re giving they’re giving every order until Monday, freebies! Shop here!

This Week On Instagram

As we all know, my IG account was disabled recently. Thankfully I have it back safe and sound, but when I did loose it- I lost all of my photos too! So I’m going to be adding a section to these Week Latte posts where I feature my IG posts from the week- just so I have them stored somewhere safe other than my IG.

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Priceline Skincare & Suncare Sale – Recommendations & Wishlist


Before we begin, I’d just like to say this is NOT sponsored, but I wish it was 😉

No one can sniff out a bargain better than the Aussie beauty community, I tell ya! Eagle-eyed Kim noticed that the most recent Pricleine catalogue ended on a Monday, which often means a three/four day sale will start on the Tuesday.

A few of my followers with beauty intel shared with me a few more details on the sale too – love you guys! Always on the lookout for a bargain, I love it!

You can find all the details and shop the Priceline sale here.


1. I have shared before how I love the lotion version of this, but I’ve recently discovered the mist version which is great for reapplication throughout the day.

2. This is the best cleansing oil I’ve tried, and bonus, it doesn’t sting my eyes!

3. This was the first Vitamin C product I tried… it’s quite pricey for the amount of product you get, but worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new Vit C.

4. Anadalou masks are pretty popular in the Aussie beauty community- but I’m recommending this one in particular because it gives you that ‘tingly’ sensation your face that makes it feel like it’s actual doing something haha!

5. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold, is quite literally, liquid gold. This develops in just a few hours, and gives you a gorgeous, glowy tan. Super impressed. the Bondi Sands tanning mit is also the best I’ve tried.

6. I’ve really enjoyed using the Bondi Sands fragrance free sunscreen– it’s intended for body but I find it light enough to use on my face as well. It’s quite a lot fo product and so good value for money!


  • anything by Lanolips (I hope they’re included!)
  • Anything by Revolution Skincare
  • Ocean and UV-IQ sunscreens
  • Nip + Fab
  • Tanologist
  • The Base Collective
  • anything by The Ordinary (but I doubt they’ll be included!)
  • Dr Bronners soap – for washing makeup brushes!

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Week Latte #38


The first Week Latte of 2020 is finally here!!

We’ve had some set backs, but my IG account has been restored (no idea how or why) and so I’m just trying to live in the moment with my blog and IG. Particularly because I don’t know if it could be taken away again.

I’ve been collating this post for ages so apologies if it’s all over the place and content is old.

But I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Sam did a No Buy for three months, and if the queen can do it…. I can, maybe?

I am loving watching all of the ‘best of 2019’ videos…

Judy’s and Allie’s are my fave videos, and loved both Jasmine and Kate’s blog recaps. Laura also did a fab reflective post- looks like a lot of us have ‘buying less’ as a 2020 goal!

I discovered a new Youtuber- Amy Serrano– through the black hole of Youtube itself, and this pink eye look she did is incredible!

I love how Daisy created this 2020 Aspirations post. I’ve really wanted to achieve a similar goal this year, and Daisy phrased it perfectly…. “I hope to make more exciting and thoughtful weekend plans – okay so this one sounds a bit strange, let me explain what I mean… what I really mean, is that I’d like to make more of a conscious effort to plan exciting things for weekends.

Mamamia has me inspired to add to my ‘to be read’ pile, here and here.

I’m super inspired to try a natural, balm style deodorant this year after reading Roxane’s post.

Daisy has created a digital calendar, which you can buy and all proceeds go to the red Cross to help those fighting, and those affected by, Australia’s fire crisis. It is so beautiful and thoughtful, I’ll be using it as my desktop background.

I hope to go on a low buy this year, and was super inspired by the boundaries Polished and Inspired has created for herself.

I discovered the blog section of Olivia & Co and loved this post.

Anna’s monthly newsletter was chockablock with interesting links, like this look into new age Instagram and this Into the Gloss piece.

Katy makes such incredible videos- but it’s this book recommendation that I want to share, ‘Creative Blindness’.

New Year mood.

Pretty things by Amy.

Sally featured the monthly subscription box “My Lady Box” which sounds like such a fab idea!

I’m tempted to get these Fourth Ray minis in my next CP order! Pic by Courtney.

How stunning is this photo?!?

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