Make Your Makeup Be The Life of The Concert *Collab with Makeup With Cortney*


If there is one thing I love just as much as Makeup, it’s music.

And Shawn Mendes.

My blogging BFF Cortney is also quite the fangirl (she went to his concert two nights in a row #goals) so we’ve decided to share our MOTN with you all- to show what makeup works, and doesn’t work, for a concert!

Follow Cortney on IG here and her blog here. OMShe Primer / here

I really do love this Primer… but since I have tried a few others recently- I’ve discovered that this one is good for everyday wear as it leaves a satin finish- but I need something with more durability for a sweaty concert.

Tribe Anti Redness Serum / here

I think this may be the product that occasionally causes my foundation to pill when applied on top. But the effectiveness of this serum trumps that. Pricey- but you truly only need a tiny bit each application.

Chi Chi CC Cream / here

This has a funny scent- not added fragrance but just the way it is. Once you look past that- this is such a great product. Buildable coverage and lasts well. Wears around my nose and chin but everything does.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Concealer / here

I really enjoy this concealer- does the trick to brighten my under eyes well.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder / here

I use this as a setting powder and think it’s super effective, especially considering the price point. And it seems to last for ever. Literally!

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray / sold out in this scent

This is the white tea scent and it’s divine but I actually think the spray is quite uneven and heavy. So not my fave. But a convenient travel size.

Australis Eyeshadow Primer / here

Great… when I remember to use it!

Mecca Max Sugar Queen Eyeshadow Palette / sold out 😩

All these months on and she is still sooooo pretty. I challenged myself to use the silver shades- normally I’m a gold girl- and it was so fun!

Mavala Eyeliner in silver / here

The tip of this product makes eyeliner achievable for even people like me (aka hopeless eyeliner people!). So good! (Gifted)

Ulta3 Bloom Blush / here

You know I’m scared of liquid blush at the best of times. I think the formula will take a bit of getting used to because I definitely applied too much. But I adore the colour and it is very convenient for travel. I will have to keep practising! (Gifted)

Elf Bronzer / here

So. Good. But I was terrified it would break during the travelling. Seriously though, so pigmented. I love.

NYX Illuminating Powder / unable to find online

Used this as highlight because despite the fact I took my Colourpop… I FORGOT TO USE IT 😩 This powder is nice enough but don’t really have a specific use for it. (Won in a giveaway)

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil / here

Took this particular product because it has a spoolie attached. Win!

MCo Beauty More Brow / here

This product is cheap as chips, located at Woolies and definitely worth a try. I use it for the tint rather than its staying power. A clear gel on top wouldn’t hurt to keep your brows in place.

Rimmel Wonderluxe mascara / here

Ok, so first impressions when I used this a while ago, I didn’t like it. So wet and clumpy, and the plastic brush was not my jam.

BYS Illuminating Body Spray / here

Wow ok I thought these sorts of products were all hype and had no place in my beauty pile… I was wrong! So. Much. Glow! And it’s a really “I’m a model” kinda glow, not a “sweaty mess” glow and I appreciate that. So easy to spray and apply- and so cheap!

Flower Beauty in Spiced Petal / here

Super affordable and I do love Flower on a whole, but I actually found this quite drying. It’s a beautiful colour though. This lippie is supposed to be a dupe for CT “pillow talk” too FYI!

Essence Gloss in That’s Big / here

Katie got me onto this lippie and omg I adore it! Gloss is back and in a big way. It has a slight tingle but not a major plumping effect. The colour and feel is gorgeous.

Overall, my makeup lasted pretty well for the concert.

I’m really loving a natural, glowing base at the moment, and then I have a play with eyes and lips.

As a bonus feature of this post, I thought I’d leave you with my 3 fave songs from the night…

Dan + Shay – 10 000 Hours: the support act were amazing, and maybe even my fave part of the show 🙊 (controversial?!)

SM ft JuliaMichaels – Like To Be You: Julia Michaels is my fave artist, but Shawn really held his own in this performance. It was captivating!

SM – There’s Nothing Holding Me Back: this song was sooooo fun! Everyone was jumping around and dancing, I think it would have been much better placed at the end of the setlist. Nonetheless, a fab tune!

Thanks to Cortney for collaborating with me again- love ya girl! 😘

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Week Latte #31


Hey hey!

This week has been busyyyyy with work, and when I’m not working I’m trying to organise my Blogmas posts.

Lots of great ideas but so little time!

I also spent Friday night at a local festival with some of my friends. It was so fun! This time last year we celebrate our final exams at the same festival. It was a bittersweet moment realising it had literally been one year since high school.

So much has changed, but at the same time, not much.

Enjoy the links… be sure to share some link love in the comments.

Connor Franta gives you (and me! And all of us!) a pep talk!

On Wednesday of this week, all sales made online at Ultra Violette were donated to Rural Fire Services. Such a great initiative, and a great excuse for me to final try the brand! I want to try Supreme Screen but it was sold out, so I got the lip balm (of course!). If you need help choosing which spf is right for you, you can take this quiz or listen to this podcast!

I am seriously obsessed with these satin scrunchie sets! I want every colour!

This antique mirror situation is just heavenly! My dream beauty space would include this hah.

Mecca’s IG always inspires me with makeup. Like this eye and gloss combo. Oooh!

@sensitiveskingal tagged me in @morgansskinjournal’s 1K giveaway- and I’m so glad to have discovered another Aussie beauty babe! My fave story of account to follow. 😍


Alison launched her Offline tote bags this week, which I purchased immediately! Such a cool, chic vibe.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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Reverse Foundation: Review


If you haven’t heard of “reverse foundation” then don’t worry, because neither had I until a week ago (it’s cosy under this rock, right? 😜)

I discovered it through Jamie Paige (which I spoke about here) but I believe it was “invented” by Samantha Ravndahl.

The basic premise is that you apply every base product but foundation to your face first. I believe it works best with cream products; so that means your bronzer, blush, highlight go on first, then you add foundation lightly over the top of these areas.

The idea is that you only use foundation where you *really* need it.

Forgive me, but I cannot remember where concealer belongs in this application process.

Intrigued, I worked up the courage to try it myself.

These are the products I used!

ModelsOwn Contour Stick:

I picked this up purely to use for this look, as I had no cream bronzer/contour. It was $3 in the Priceline clearance sale. And honestly, I’m glad I only payed that much for it! First impressions- the packaging is so plasticky and flimsy. I couldn’t wind the product up or down without it smearing all over the edges of the packaging. Not fun.

You look kinda crazy as your first apply all these products. So that’s why I was concerned that this contour looked “muddy” when I put it on. But later, as I was applying foundation over the top, this contour was slipping and sliding all over my face and it was a serious case of contour gone horribly wrong.

And on top of that, it had a orange sort of tinge to it as I buffed it into my skin.

Gotta say, I am not a fan.

Revlon Instant Cheek Maker:

I’ve actually reviewed this product before (here) and my thoughts are relatively the same. It’s pretty but application is a STRUGGLE! In my review I said the colour is too intense for me- I actually think it is very subtle upon first application but it is very pink in appearance. Once I put the foundation on (very lightly, mind you) the blush pretty much disappeared! I’ve discovered now, that this product doesn’t work under or over foundation (for me, at least.) Under and it disappears. Over and it smudges all the foundation out of the way (as in, it doesn’t just sit atop).

Mco Beauty Highlight & Glow Stick:

I bought this from Woolies ages ago, when Leigh first recommended it on the You Beauty podcast. But I’ve been yet to use it.

It is much more “gold” than I anticipated. I was expecting something champagne-like. Whilst I didn’t love this on my skin (I just think it doesn’t go as well with my red undertone, pale complexion as it would with Leigh’s olive skin) it was the only product that actually showed up under the foundation (without looking like mud!). It gave a really lovely glow! It’s so cheap and readily available from Woolies. I’ll definitely keep using this product but won’t repurchase.

Ulta3 Fresh Faced Serum Foundation:

First time using this and I have to say, I am really impressed! A little goes a long way and it really does feel like a serum so it applies very nicely to the skin. I used a beauty sponge to apply, but am intrigued to continue experimenting with this product.

The Quick Flick:

I had all intentions to try these Quick Flick eyeliner stamps, but the new “reverse foundation” testing was enough for one day, so I gave this a miss. If you want to try them though, do so with Cortney‘s 10% discount code “QUICKCORTNEY”!

Obviously, a photo of my face would be great to show you the finished *look* but as I am still anonymous on here, I can’t do that. I’m sorry!

To wrap it up, I think next time I try this I will go lighter on the contour and heavier on the blush.

I definitely will try this again one day when I’m at home with no where to be. I don’t feel confident enough right now (in my ability or in the results) to do this for a “going out” look.

Nevertheless… practise makes progress!

I’d love to know if you have any cream product recommendations? I’m usually scared of them- I need some tips! Let me know in the comments!

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Christmas Gift Guide: Personalisation & Small Biz


As I begin to collate this post, it is OCTOBER. Yep, still spooky szn and I’m working in Christmas content.

I didn’t realise it was thing until I was talking to some of my blogger friends, Alana and Daisy, and they both said they were getting started on their gift guides. Oh wow.

So, welcome to my first ever gift guide!

The reason I did start this post so early was because everything detailed within this post takes TIME to be created.

In December I hope to participate in “Blogmas”, that’s a post everyday from the 1st to the 24th of December! I will have a five part gift guide series that will feature then, but I didn’t want to leave you with only a few weeks to organise personalised presents like the ones you will see in this post. So I hope this gives you (and the creators!) enough time to select the perfect gift.

V & Me Custom Designs

You all know how much I love this Melbourne based, boss mama brand! I have quite the extensive V & Me collection myself haha!

For teachers, dads/uncles, new drivers…

The ready-to-wear collection makes choosing a gift easy!

A thoughtful gift for the new baby.

If you have any questions about V&Me or would like a suggestion on what to purchase, I’m more than happy to help!

Use the code LOVEIT for free standard shipping.

Explore the full range here.

Within Resin

Shelley is incredibly talented…

You can buy her designs on Etsy here or you can create a custom design with her.

I bought customer coasters for my mum, and I think these make the perfect gift for new home owners or parents!

See more here.

X & O Co

I bought my teacher-in-training-bestie a lanyard from here earlier this year and it was so beautiful and well made.

A stylish lanyard makes the perfect teacher present or for a new driver!

But they also have other profits such a earrings and dummy chains so these could be stocking stuffers or for new parents/babies to the family.

Everything is customisable so you can get the colour pairings just right!

Shop here and IG here.

All My Luxe

Shop accessories here.

Averly Saint

Shop art prints here.

Cooper and Hudson

Shop scrunchies here.

Essential Mama Sami

Shop essential oils here.

Hey Lovely

Shop sandals here.

Kashzale Handmade

These makeup bags are absolutely stunning- I particularly have my eye on the rose gold collection! IG here. Shop here.

Honey Love Handmade

The perfect pairing with the makeup bags above, a brush roll or lip stick holder! I was very kindly gifted this one to try myself… how gorgeous! IG here. Shop here.

Caye Life

Travel mugs are massive right now and there are so many options. I gots Caye Life one for my birthday and the unique shape of it and the matte feel. However, I didn’t like that the lid was always open. Never fear! You can now by spill proof lids that close. The perfect pressie under $30! Shop here.


Give a gift with meaning this year by purchasing Taboo sanitary items or merchandise and 100% of the the profits go towards ending period poverty. I heard the founders of Taboo (Adelaide based young women!) at the 2017 World Vision Youth Conference and have a few of their products. Such a fab initiative! See more here.

Zukan Made

These beautiful jewellery makers are based in Geelong and create their products from 100% recycled silver. Their rings are particular beautiful! IG here. Shop here.

Mint & Moss

Beautiful jewellery and accessories, by two boss ladies! And, $5 flat rate shipping! Woo! IG here. Shop here.

Mints Body

This natural beauty company has the most gorgeous packaging and would be perfect for stocking fillers, Kris Kringle or to treat a beauty lover! Here. Pic by Hiuy.

Luna & Yara

This Melbourne based jewellery store are so chic and affordable. 1 pair for $10 or 3 pairs for $25 means you can shop stocking fillers or Kris Kringle pressies on a budget! I have the pair in the bottom left corner. They are light weight to wear and so elegant. Here.

Club Candle

Candles make the perfect gifts at the best of times… but how fun to give a candle subscription! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, months after Christmas is over. Shop here and IG here. Monday Design Co

This husband and wife duo make incredible wooden decor, like kids height charts, but also earrings!

They are light weight and beautiful quality- I purchased a pair earlier in the year!

IG here and shop here.

TLC Body

Such sweet packaging and, believe me, sweet smelling products! Perfect self care package for your bestie, sister, teacher or yourself (hehe).

IG here and shop here.

Cipher Skincare

Another Aussie made skincare brand, Cipher has a slightly higher price tag but… you are supporting a home grown business AND getting really Greta quality product. This is perfect for your friend who is a blogger or skincare enthusiast!

IG here and shop here.

Natura Maga

These all natural products make perfect stocking stuffers! I particularly recommend the solid perfume, for those who are sensitive (or picky!) with fragrance. See IG here and shop here.

Beach Way Aromatics

Because you can never have enough skincare! My favourite items are the midnight oil and face mask. Heaven! Plus, Cortney is currently offering 20% off with the code MAMADISRUPT 🤗 IG here and shop here.

Llivia Beaute

This Aussie brand make my fave highlighter- the single chai- ohhh she glows! I also have the amazingly huge eyeshadow palette from them. Every order comes with a chocolate treat too! IG here and shop here.

Baxter Blue

Not a day goes by that I don’t use my BB blue light glasses. I like to give gifts that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves and I feel like these glasses are the epitome of that sentiment. So practical- but so pretty! Shop here.

Make sure you let me know if you do order from any of these brands… and when you do order, tell them ROLLY Mag sent you 😉

Here’s to the holiday season!

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Week Latte #30


Happy Friday, friends!

I am suuuuuuper excited to announce that my first gift guide will be going live this Sunday! I can’t wait to share the brands with you.

The rest of 2019 is shaping up to be hectic with lots of decisions to be made.

In terms of uni, I can’t really do anything until offers are released late December / mid January… so I am trying not to stress about that yet. There is nothing I can do about it!

On the other hand, I’m like, should I just up and move somewhere else?

As scary as that sounds, it’s mostly the fact that I would miss my puppy so much that stops me hahah.

So yeah, that’s what’s on my mind!

Let’s get to the links…

Such a fab fashion hack by Emma! 

This palette is stunning but Shanice has just captured it so beautifully!

Tanning my face is a scary concept but I’ve heard a lot about the Eco Tan water. This review by Roxane was really interesting.

Kester Black recently released gorgeous lipstick and nail polish bundles. I’ve added @strictlysal’s 10% discount code to my Discount Directory!

Eyeliner inspo.

Obsessed with this look by Cindy.

Gold goalsssss by Melanie.

Such a good value set by Mecca. This face sunscreen is a cult classic on IG!

It’s All Fluff have released a new product… a jojoba face oil! The whole aesthetic of this brand is super cool. I have their bronzer and love it. There is a discount code for them in my directory too!

How cuuuuuute (and practical!) are these lip balm cover/holders? Found this brand through Jackie’s IG. So good!

If you’re a Bachie fan or beauty fan… this episode of You Beauty is for you! And even if you’re not a fan, listen to it purely for Ciarran’s amazing voice 😂😍

Love the look of this oil! And such a pretty pic. I feature two face oils in this blog post so I guess you can tell I’m a fan haha. I have combo skin but always believe I was oily in my early teens. My advice to my younger, more oily self? Don’t be scared of face oil!

Have a fab weekend. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments about life and my decisions hahah.

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November Editor’s Letter


Happy November, everyone.

I’m actually so sad I forgot to post an October Editor’s Letter last month…lol. By the time I realised I hadn’t done one, I figured it was too late! 

I went to Shawn Mendes’ concert towards the end of October and honestly… the support act, Dan + Shay, were my fave part! But we ate this amazing ice cream- omg!

So I want to do a little ‘Spooky szn’ summary in this post but also talk you through what is to come. 

October and November have been/will be MASSIVE months for me personally… 

And this month, I will be releasing my VERY FIRST Christmas Gift Guide! 

I am so excited. It will be released in the middle of the moth and has a special focus on ‘personalisation’. That’s why I am aiming to release it nice and early so that both you and the creators have enough time to decide on a gift and design in time for gift giving. 

I will have more gift guides being released in the early days of December as well… or should I say, during ‘BLOGMAS’. 

Yep, I’m hoping to publish a blog post every day from the 1st to the 24th of December. Pray for me haha. 

I started preparing last month- ekkkk. 

But let’s stick with the theme of November…

I have my very first work Xmas party and I can’t wait. The theme is ‘glam’ which sound right up my street.

Also, the end of this month is Black Friday sales. So I will be saving all my pennies in the lead up because ya girl is gonnabe spending BIG at Colourpop. My wishlist is already a couple of hundred dollars long. Oh dear.

I also have a goal to get back into reading! I feel like I have said that all year… but this month I MEAN IT!!!!

I ordered ‘Wayward Son’ off Book Depository and the moment it lands on my doorstep, I want to read it. In the mean time, it would be great if I could start re reading the first book in the series, Carry On.

In October, I was invited to two (and my first two!) blogger events.

One was a flop- read about that here.

But the other one, the BYS Cosmetics Halloween Party, as a HUGE success! Omg, you guys I feel so lucky that I was invited.

I took the lovey @byamygee with me to be my plus one and we had a great night.

I attempted to recreate @gemkwatt’s tiger-inspired look. I mean, it was ok haha.

@lianatriesmakeup is crazy talented and had the most incredible makeup look.

I had to pinch myself at this party, honestly, I was in a room full of amazing people and I am so grateful to have been there.

We were also generously gifted a massive goodie bag. Some of those items will feature in my 2K giveaway!!!

Because, um what I reached 2 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS on IG.

Actually bananas.

And the funniest part is that I didn’t even realise it had happened.

Cortney posted her congratulations on her stores and that’s how I found out lol.

It was actually super special and reminds me of how freaking amazing this blogging world is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I ran a giveaway with Club Candle during October which was a success. So grateful the brand collaborated with me!

I currently have my 2K Giveaway live… be sure to enter here!

Wishing you all a happy month- I’d love to know your plans in the comments below!

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Week Latte #29


Happy Friday! It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and I have a few days off from work.

So far I’ve spent them eating donuts at the beach….

But I also have to do some life admin like a dentist appointment and a hair cut… “just a trim” she says, next minute 💇‍♀️

What are your weekend plans? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading!

@cindyloubindi shared her vlog from the BYS Halloween Party which was so fun to watch. And it was lovely to meet Cindy IRL too!

Caitlin is really inspiring me to try this bike shorts trend! Yay or nay?

Two tone eyes and big hoops – perfection!

This palette is so dreamy. I am sooooo sad I missed out- it sold so quickly!

These Ofra shades look so pretty!

This is a mousse sleeping mask. So unique!

Literally love everything about this look.

Jackie makes me want this whole set… it’s stunning!

Pink pretties captured by Hiuy.

I think the concept of Nudestix is really cool… and Amy has said good things!

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October Favourites


And just like that, Spooky Szn is over!

I have worked on my PM skincare routine a lot this month. Trying to get through the products I have, as well as experimenting with new ones. 

I have a few stand out beauty faves from this month, so let’s get to it!

Cipher Night Shift Serum: @allmyshittymakeup loves this brand so of course I had to try them for myself. There Aussie girl boss made too, which was an instant tick in my book. However, because of this, they are on the pricier side so be sure to get the discount code they offer from my Discount Directory here. K told me she only uses a little bit and every other night. So that’s how I use it too. About two pumps is all I need, and once it soaks in there isn’t a noticeable sticky feeling. It’s really nice! It does smell a bit like pasta though (that’s the liquorice I’m told by founder, Jenny, hah!) and because I am using it in conjunction with a few other products I can’t yet comment on it’s effectiveness. I have noticed, that in general, my skin tone is even and my redness has reduced so I am impressed so far.

Makeup bag: @beautycoaching101 kindly sent me this Chemist Warehouse GWP that she had no use for it. I have been on the hunt for a makeup bag like this for ages and this one is sooooo perfect.

Aceology lip mask: this the newest product to the Aceology family and being a lip mask I knew I had to try it. I am honestly so obsessed with it. It has a very subtle coconut flavour to it. It’s recommended as a lip mask every two to three nights but I apply it as a lip balm all the time. It’s that good. I purchased it in the three pack, and you can sign up to Aceology’s site for a discount code. Or they also have a program where if you review a product of theirs you’ve tried, you get a discount code in return. That’s such a fab idea.

Flower Beauty buffing brush: I can’t seem to find these online at Chemist Warehosue so you’ll have to have a look around in store. These brushes not only look beautiful but are so fluffy! I have since bought more of the brush range, but this particular style of buffing my brush is my fave to use and I am so impressed. The quality, at the price point, you can’t beat it!

TLC hair fragrance: I didn’t know my hair needed it’s own fragrance… and to be honest, it doesn’t! But this literally smells heavenly. Literally. I spritz a bit in my hair but then also all over my body because why not. (Gifted). See more here.

Thursday Plantation blemish stick: I was intrigued by this product. It almost looks like a lip gloss in that it is a clear gel formula with a doe foot applicator. The formula itself is quick drying and not sticky like the other gel treatment the brand has. It also isn’t as strongly scented. I do notice that if I use this over night, my pimples are visibly reduced and less red the next morning so I am super impressed with this product. And it’s very affordable too. (Gifted)

Sally Hansen nail polish “Apollo you anywhere”: this fun nail polish colour is not something I’d typically reach for, but for spring I think adds some pizzazz to my nails haha. Really enjoy SH formulas too.

The Inkey List Bakuchiol: I have a few retinol and exfoliant products that I am rotating through at the moment, but reached for this when I wanted to use something gentle on my skin. It is really lovely and easy to use. I still only use it every two to three nights because it does have similar effects to retinol but I’m truly enjoying it and notice a radiance in my skin the next day. Gifted)

Balm Balm: I bought this after seeing @shanicejade_makeup had used it. Another Aussie girl boss company! The pot is teeny tiny which makes it a bit hard to rub your finger in, but there is still a lot of product because it’s so compacted. There’s a slight minty flavour to it, but I honestly don’t love it. Don’t find it is really nourishing on my lips. I tried really layering on the product and then it left my lips feeling nice, but I really did use a lot. So I’ll be keeping this by my bedside- not a fave necessarily but I wanted to review it!

Catherine from V&Me kindly gifted me their initial necklace design, “Sage”. It is sooooo beautiful and dainty.

I actually message Catherine about the possibility of stocking letters like this a little while back… small business truly do value their customers. It’s incredible!

These beauties were available for a limited pre order, but shop the rest of V&Me here.

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8 Product Face: Mini Review


I took this pic as I was getting ready for work one day and thought I would quickly run you through the products.

My everyday approach to makeup really is this simple!

Du’it Vitamin E Face Cream / here

For days when I’m wearing little to no make up, I love this as a base or just a day cream. Perfect mix of skincare and makeup, it leaves a tacky base. (Gifted)

Elf Jelly Highlight in Cloud / here

I tried this on the weekend and I use both my finger and a sponge to try and apply it. It removed my foundation underneath with both application efforts and was really tricky to blend out. I thought all hope was lost. But! Today I put in on top of my Vit E cream and under my foundation. It was hard to work with, again, but under a light foundation you could still see the glow underneath. I’m happy with how it looked but do think this product is too fussy and won’t repurchase . It’s a shame because the colour is beautiful.

Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara / in store

There are quite a few brow mascaras on the market that i use and love, but this was my first and so it holds a special place in my heart. It’s about $12 from Innisfree and that’ss party why I love it- that shop has the best in store experience. Ever. It is soooo relaxing. This formula is a bit wet but if you scrape off the excess it works well. I know Innisfree isn’t very accessible if you’re not Melbourne or Sydney CBD based… so Mco have a nice and cheap brow mascara as do Full Brow– both available online!

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara / here

The lady in Chemist Warehouse told me this was Kim K’s fave mascara… not sure how much truth that statement holds however it is a nice mascara for everyday. I put it on at 7:30 am and it only starts to budge at 7:30 pm when I’m sweating in the gym. It is good for natural looking lashes but you can’t build it up to anything very dramatic so keep that in mind.

Sportsgirl Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in Lolita / I couldn’t find this shade online #sad face* so check in store

These balms are realllllly nice. A gorgeous tint and very luxe packaging. I’m impressed! They truly do feel like a balm too- they’re nourishing and don’t leave your lips dry.

Essence Insta Perfect Foundation / here

When I first tried this I was a bit ‘meh’ but I have since started using it as an everyday, light weight foundation and I am really happy with it! If I use the bit E underneath and have hydrated skin, it lasts really well. I have had issues with it really emphasising dry spots but I found this base combats that. (Gifted by Cortney)

Physicians Formula Blush / here

This was in my September faves… enough said! It’s perfectly subtle.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder / here

The best. I use a bit of this to both set my foundations and help magnifying my naturally oily areas on my face. So good!

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Week Latte #28


Happy Saturday!

This week’s Week Latte is a day later than usual because I had another special post that I wanted to go live on Friday… you can read more about that below.

But never fear, the Week Latte is here now! Enjoy!

Motivation to write that thing you’ve always wanted to write!!!!

This was so interesting. As a fan girl myself.

Zukan Made releases their new rings this week. They are soooo gorg!

Ashley is one of my fave Youtubers. As much as I love chill vlog, she always seems to create such a cinematic experience even in her “day in the life” kind of videos. So creative.

So Priceline has a beauty bag GWP. I’m hoping to display some willpower and resist it! Let’s see how long that lasts….

I love that you can “build your own” palette with Colourpop. Danica’s is so gorgeous!

The prettiest shower shelf by Billie.

Shanice is just the queen of rose gold!

I love how humorous but also informative these reviews are by @thebeautyroast.

For more link-loving, read Daisy’s monthly reading list here. I always love reading these posts! And thank you for the feature, Daisy! 💕 I am totally lusting after the Sunmer Friday’s set as well!!

Daisy’s post reminded me that I have a giveaway live with Club Candle! (And I will soon have a 2K giveaway… more on that in another post but basically THANK U!!) Enter here.

I was lucky enough to attend the BYS x Spotlight Halloween Party earlier this week… still pinching myself at how lucky I was to attend! I have posted all about it here… where you can also see a picture of my actual face! Ha!

It was really daunting to share a photo of myself, honestly.

But the photos from the event were just too fun, and also, I was overwhelmed by how many people said “it’s so nice to put a face to the name.”

Sharing my face certainly won’t be a regular thing but at least now you know hehe.

Thank you for all the support!

I used this incredible glow spray from BYS and wowwwwww the glow is real you guys. You need it. Here.

A few of the incredible people I met / attended the party include:









Do you have any Halloween plans?

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