First Impressions: 5 Days of 5 Foundations


GUYS! This has been sitting my drafts since April… omg. But I’m working on the second instalments so figured should probably post this hey 😉

For reference, my skin type is combination x

Revlon Colour Stay: I’ve used this foundation once or twice before and don’t remember enjoying it all that much. But I gave it another shot. The colour 110 Ivory is perfect for me. I used a buffing brush to put the majority of the product on, and then added some more product to a wet beauty sponge to finish up around my eyes and nose. At first, I wasn’t overly happy with how it looked, but as it settled down, it gave quite a flawless look to the skin. I didn’t use a primer or setting powder (like I usually would) and I found this had disappeared off my face within about 6 hours. I’ll have to test it with both of those things, but otherwise I’m quite happy!

Maybelline Superstay: It claims to be a full coverage foundation and I agree it has the potential to do that. However, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin- woo! I noticed it didn’t sit very well on the sides of my nose where my pores are the largest. So in future I will use a silicone primer in this area to help minimise the appearance for a more flawless finish. I used a wet Mco Beauty sponge and was really happy with how it applied. A light, matte finish. Unfortunately, it did oxidise a bit within about 2 hours of wear.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define: I applied this with a wet beauty sponge, and my first impression was how good the colour match was! Definitely has the ability to build up to full coverage. Didn’t emphasise my pores which is what I’m most impressed by! So far, this foundation has lasted the best out of the others I’ve tried this week. It has a light-matte finish. I also really like the large, doe foot applicator. I’ve never used a foundation like this before but think it’s potentially more practical than a pump. Really happy! I was gifted this by @katiescosmopolitan in our beauty swap!

Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion: I’ve actually tried this before this week. I tested it out on my IG stories, after I bought it in the Priceline half price sale. It applied best with a wet beauty sponge, rather than a brush. It was beautiful and glowy on the skin, with buildable coverage. Initially, I had applied it as a medium coverage and didn’t set it. Because of this, it creased horrendously under my eyes! So next time I tried it at medium coverage, I set it and it lasted really well and the glow still came through. However, this week, I applied it 4 minutes before my uni Zoom class- lol. So I did very light coverage, applied with a wet beuaty sponge and I didn’t set it. I was so impressed with it! Evened out my skin tone and gave me a bit of glow. So nice!! So whilst my first impressions were a bit ‘meh’, I have really grown to love this foundation.

Revlon Candid Glow: This foundation is the one I’ve actually tested the best, because I wore it for about two weeks straight. I had a really busy period at work and so needed a streamlined and quick makeup routine. I liked using this foundation because I could apply it with my fingers, and it never really went wrong. The coverage is extremely light. It evens the appearance of your skin tone but it certainly doesn’t do much more than that. Blemishes and coloured spots still come through. But, that does make for a very natural finish which I don’t mind for an everyday basis. The foundation claims to ‘glow’…. if this is the glow formula I would hate to see the matte! Forget everything you associate with ‘glow’- dewy, fresh, glassy etc. Because you don’t get that. The best way I can describe this is a natural finish. Not a ‘natural glow’, but natural. I also didn’t find this lasted a whole day of wear. And another thing, yes I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently, but I seem to be going through it soooo quickly. It is a smaller packaging than other foundations on the market (only 22ml). So whilst I did keep reaching for it, and I enjoyed it, I’m not sure where I sit. If I could pick it up half price, then I think I would repurchase it because it’s an easy addition to my makeup routine, but nothing groundbreaking in comparisons to the other ones I tried this week.

Have you tried any of these foundations? What do you think?

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Patrick Ta x Colourpop Masterclass


I was binging YouTube, and came across an incredible series of videos by Colourpop featuring professional makeup artists. They create a makeup look live and talk you through their tips and tricks using a variety of CP and other brands. It was soooo cool! And a very generous thing for both CP and the artists to do.

Here’s my fave tips from Patrick Ta!

  • Moisturising the skin is key 
  • Focus eyeshadow primer where the blending is going to occur- on the brow bone and a little bit on the lid 
  • Then put foundation all over the eye with a beauty sponge
  • Set the eyeshadow base with a powder
  • Apply foundation with a brush first, you can follow up with a sponge if you need more coverage 
  • Use face oil instead of primer for glowy skin
  • However, use primer instead of oil for oily skin. Fenty primer is recommended for oily skin 
  • Contour before concealer
  • NYX number 17 brush recommended for concealer 
  • Fluff excess powder into palm before applying to space with a sponge 
  • Apply cream blush over powder because it’s the first thing to go on your face so by adding two textures, it extends wear 
  • Apply cream with a beauty blender 

What’s your favourite tip from Patrick?

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I, to no one’s surprise, bought three new crewnecks this month. Oops. I will not buy anymore this year! I got a lilac Levi’s one (my colour of the year!), finally found a sage one by Subtitled that was 1) in stock and 2) under $100 and finally the fourth and final addition to my Fayt crewneck collection 2020 with the shade coffee.


Big news, I bought a car! Wow. In July I had a car accident, and hastily bought a car off a family-friend. It wasn’t perfect but it was quick, easy and cheap to get me by. I’ve been looking for a car since and the perfect one fell in my hands! It was a tricky situation, buying during covid, and this process definitely took longer than I would’ve liked. But I’m grateful, and hope this car lasts me a while to come!


Hazelnut kit kat… dare I say my fave Kit Kat yet

I tried a twirl bar for the first time in forever and I thought I wouldn’t like it… but then I loved it? Like not a fave but I would choose it out of a bunch?


Ok this collab, was epic! Whitney and Lauren reunited! This makes me want to rewatch The Hills immediately.

I also binged Selling Sunset on Netflix! It truly is as trashy and fabulous as everyone says. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I like a show, I will be completed obsessed and consumed by it. It doesn’t happen often, it is all or nothing. This is certainly the case with Selling Sunset… there’s a void in my life now that I’ve watched all available seasons haha!

I’m on uni break this week, I should add. Hence why I binged another show! Julie & The Phantoms on Netflix. It was a bit slow, but sweet and not too dramatic which is what I like. I hate suspense haha. I even cried! And the soundtrack is catchy!


Ok, as I was writing this on the 28th I thought crap, I haven’t read anything. So I binge-read The Space Between. I’m not finished yet but hopefully I’ll have an update on that next month 😉

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Week Latte #50

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Happy 50th Week Latte!

This is a milestone for me, I can’t believe it honestly! And to think, that many of these posts were published in consecutive weeks – pat on the back to past me.

Now they are primarily monthly occurrences, lol so the name ‘week’ latte doesn’t quite means the same but it’s the same vibe, no?

MCo Beauty have launched new brushes that were exclusive to Oz Hair and Beauty at the start of th emonth when I started this post, but as I edit it, it’s actually in store at Woolies, woo! They look very luxe for MCo, and the price tag reflects that. Still affordable, but I’m still keen to get them half price, ya know? They look so fluffy, I’m very tempted to try!

September was an exciting month in the publishing world, with the wonderful women behind @shamelesspodcast and @seize_the_yay all releasing books! So exciting, I had ‘The Space Between’ on preorder, but am yet to pick up Seize the Yay.

The Sephora 15-20% off sale happened at the start of the month, which took me by surprise. I wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared (in my head, I was prepping for the next one to be Black Friday) so I demonstrated great levels of self control and skipped this sale. However, Hannah created a great list of recommended products I’ll certainly refer to next time.

Emma shared this post and so much yes. Lockdown in Victoria was getting the best of me, particularly because I was seeing people in other states doing boomerangs with rosé as if life was normal and was shocked. I actually thought ‘are they posting a memory?’ because that is so far from the reality in Melbourne. And you really can’t understand it unless you lived through it.

I adored Ash Owens’ aesthetic, and have just started reading her blog (late to the party!) This post was beautiful, ‘My Daily Wellness Routine.’

Erika wrote about how she plans to change her life post-quarantine. Such an interesting read, because I’m sure we’ve all learnt something about either ourselves or our way of life thanks to lockdown. I want to write a similar reflective post on this myself.

This episode of Shameless spoke about how friendships are changing during the pandemic. So interesting, and something I had felt but hadn’t considered the long-term effect of. They referenced this article from Man Repeller.

How to build a timeless wardrobe– adding everything to my shopping list!

This blog is a new discovery of mine, love the aesthetic.

Beauty influencers share the products they’ve repurchased!

I am honestly really apprehensive about lockdown being over. I don’t think I remember how to socialise! This post was a good read for making the most of weekends (post lockdown!)

Who else has been too harsh on themselves this year? It’s okay if productivity looks different in this season.

View this post on Instagram

It’s okay if “productivity” looks different in this season. Small progress is still progress. You are not weak for needing rest. I’m writing this note to the one who feels a little overwhelmed right now. You feel the weight of what you *should* be doing, this very second. You keep thinking about what you *could* have done a year ago to have made this season better. I just hope you know it is okay if today didn’t start like yesterday. It is okay if this week felt different than last week. There will be highs and lows here, moments of courage, moments of fear, and through it all you will be free to trust: you do not have to perform or be productive to be worthy of love. I hope you make progress on your projects and dream a new dream or two, but more than that, I hope you are able to see how love has continued to find you, and you still have the chance to give love, even though you feel like you’re not doing enough. I hope you know your post doesn’t have to go viral and your words don’t have to reach everyone before you know what matters is this: you took time to show up with courage, gratitude, and love. Because a year from now, you won’t remember everything you put on your checklist. You won’t remember how every single second was spent and every moment you felt the most productive. But you will remember how you felt when you felt loved and seen. You will remember those people you got to show love to, even when it was on the other side of a screen. You will remember that even though you had moments of restlessness, worry, and fear, it took courage, strength, love, and grace to make it another year. You will realize that more than you want to be known for your accomplishments, you want to be known for the way you love. And how, when you choose to love, your love becomes reflected in the life you live, and the work you do. II The second part of this was inspired by today’s theme of the #MakeThingsApril challenge: “a year from now.” I wrote the first part yesterday. It’s been taking me longer to write these days, and I am learning to see: that’s okay. I also didn’t make all the art I wanted to make. That’s okay, too. ♥️

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VITAL+ Pharmacy Supplies Haul & Wishlist


The team at VITAL+ Pharmacy Supplies generously gave me a $60 gift card to spend at their store. The day I checked out, they happened to be having a massive HALF PRICE sale on Ere Perez, which is a brand I’ve been very keen to try for a while. I feel super lucky to be able to share a haul of some really fab products with you today.

Plus, VITAL+ PS have given me a discount code to share with you guys, so you too can grab a bargain! (Not affiliate, just a bargain for you.) You can find the discount code and more info about Vital+ at the bottom of this post.

Hope you enjoy this haul!

Chapstick Ultra Lip Balm SPF30+

I bought this because you can never have too many lip balms, right! I had grand plans to do a ‘Lip Balm SPF’ guide, but then realised, lol, I already have one of those! You can read it here. I might add to it, once I try this one.

Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Crème

I knew I had to try a few Ere Perez products when I saw they were stocked on the site. The aesthetic of these products is beautiful! I didn’t really know where to start, but decided to pick up this cream because @thebeautyroast sung it’s praises. Naturally, it was an immediate, ‘add to cart’.

Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey Shade Chilli

The name of this is what drew me in instantly- ‘lip honey’… yes please! This shade is absolutely divine, a coral pink with plenty of shimmer.

Ere Perez Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush

I also have an absolute WEAKNESS for brushes and this one looked like a perfect multitasker. I would say it appears smaller in real life that it does on the site. However this is a good thing because I think the shape of it will not only be great for blush or bronzer, but also for powdering under the eyes.

As promised, here is my discount code that Vital + have very kindly shared with me. Use code ROLLYMAG5 at checkout for 5% off your order.

I know I’ll probably use my own discount code in the future, as I have already created a wishlist hah!

I’d love to try this La Roche Posay XL Dry Touch SPF50 – I think it will be great for summer when my skin is typically oiler.

After trying a few things from the brand, the next product on wishlist is the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation – it offers buildable coverage and includes ingredients like vitamin E!

This Ultimate Youth Potion by The Jojoba Company has been so popular on Instagram, so I’d love to try the cult-favourite for myself!

A few extra things to note, Vital + offer free shipping on orders over $50 Australia wide, same day delivery for Sydney metro, and also offer Afterpay!

Shop Vital + Pharmacy Supplies Australia here.

And follow them on Instagram here, @vitalpharmacysupplies.

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My 20th Birthday in Lockdown


I don’t have a whole lot to say here, but I really want to document this.

I turned 20, on the 20 th of August 2020. Pretty cool in my eyes haha.
Writing this is actually the first time I’ve thought ‘wow, I’m 20!!!’ and I’ve been twenty for a few days at this point.

I had a major uni presentation at 8am on the day of my birthday, so the morning was a bit of a blur.
But throughout the day, I ordered some presents for myself including the Nudestix Estee La Londe set from Beauty Bay and few clothes from The Iconic and Cotton On.
The 20th and 21st of August were Afterpay sales online so there was a lot of temptation paired with a ‘eff it, it’s my bday mindset’ lol.
I had four of my friends drop around at different times throughout the day to give me their gifts.

I was so grateful for that, but it was so odd to have to talk to them from a distance on my driveway wearing masks.
It was just really unbelievable.
My mum was cute though and drew ‘Happy Birthday’ on our driveway with chalk, and had balloons on the letter box.
I was gearing myself up for a mentally challenging day, to be honest. Being in lockdown, I knew my birthday would be hard. Mostly because I had never imagined I would be in this situation. So accepting this new reality was difficult.
But honestly, I surprised myself with how okay I felt all day. In fact, I felt really spoilt and loved and grateful. It was a really good day.
My IG friends also made me feel their love and I’m beyond grateful for that.
Of course, I can’t wait to be able to see my friends and give them a big hug… but I know that even despite the lockdown and such, I’m still in a very fortunate position.

I had a realisation a while ago that aging is such a privilege… so I’m just happy to be here.
Read my birthday post from last year 19 Things in 19 Years.

I wrote: This time last year, life was so different. Imagine what life will look like this time next year.

Boy oh boy, ain’t that the truth!

A few notable gifts:

This was the ultimate gift to myself this year. Even though I had to begrudgingly buy a new car because of my accident in July, I kept aside some money so I could buy the brand new release Bon Maxie Sidekick bag. I said to Clare, I would rather have this bag than a car hahah. It was a non- negotiable.
I got the colour Milk Tea with antique gold and am in absolute heaven. It is perfect in every way. The colour, the size, the design –it’s so smart and practical. Like the side pocket as a magnetic close…. Genius! I can tell this won’t be my last Sidekick. Think I need every colour now!

Finally got my hands on the bible, aka Skin Care by Caroline Hirons! I sent the link to this book to my bestie as soon as it was released, and her being a legend got it for me!

She also got me the Feather and Noise lilac crewneck. It is like wearing a cloud. It’s so lovely! I really hope they restock these next year so I can buy the other colour ways.
I haven’t got these yet but my bestie that lives quite far away from me got me the Kathryn Loche croissant earrings. I have been looking for Mejuri dupes everywhere and these were the best priced ones I found. They are so sweet, and I’m so excited to wear Kathryn’s beautiful pieces.

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Did I nearly forget I had this series? Yes… but posting it two days into the next month ain’t that bad- right!?


My Lilac Feather and Noise sweater that I got form my bestie for my bday! Obsessed.


I celebrated my birthday this month! It was obviously very chill because of restrictions here in Victoria but I felt very loved and spoiled by my friends and family (IRL and on IG)!


The last week of August, I challenged myself to read everyday. It didn’t have to be many pages, or for a long time, it just had to be something! I started and finished ‘My Dark Vanessa’ and WOW! It is such an interesting and powerful read… I had to put it down sometimes and take a breather. However, I ultimately wanted to just devour it at once to know what happened. Read with caution, but definitely recommend.


Ummm… honestly can’t think of anything that I watched apart from Youtube and Tik Tok? Boring. But, in case you were wondering, my fave Youtubers are:

Rachel Catherine, Georgia Richards, Conagh Kathleen and Jessica Braun.


@allbasescovered.pod made me do it! Twirl bites… so good. Don’t really see the fuss about the caramilk ones tbh.

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Week Latte #49

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte
@minniemakeupreviews / @colouredbymel / @mymakeupandi / @rubythomasbeauty

Which beauty products are worth a splurge? @brittanybeautybts tells us where we should save!

I went through my inbox and realised I had a few unopened Newsletter emails from @theannaedit. Within them, I found this article: ‘How to deal with Zoom fatigue’ Especially relevant because at the time of writing Melbourne is lockdown 2.0).

@kate.lavie has moved into her and holy moly it is divine (of course!)

This interview with Emma Gannon was fabulous! I need to get back into her podcast!

I had a big read of Fashion Journal and enjoyed these:
How I Got Here: The Design Files’ Managing Editor on how she landed her dream gig

I asked a couples therapist how to break up with a friend

Seven writers and editors on where to next if you’re in magazine mourning *sob*

Wendy gave a review on Em Cosmetics – with some stunning imagery- which has @daisy_chain_daydreams and I swooning! Thinking of placing an order once a few things are back in stock!

I’ve found that listening to podcasts is really motivating for me when running, as opposed to listening to music. Today I listed to Jameela Jamil on Shameless and it was amazing. AH-MAZING! Everyone must listen to it. So many amazing takeaways. Shameless is wonderful anyways, so joining forces with Jameela was just so empowering.

Sand and Sky launched their new Tasmanian Spring Water range this week, which I’ve been trialling for about a month. See the range here, and my review here. I also have a highlight on my IG that has links to other creators who have shared their reviews too!

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Homebody Club Circle: Notes and Review


On Sunday 23 rd August, I attended the 8pm Homebody Club Women’s Circle.
My beautiful friend @daisy_chain_daydreams had attended in the past, and so I was keen to go and
see what it was all about.

The circles are hosted by HC’s founder, Lucy Green.

It is ran over Zoom, but Lucy is the only one with her microphone and camera on- us participants
communicate through the chat. (Luckily because I was in my pjs!)

We began with Lucy guiding us through a grounding meditation. I enjoy meditating but I find it hard
to bring my mind back as it so often wanders.
We then talked about Leo and Virgo seasons, their energies and what that means for us.
I was really excited to attend this particular circle, as it was just my birthday and I am a Leo through
and through.
Leos are typically warm, creative, enthusiastic, confident.
And Virgos are typically organised, planners.
So the merging of Leo’s ambitions with Virgo’s go-getter attitude is a really great combo. And they
can be powerful to harness both energies and use them together to make you dreams (or even just
your to-do list) come true.
Lucy also pulled two oracle cards for us during the session. One was ‘Protection’, about pulling back our energy
and reserving it, and the other was ‘Priestess’, and my main takeaway from this was not to underestimate the power of sharing your story.

We were also given a few question prompts, to write down and share our answers to in the chat.

What is your intention for the month?
‘Reading more’ was one of my 2020 goals that I haven’t achieved… yet. Many fo the women in the
circle also shared that they loved reading but didn’t often pick up a book.
So I want to challenge myself to dedicate time to reading every day this month. Someone in the chat
had a good suggestion (not just for reading) but for getting started with anything. Just start with 5
pages or 5 minutes. Don’t have high expectations of yourself… little is better than nothing.

We also had to set a word for the month ahead.
I choose ‘easy’.
Before the circle, I was watching this vlog from Amelia Liana. I haven’t watched her in ages… but for
some reason was drawn to this video. I got to a bit where she was sharing some advice she had got
from a reader. Anytime you think something is hard, or challenging, ask yourself ‘what if it were
easy.’ This really struck me,
So my word for the month is ‘easy.’
‘Easy’, not in the sense that my challenges aren’t hard, but that they are achievable.
The circle then ended with another mediation about courage, and I found this one hard to relax into
because Lucy was saying some amazing things and I wanted to scribble down notes.

I felt like both Amelia’s vlog and the Circle came at such a good time for me.
The Universe really does have her ways.

The week of the circle, I was entering into a new unit at uni; Anatomy and physiology 2.
Last semester, I did A&P 1. I was warned it would be hard. But even with that knowledge, it was
harder than I ever could have imagined.
I hated it.

And so going into this second unit, makes me doubly nervous because I know what to expect. I fear
it will bring back all those negative and unproductive emotions I felt during that last unit.
I really needed to feel empowered to face this unit again, and that’s exactly what the Circle did for
me. I feel confident in my ability to face this unit. Not the coursework per se, but just in remaining
productive and moving forward with it.

I am less fearful and more courageous.

Now, let me say that I am writing this on the Monday after the Circle, and I start the classes
tomorrow (Tuesday.) Who knows how I’ll feel after that, but right now I am doing okay.
I’ve planned my week, and just asked myself to do my best and try to live my dream life for at least
the next five days, Monday through Friday. Come the weekend, I can collapse into a heap if I need to
(after work lol). But foe these next five days, I want to be doing my daily reading, I want to be
exercising and being productive at uni.

I paid a one-off fee to attend this Circle, but I believe going forward only members can attend. I am
definitely doing to investigate the membership, as I found this really beneficial. I wish this sort of self
and spiritual development is something I could do myself, but I’m much better at being guided
through it.

Find out more about Homebody Club here.

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First Impressions: Peggy Sue Soaps


I’ve shared these products on the gram before, but thought this Aussie brand deserved their own dedicated post!

Now, I do have this beautiful body shimmer but it’s discontinued so I won’t talk about that- sorry!

Lip Conditioner and Lip Exfoliant

Both of these are really lovely to use and come in such cute packaging! They would also make really cute gifts for someone, I’m thinking for Secret Santa particularly. Practical, but pretty!

The bamboo packaging is also reusable which is a major plus!

I would also love to try the tinted lip conditioner and recently the brand bought out a Glow Bundle – amazing!

For more, see Peggy Sue Soaps on IG and their website. and buy them from @theishallshop !

These products were PR Samples from Black Sixteen Agency with obligation to post (opinion my own) on IG but this blog post is under no obligation.

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