Homebody Club Circle: Notes and Review


On Sunday 23 rd August, I attended the 8pm Homebody Club Women’s Circle.
My beautiful friend @daisy_chain_daydreams had attended in the past, and so I was keen to go and
see what it was all about.

The circles are hosted by HC’s founder, Lucy Green.

It is ran over Zoom, but Lucy is the only one with her microphone and camera on- us participants
communicate through the chat. (Luckily because I was in my pjs!)

We began with Lucy guiding us through a grounding meditation. I enjoy meditating but I find it hard
to bring my mind back as it so often wanders.
We then talked about Leo and Virgo seasons, their energies and what that means for us.
I was really excited to attend this particular circle, as it was just my birthday and I am a Leo through
and through.
Leos are typically warm, creative, enthusiastic, confident.
And Virgos are typically organised, planners.
So the merging of Leo’s ambitions with Virgo’s go-getter attitude is a really great combo. And they
can be powerful to harness both energies and use them together to make you dreams (or even just
your to-do list) come true.
Lucy also pulled two oracle cards for us during the session. One was ‘Protection’, about pulling back our energy
and reserving it, and the other was ‘Priestess’, and my main takeaway from this was not to underestimate the power of sharing your story.

We were also given a few question prompts, to write down and share our answers to in the chat.

What is your intention for the month?
‘Reading more’ was one of my 2020 goals that I haven’t achieved… yet. Many fo the women in the
circle also shared that they loved reading but didn’t often pick up a book.
So I want to challenge myself to dedicate time to reading every day this month. Someone in the chat
had a good suggestion (not just for reading) but for getting started with anything. Just start with 5
pages or 5 minutes. Don’t have high expectations of yourself… little is better than nothing.

We also had to set a word for the month ahead.
I choose ‘easy’.
Before the circle, I was watching this vlog from Amelia Liana. I haven’t watched her in ages… but for
some reason was drawn to this video. I got to a bit where she was sharing some advice she had got
from a reader. Anytime you think something is hard, or challenging, ask yourself ‘what if it were
easy.’ This really struck me,
So my word for the month is ‘easy.’
‘Easy’, not in the sense that my challenges aren’t hard, but that they are achievable.
The circle then ended with another mediation about courage, and I found this one hard to relax into
because Lucy was saying some amazing things and I wanted to scribble down notes.

I felt like both Amelia’s vlog and the Circle came at such a good time for me.
The Universe really does have her ways.

The week of the circle, I was entering into a new unit at uni; Anatomy and physiology 2.
Last semester, I did A&P 1. I was warned it would be hard. But even with that knowledge, it was
harder than I ever could have imagined.
I hated it.

And so going into this second unit, makes me doubly nervous because I know what to expect. I fear
it will bring back all those negative and unproductive emotions I felt during that last unit.
I really needed to feel empowered to face this unit again, and that’s exactly what the Circle did for
me. I feel confident in my ability to face this unit. Not the coursework per se, but just in remaining
productive and moving forward with it.

I am less fearful and more courageous.

Now, let me say that I am writing this on the Monday after the Circle, and I start the classes
tomorrow (Tuesday.) Who knows how I’ll feel after that, but right now I am doing okay.
I’ve planned my week, and just asked myself to do my best and try to live my dream life for at least
the next five days, Monday through Friday. Come the weekend, I can collapse into a heap if I need to
(after work lol). But foe these next five days, I want to be doing my daily reading, I want to be
exercising and being productive at uni.

I paid a one-off fee to attend this Circle, but I believe going forward only members can attend. I am
definitely doing to investigate the membership, as I found this really beneficial. I wish this sort of self
and spiritual development is something I could do myself, but I’m much better at being guided
through it.

Find out more about Homebody Club here.

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First Impressions: Peggy Sue Soaps


I’ve shared these products on the gram before, but thought this Aussie brand deserved their own dedicated post!

Now, I do have this beautiful body shimmer but it’s discontinued so I won’t talk about that- sorry!

Lip Conditioner and Lip Exfoliant

Both of these are really lovely to use and come in such cute packaging! They would also make really cute gifts for someone, I’m thinking for Secret Santa particularly. Practical, but pretty!

The bamboo packaging is also reusable which is a major plus!

I would also love to try the tinted lip conditioner and recently the brand bought out a Glow Bundle – amazing!

For more, see Peggy Sue Soaps on IG and their website. and buy them from @theishallshop !

These products were PR Samples from Black Sixteen Agency with obligation to post (opinion my own) on IG but this blog post is under no obligation.

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5 Days of 5 Mascaras


I wrote this post in Lockdown 1.0, and now we are in lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne. Ah good times, so organised 😂

Anyways, I have heaps of mascaras so I’m going to test them out, 5 at a time!

BYS Lash Boost: I was able to get quite a natural looking effect with this mascara on the ends of my lashes, but wanted a bit more ‘boost’. I really focused on shimmy-ing the brush right at the base of my lashes which thickened the appearance and made them a bit more fluttery yet daytime appropriate. I was impressed that I could achieve two different looks with it. However, after a day of sitting at my desk and touching my face too much, I did have a tiny bit of flaking. Nothing too bad, I’ll just use this for short term wear. (Gifted)

Makeup Revolution The Waterproof Mascara: I’ve heard so many great things about the non-waterproof version of this so I was excited to try. Without too much effort, I was able to create quite bold, voluminous lashes. Very happy! It held up extrememly well too. I never wear waterproof mascara ans so kinda had a bit of toruble removing it. My Press Beauty swipie did a pretty good job by itself but I had to use some micellar water to get off the final bits. I would use this for when I need a super long last lash, but because of the removal hassel I won’t reach for it everyday. However, the non waterproof version i am super keen to try!! (Gifted)

Ulta3 Great Lengths: Ok, guys! This mascara does exactly what it promises! The most lengthening mascara I have potentially ever tried! It has a thin, plastic wand which normally isn’t my fave, but it works super duper well with this formula. Seriously, wow!! I feel like despite the fact that there isn’t a crazy about of volume to your lashes, the length makes up for it and creates pretty pow-wow lashes. LOVE!! (Gifted)

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift: I bought this in the Priceline half price sale a little while back. I was totally influenced by beauty babes on Instagram to buy this. People sung its praises from the rooftops, so I thought, ‘yep let’s add another mascara to my already embarrassing large collection.’ Because of this, I had V V V V HIGH expectations. I was expecting to look like i had false lashes on. Lemme say, this was not the case. One coat of mascara gave me longer, fuller looking lashes and yeah it was nice. But it wasn’t WOW, like I was expecting. I could build up the layers to get a more dramatic result, but it still didn’t blow me away. It lasts all day very well, and I do like the hourglass-shaped brush. Ultimately, it’s nice, but I think the Lash Sensational can achieve this and more…

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Volume On Demand: I’ve tried the OG Scandal Eyes in the past and was not a fan- it was soooo clumpy… however this new one was a vast improvement in my opinion. I could achieve thicker-looking, longer lashes quite easily, and I could then build it up a bit. It lasted well and I was happy overall. I would actually rate this over the Maybelline Lash Lift in terms of ‘drama’. In saying that though, I wouldn’t repurchase because I think others can achieve this and more. (Like I’ve said, I have high standards when it comes to mascara!!)

I was most shocked by….The Rimmel Scandal Eyes! Just because I had a bad experience with the original in the past, so I had high expectations for this one and I believe it lived up to them)

If I could only pick one…. Agh, so hard! I certainly want to buy the non-waterproof version of the Makeup Revolution, because then I would certainly pick that one. But because I did try the waterproof one, from this selection I would choose the Ulta3! I wonder if I could get more volume- in addition to the great length- if I used an eyelash curler before hand?

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What’s your favourite?

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At-Home Spa Experience with Buckley & Phillips


Today I want to invite you to my at-home spa! You know when you walk into a day spa, and it smells like heavenly essential oils, the lights are low and there is gentle music playing? I tried to emulate this at home, with the help of my Buckley and Phillips Diffuser and Gumleaf Essentials essential oils.

I chose to use Gumleaf Essentials Easy Breathe in my diffuser, a delightful combination of eucalyptus and lavender. It was the perfect for transforming me from my bathroom, to a day-spa. The coloured LED light also added to the spa experience!

I’ll tell you more about B&P a little later on in the post, but first let me talk you through my day-spa treatment of choice… a facial!

I was inspired by @madeleineedwards At Home Facial!

Diffuser and essential oils are PR Samples

This facial was designed to give my skin a deep clean, whilst hydrating and nourishing it for the day ahead.

1. Skinstitut L-Lactic cleanser

2. Sand & Sky Enzyme Polish

3. Andalou 1000 Roses Hydrating Mask

4. Removed with Press Beauty Swipies

5. Spray with Avene Thermal Water

6. Nourishing Moisturiser with Beach Way Aromatics

7. Day oil, Get Up and Glow by Bettyquette

8. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF

Some of the reasons I love this diffuser (apart from it’s magical powers to transport me to a day-spa at home!)

  • Disperses a cool mist vapour
  • Coloured LED lighting
  • Immediate aroma, no need to warm up
  • Continuous for 10hrs or 1, 2 or 3hr timer
  • Automatic shutoff at low water level
  • BPA-Free
  • One year guarantee on all electrical components

Enjoy reading my interview with Ben Phillips, Brand Manager, Buckley and Phillips Aromatics via @beautyprsydney !

I’ve been enjoying using my diffuser for an ‘at home day spa’ experience… what are some other ways to make the most out of your diffuser at home?

Diffusers can be an ideal “mood enhancer”. For example, before a session of yoga or meditation, try diffusing these blends:

#1.) 4 drops sandalwood Australian / 3 drops bergamot / 2 drops patchouli

#2.) 4 drops frankincense / 4 drops helichrysum / 2 drops sweet orangeNeed to focus while working from home? Try diffusing these:2 drops lime / 2 drops lemongrass / 1 drop peppermint / 1 drop rosemary

B&P are passionate about ‘Sharing moments through scent’ – can you tell us more about how humans connect scents and experiences?

“Sharing moments through scent” really encompasses the simplicity of what we are about. Using aromas for a shared experience, memory creation and recollection, and being present in the moment.On a physiological level, when an aroma is inhaled the molecules enter the nose and are registered by olfactory nerve cells. These pass the information to the limbic brain. And it is the limbic system deals with emotions, memories and stimulation. This explains why certain scents have the ability to trigger memories and influence our moods.

Why does B&P place such importance on ethically sourced essential oils?

At Buckley and Phillips we have always been conscious of our environmental impact. We avoid using unnecessary packaging and use recyclable glass and PET containers. We keep our carbon footprint lower by sourcing labels and boxes locally. This has the added benefit of supporting other Australian businesses. 15 of our essential oils are grown and sourced right here in Australia including a native species of Sandalwood grown in plantations which are co-managed by the indigenous custodians of the region.

Ethical sourcing has guided our choices of oils and growers but it has also influenced our decision not to stock certain oils. These include Brazilian rosewood, Indian sandalwood, spikenard, agarwood. We continually review our range and suppliers as global impacts to farming practices and sustainability change.

For people who may be new, or hesitant, to try essential oils, where do you suggest they start?

For those who have never tried aromatherapy before and a are bit daunted by the choice, I recommend started with a ready-made blend. Our pulse point roll-ons are a great way to incorporate essential oils into your sleep routine, reduce the impact of stress and headaches or balance your mood. 

Find out more about Buckley and Phillips here, and shop their range here.

If you have any questions for me or the Buckley and Phillips team, please do leave them in the comments below!

Who else is going to have an at-home spa pamper?

*** Diffuser and essentials oils are PR Samples via Beauty PR Sydney, all opinions are my own.

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JULY: What I Wore, Did, Read, Watched and Ate

ROLLY Mag, what i did

Oh hello, new series!

July faves

I actually *did* things in July so I thought they would be worth compiling in a post.


Fayt Label Crewneck in Ocean blue: I’m excited to grow my crewneck collection. They’ve been made super stylish thanks to iso. I plan to buy every colour Fayt releases in the future lol.


I actually socialised in July (pre lockdown 2.0 in Vic)! I had a casual dinner party at my friends house and my first breakfast at a cafe in 5 months! (Forgot how expensive they were lol).

I also had a little ‘viewing party’ for the release of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’. Love me some trash rom-coms. This one was longer than 2 hours though so buckle up friends! I’m team Marco, btw. Noah’s hair and cardigans just didn’t do it for me.


Just like socialising is rare, I also started reading in July which is something I haven’t done for too long. I started reading ‘The universe has your back’ and ‘Normal people’ but could get through either of them. ‘The universe…’ was good, I did get some interesting points from it, but it was dry. I was forcing myself to read ‘Normal people’ before watching the series. It doesn’t have speech marks so you really have to pay attention to know who is talking, but oh my gosh it was so dry. I don’t normal give up on books but this month I had to put these two aside. Still not sure if I’ll watch the series.


I settled down to dedicated over 2 hours to Hamilton. I’m glad I watched it at home so I could pause often. But holy moly the hype is real! It’s so wonderful, and witty and smart and hilarious. I just adored it. And now I understand the Tik Toks that use some of the audio haha. Big big fan!

No doubt that Timothee Chalamet is a big deal, so I had to watch Call Me By Your Name purely to see Mr TC. But that was 2 hours I was not happy to have spent. I nearly gave up so many times, but the last 15 mins ended up being the best haha. Actually, I remeber trying to read this book and it was realllllly slow and the movie had the same feel. I didn’t finish the book.


Vodka pasta without vodka. It’s not like holy moly amazing but it is pretty delish and something I will continue to make. I add spinach and broccoli.

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Week Latte #48


@figur_co / @emeldodesign / @rust_creative / @australiscosmetics

So I didn’t want to say it (write it?) because then it would be official… but now I am because it is official. But the Week Latte will now be a monthly occurrence! Maybe more than once a month, just not once a week. Sorry and thank you xx

After seeing this beautiful at-home facial by @madeleineedwards, I’ve been searching for DIY inspo like this!

I liked this mostly for the self care for the soul!

Dealing with disappointed expectations in a pandemic.

@makeupwithcortney shared this post by @vixmeldrew and SO MUCH YES! I never knew how much behind the scenes work went into blogging before I started my own blog. This is the exact reason why likes, comments and -let’s be honest- follows mean so much to creators because that is the only way we get recognition for our work.

@leighacampbell shared this post by @collabchat that talks all about NZ’s new LAWS about influencer’s disclosing commercial relationships. Lots of good tips for bloggers included in this post and this page too!

@calltimeonmelanoma have created this incredible resource that combines two of my favourite things- sun safety and discount codes! So many bargains, including 20% off Australia’s fave spf, Ultra Violette!

Last month, my first favourite blogger, Hannah Gale, quit the internet. It was her full time job, and had been for a few years. But she had been trolled relentlessly and expecting her second child she decided that the best move was to remove herself from the internet. She literally had to quit her job because of bullying. Imagine that happening in an office setting??? It wouldn’t stand. Yet people get away with this bullying on the internet. It infuriates me. I miss Hannah so much, and I honestly went thorough a bit of grief. Now, a YouTube OG, Ingrid Nilsen has posted her final video. This had a very different tone to Hannah’s announcement. Ingrid is leaving on her own terms. After a decade, she is ready to close her Youtube chapter. It is still really sad and there is an element of grief, but more than anything I just feel so proud of her and honoured to have been on her journey.

Further adding on to this, it was announced that Aussie print publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and InStyle will be folding. It truly breaks my heart. I remember the day DOLLY announced it’s closure- I cried. This is why I do ROLLY Mag, I wanted to be a magazine editor growing up. I’m so grateful for the online space to enable me to fulfil this dream in some sense but it’s certainly come at the cost of the print industry.

Loved this post by @theinsecuregirlsclub, ‘Why can’t I stop worrying about weight gain during lockdown.’

I’ve started reading the blog Lolita Says So and am obsessed! So much beauty and fashion inspo and knowledge.

So, dolphin skin is a thing? Didn’t know that.

@littlelistofmine shared the beauty products she will buy again (and again!)

@felixandscott has started an IG account that functions as a free resource for Aussie bloggers. So much to learn!

Team Mamamia share their beauty faves – on my wish list:

Speaking of Mamamia, you can have a sneaky peek inside Queen @leighacampbell’s bathroom (read: beauty cabinets!!) here and her bag here.

Our other Queen, @theamyclark, is *sob* leaving Mamamia for new adventures at Adore Beauty, read about that here. So proud and excited about what’s ahead.

I could go ON but I might leave it there for today… who knows – maybe occasionally there will be more than one Week Latte a month to make room for all the amazing things I want to share 😉

Tell me more about your month in the comments xx

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Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap #2 ft Beauty With Lauren


I’m so excited to present you Beauty Swap number 2! This time I’m collaborating with the fabulous @beauty_withlauren. Be sure to check out her Instagram to see what she thought of the products I gave her!

Thank you Lauren, this was so fun! xxx

And read the first edition of this swap here.

What Lauren gave me:

Rimmel Transparent Loose Powder: Emily also gave me this powder and I fell in love… so I was so excited to have a backup from Lauren. The fact that two of my blogger faves love this powder makes me think ‘oops, I’ve seriously missed out on this’ hahah but better late than never! Lauren explained to me why she gave me all, and so I’ll share that now!

Lauren says: this is a dupe for the TooFaced Born This Way loose powder. It locks in makeup without caking up the skin… AMEN!

Innoxa Hydrating primer: I’ve not tried many Innoxa products, only their sheer foundation which was my first ever foundation and I loved! It is blue is colour and so a bit scary, but it’s a really light weight formula that blends easily into the skin. I have combo skin but find I need the hydration under my eyes and around my nose. I really, really enjoyed this. It worked really well under makeup and I noticed quite a difference in how my makeup wore in my more dry areas. Big fan!

Lauren says: this feels so moisturising and is perfect for the upcoming colder months. Also doubles as a moisturiser!

Essence You better Work! Waterproof Mascara: I have made myself a non-waterproof mascara person. But, like, why? I recently tried the Makeup Revolution Waterproof Mascara and absolutely LOVED it but thought I really needed to get the non waterproof version… Since trying this Essence one, I actually think I’ve turned a corner. I can put this mascara on at 7am, wear it to work, the dog park and the gym and take it off at 9pm and my lashes still looked fresh! Seriously, I’m obsessed.

Lauren says: lengthens and separates lashes so well. Make sure to powder under the eyes to prevent transfers. (I never found that its transferred! It lasted so so so well!)

Revlon Skin Lights Highlight:

This highlighter is certainly blinding but I did find I had to build it up to get to that. maybe it’s because it’s still new and I haven’t scratched the surface? But I also find that applying with my finger then blending out with a brush works best. So yes, I enjoyed this but I think I have other highlighters I prefer!

Lauren says: this product is blinding! It lasts ages on the skin and blends out really well. Reminds me a lot of the ABH x Amrezy highlighter.

Mco Beauty More Brows: I’ve used and loved this before and am so glad to have a back up. This is has a small, easy to use wand and the formula isn’t too sticky although I still do have to wipe some excess off, but I do that with most brow products like this!

Lauren says: this is a holy grail for me.

Flower Beauty Hydrating Setting spray: I have tried the matte version of this and hated it lol. I don’t know if I had a dodgy one though because the spray was chunky?? Like it came out in white spurts. However! This hydrating one is actually incredible. Really fine mist and it does give my makeup longevity!

Lauren says: this is amazing! The mist is so fine and the spray removes all the excess powder and leaves my skin glowy!

What I gave Lauren:

Mud Makeup CC cream and Barry M lip kit: I also gave these to Emily in my first beauty swap so you can read why I love them here!

Australis Neutralize Palette: Okey dokey guys, am I the only one who has a black hole in their room? Over the past few months I’ve lost SO MANY products- Makeup Revolution blush palette, real techniques brushes, carmex lip tints, and so many others including this palette! I can’t believe it, agh. But anywways! This palette was my first eyeshadow palette (I think!) and introduced me to the brand, Australis. So it has a lot of sentimental value to me. For Australian drugstore, it’s such a great price and formula. However, @thebeautyroast is the first person I’ve ever known to not like this palette. She said it’s just a bit blah. And then it made me thin, oh dang maybe it’s not that great. Like, yes there are certainly better palettes available, but not from Priceline (unless we’re talking Makeup Revolution but that’s selected stores only blah blah). So long story short, I think I’ve grown up from this palette but it’s still got a place in my collection!

Maybelline Lash Sensational: My fave mascara ever- you can get everyday lashes or bold ‘falsie’ type lashes. I personally think this mascara gets better as it fries out a bit.

Mco Beauty Highlight & Glow stick: I had this is my collection thanks to @leighacampbell, but didn’t really use it until @heartofdvst shared her praises for it. It’s quite glittery and I find it works best on the eyes as I don’t really reach for glittery highlight on the cheeks. But the fact that you can buy this from Woolies is what makes it so amazing!

Have you tried any of these products? Who else would you like me to do this beauty swap with?

Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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Week Latte #47

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Feeling inspired by these luxe makeup and gold jewels! @bojana.inaesthetics / @onabeautybender / @makeup_by_makena / @lovefredaus

Pretty much adding all of these beauty products to my cart.

On a very serious note, a message for anyone thinking of having a baby (now or in the future.)

Love this concept of ‘joy triggers’.

A weekly beauty schedule like this is so practical for someone who is forgetful and/or lazy like me haha! I plan on printing it out so I remember. I particularly need encouragement to wash my brushes oops haha.

@the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics is laughing a free 5 Day Facebook Challenge which sounds fabulous! Join here!

Stretches to destress from too much time at your desk.

Jamie Paige’s video challenge ‘My Entire Makeup Collection If I Wasn’t A Beauty Guru’ was sooooo fun to watch. I’m excited to see a drugstore version of this, and for other beuaty bloggers to take on the challenge!

I also love Jamie’s calming makeup series.

Still on the theme of beauty Youtubers, Allie Glines ‘How to Look Expensive With Drugstore Makeup’ spoke to my soul! Drugstore has my heart, and like Allie said she feels too, I’m seriously overwhelmed by the beauty industry right now. I can’t keep up with launches and i feel like I’m drowning in my own collection. ‘When it’s on your face, no one knows how expensive it is.’ AMEN!

In the same breath, Priceline recently had their half price cosmetics sale… here are some of my favourite blogger’s hauls!

@katiecosmopolitan wins this haul, she found the best Makeup revolution palette!!!

@bottledbeautyblog picked up this gorg marble palette, definitely on my wishlist.

@i_shall_shop picked up her fave lip tint and lip oil.

@jesscbeautylover did sooooo well. Also, yes I regret not getting this palette.

@beautystyleloveau bought the Luma lip and cheek tint based on mine and Kim’s recommendation. Enjoy!

@itsjustkrystle bought my fave Essence lipstick, that I always forget to mention. guys, it’s divine!!!

Ok, I could go on and on but basically I loved living vicariously through these hauls haha!

‘5 Tips to Help Stop Impulse Shopping’– because we all know that ya girl needs HELP! These tips were actually practical which was comforting.

And to finish off, I just wanted to share with you my new series – Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap! It launched this week in collaboration with Emmie’s Beauty Life, read her blog post here and my blog post here! It was so fun and you guys all enjoyed it too which I’m so glad about.

What’s been your fave thing from the internet this week?

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Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap ft Emmie’s Beauty Life

affordable beauty, Aussie Blogger Beauty Swap, ROLLY Mag

Welcome to a new series! I saw Arna Alayne do this beauty swap with Jessica Braun and thought it would be so fun to do with some of my fave Aussie Beauty Bloggers. To kick things off, we have Emily from @emmiesbeautylife.

You guys will know and love Emily (as I do) for her Priceline recommendations, honest reviews and ‘Spotlight On…’ posts.

How this works is I gave Emily five of my fave affordable beauty items and she swapped with me her five faves!

Below I’ll tell you what I chose for Emily and why, and give a review on the products she gave me!

Be sure to check out Emily’s blog and Instagram, as she has also reviewed the products I swapped with her!

Thank you for collaborating with me, Emily, and I hope you all enjoy! xx

What Emily Gave Me:

Rimmel Transparent Loose Powder: Ok, guys… I am doing this beauty swap with another person (soon to be revealed haha!) and they also swapped me this powder. So I’ve obviously been sleeping on it. My current loose powder of choice is the innisfree Matte Blue which is under $20 so I would deem that affordable. however, this Rimmel one can be as little as $8 if you find it half price, which is bonkers! Especially because you get so much product! Honestly, after trying this I would never buy a high end loose powder. This does the work for you!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow, shades ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Socialite’: I never paid much attention to these eyeshadows before, but I’m so glad Emily has brought them into my life. I tried applying these with my fingers which works well but also a small brush. Depends how much pigment you’d like. I always wear an eyeshadow primer, and set my eyes with a powder before I wore these. They claim to have 24 hour wear, and whilst I haven’t tested that, they do last the full work day. You can read about why Emily likes them here and I have to agree. I wore both these shades by themselves as a ‘one and done’ look but think that ‘Socialite’ works particularly well as a base or on the inner third of the eye whilst ‘On and on bronze’ is fabulous lid or middle third option!

Loreal Unlimited Mascara: I’ve tried this mascara thanks to @maddies.makeupmess’ recommendation and I at first I was excited to try it because you can move the wand to be positioned at a few different angles. I realised quickly however that this wasn’t actually a feature that I thought was necessary. i just use it in a straight, regular position. This swap with Emily reminded me to actually use this mascara again. I found it quite a thick formula that appeared to coat my lashes in a way that made them look chunky? I didn’t noticed that it performed exceptionally in terms of lengthening or volumising. And, it was starting to flake at about 8 hours of wear (which yes, is a long time that it didn’t flake, but I have mascaras that don’t budge at all.) I’m sorry guys, but this one doesn’t cut it for me!

Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick, shade Nude: This lipstick is heaven!!!! I’m not usually one to go for a neutral lip however I think it’s ‘important’ to have one in your collection. This is the only neutral I need! Super comfortable to wear, needs to be reapplied but is easy to do so. There are a few other pretty colours in this range too. Big fan! (Also along with this, I wanted to share this article “It’s time to finally talk about the decades-old problem with ‘nude’ beauty products.”)

Andalou Face Mask Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask: I already have this mask in my collection but honestly can never be without it. It’s so freaking fabulous- a really effective exfoliating mask that leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and fresh. See why Emily likes it here.

What I Gave Emily:

Mud Makeup CC Cream: I apologise to everyone who loves this, because it is sadly (and maddeningly) being discontinued. If I had’ve known that when I purchase it, I wouldn’t have got it haha in case Emily falls in love with it!! This only comes in two shades, and the lightest shade only suits me when I’m tanned (which is rare) but it is a Aussie beauty fave for a reason. Great coverage, durability and could seriously rival other CC creams. And the fact that you could buy it at Woolies??? A dream!

Flower Beauty Highlighting Palette: I asked Emily if she’d tried any Flower, and she had tried the concealer and foundation, so I was eager to introduce her to more of the range. This highlight palette is an absolute steal and fab quality. The brush that is included is pretty useless IMO. I often use the champagne shade alone, but it’s funny to have the gold and rose gold – these I use more so on the eyes than face.

Flower Beauty Blush in ‘sweet pea’: This was the blush that made me love blush so it holds a special place in my heart. A beautiful, natural colour that lasts well on the skin.

Barry M Lip Kit in ‘Femme’: This is my hidden gem of the drugstore. You can buy this lip liner and gloss separately but i think they’re a power couple when use together. This is my absolute perfect mauve colour. The liner goes with 90% of my lip product collection and I’d say this gloss is *my fave*. Such good pigment for a gloss, and the actual formula isn’t sticky. Plus, I find it holds up pretty well. Brilliant! Honestly, this is why I wanted to do this swap, to introduce this combo to more people haha!

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara: This mascara has a big reputation and rightly so. The cute rose gold packaging, the perfect brush shape, wears well. Just a great all-rounder. I was actually going to give Emily the Maybelline Lash Sensational with is my GOAT but she is already a fan of that. I like both of those mascaras because I can wear them for an everyday look or build them up for a false lash effect.

Have you tried any of these products? Who else would you like me to do this beauty swap with?

Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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Priceline Half Price Cosmetics Sale Recommendations & Wishlist – June 2020


Not going to lie, guys, this sale caught me off guard! 

Normally these sales happen Tuesday through Thursday… so this catalogue ending on a Tuesday was pretty typical and I didn’t see it coming. 

So I’m madly rushing to put together this resource for you the day before the sale goes live. 

These are my favourite posts to write, and I stand by what I’ve recommended in the past –

See those posts here! 

March Haul

March Haul Part 2

November Recommendations

November Haul

July Haul

July Haul Part 2

I’m trying to recommend new things, that I’ve not yet shared in one of these posts before!

Also!!!!! I was gifted the Luma and Makeup Revolution products I’ve mentioned. However, I truly love them and was under no obligation to post. This post is not associated with or sponsored by Priceline. (But like, in future pls do sponsor me xo)


Thin Lizzy Foundation: I picked this up last half price sale, after @beautybyhiuy recommended it. It’s a gorgeous, glowy foundation that is seriously slept on! 

Thin Lizzy Sponge: @i_shall_shop has sung the praises of this sponge for ages but I’d never remembered to pick it up. I finally bought it last sale and let me tell you… the hype is real. This is the best makeup sponge I’ve ever used. Better than Mco, Real Techniques, Kmart etc etc. So good, in fact, I recently picked up some when they were half price at Big W. 

Revlon Lip Oil: Another purchase from the last sale, this lip oil is really easy to wear and has a sheer pigment.

Revlon Lip Polish: Revlon just don’t really fab lip products! The perfect, pigmented gloss.

Revlon Candid Glow Foundation: how this is called a “foundation” I do not know because it merely works as a tinted moisturiser for me but that’s why I like it! I could apply this with my eyes close and know it would be ok. So if you need very light coverage, this could work for you!

Makeup Revolution Waterproof Mascara: I actually have a post coming with a more in depth review but this mascara is incredible. I don’t really need/want waterproof formulas so I’m hoping to pick up the regular one!

Makeup Revolution Brow Tint: You can read about how much I love that here. 

Luma Beauty:  My favourite product is the cheek and lip tint in the shade Muse that I purchased a few sales ago. But I was recently gifted the range and am enjoying the brow mascara and this highlight. See @Centaine_mclean’s review here. 


Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks: These have just launched in Australia, and don’t seem to be available online yet so you’ll have to get them in store. They have been so popular in America, I first found them when Allana raved about them here. 

I plan on buying a few – oops…. including ‘so sleek pink’, ‘beaming strawberry’, ‘glossed up rose’ and ‘fire & ice’.

Australis Foiled Eyeshadow in Guns n Rose Petals: This was recommenced by Arna Alayne and I did pick up another shade in the Big W sale I mentioned but would love to try this shade in particular. 

Bourjois Big Oui Mascara:  I have heard great things about this but I certainly don’t need another mascara. So I won’t pick it up this time around, but eventually. Same goes for the brow mascara. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream: @mummakesitup and @theamyclark are both fans of this, with Amy calling it a NARS dupe… sign me up!

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: another @i_shall_shop recommendation! I don’t know if I need this and the CC cream so we’ll see haha.

Maybelline Glass Setting Spray: I honestly haven’t heard a whole lot about this, but I love the sound of it. I am also so tempted by the Maybelline Nudes palette however I! Don’t! Need! More! Eyeshadow!

Thinks I definitely wouldn’t recommend:

Australis Fresh n Flawless Foundation: I am one of the very few people who doesn’t like this foundation, I know. But it just didn’t work for me in any shape or form. I think it’s particularly bad for dry skin types. @thebeautyroast also isn’t a fan.

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara: This post by Amy Clark shares some fab items but it reminded me that I was disappointed in this mascara. It has big claims that it sadly didn’t live up to for me. I think Lash Sensational works harder than this!

 In case non-cosmetic items are on sale, I’d also recommend:

  • Neutrogena Cleansing Oil
  • Neutrogena Bright Boost Polish
  • Anadalou Roses, Enzyme and CannaCell Masks 
  • Revlon Face DeFuzzers
  • Manicare Microfibre Cloth (cheaper alternative / similar concept to Face Halo!) 

Random but notabe:

Also recently I picked up aother Arna Alayne recommendation, the Models Prefer Light Veil. I haven’t used it yet but I’m so excited to and it’ll be so affordable in this sale if you want to try it out too. 

I really feel like I don’t have all that much to share with you this sale, but hopefully you and I both find some new treasures! 

My Fave Priceline Bloggers:













Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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