Summer Newsletter #4 2022

ROLLY Mag, summer newsletter

Happy Wednesday all! I started writing this on Tuesday, and I truly thought it was Monday, my bad… you’ll find out why in a sec haha.

A lesson I learnt…

I went away to Lorne to camp with some friends this week. What was supposed to be one night turned into three because I simply did not want to go home. I had the best time. So Tuesday was my Monday haha. But the reason this is a lesson is because I was so truly relaxed, it made me reevaluate my life in a BIG way. I need to take more time off, I need to actively seek out adventure, and I need to remember the beauty in simplicity. All of these things are hard for me to do. The feeling I have now is similar to ‘post concert depression’, I used to feel immensely sad after a concert because they were the most fun and enjoyable things I could ever imagine doing. The holiday has left me with plenty to think about that is for sure. If anyone has any advice on this I would love to hear it!

Content I enjoyed…

I haven’t consumed all that much content this week, but given the significance of the date I thought I would share this post about why January 26th is not the date to celebrate.

Something I recommend…

Book that appointment you’ve been putting off. For me, it was finally using my new referral to see a new psychologist. It’s a painful process but I need to do it for my future self. What’s a task that’s been hanging over your head for far too long?

Take care, friends! xoxo

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Summer Newsletter 2022 #2

ROLLY Mag, summer newsletter

Did I nearly forget to write this post? Yes. But am I here now? Also yes.

I have had a lovely trip away to the beach, and plan on getting my life in order before I’m back to juggling all my jobs at once next week. And by in order I mean cleaning my room and watching Bump on Stan. That’s it lol!

I also got my booster shot! Melbourne friends, I went to the Royal Exhibition Building. It was such an efficient process, don’t be scared of the lines it moves so quick. They will give you the booster 3+ months since your last vaccination dose. Fabulous!

A lesson I learnt…

I wouldn’t say I have fully learnt it yet, but I am in the process of it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I have been stuck in the vicious NY dialogue of ‘new year new me’ except lol my behaviours haven’t changed so why should I expect to feel / look different. I am committed to change but at the same it seems exceptionally scary when I have no one to blame but myself. If I don’t do the work, it is my fault, ya know.

Content I enjoyed…

I mentioned this list in last week’s newsletter, and today I present the list I made myself. It doesn’t have to have meaning for anyone but you, and it’s a really fun twist on resolutions.

Something I recommend… 

I have been in SUCH A RUT when it comes to reading. I have had one book on my bedside table for the better part of a year and whilst I enjoy it in the snippets I do read, it’s not gripping me. So I went to two bookstores and bought a few new reads. Did I need them? No. But did the magic of the book stores reinstate the joy of reading within me? Absolutely. I smashed through one of the books in one day. It was an easy read, but exactly what I needed to feel the love of reading again. If you feel the same, you should consider a trip to bookstore just as a fun activity. You don’t have to leave with anything physically but maybe a little bit of inspiration will come home with you.

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Week Latte #57


This post has been in my drafts forever, but I will kick off with a nice little reflection piece about heading into 2022. In 2022, take your time.

Now, the rest of this post is basically just a love letter to Refinery 29 Australia.

How hobbies have become the ultimate humblebrag: I am genuinely insecure about my lack of hobbies. Yes I like to bake and read and blog but i don’t do any of them consistently. So that doesn’t make them a hobby, surely?

Why are we so obsessed with morning routines on Tik Tok: I have always had a fascination with people’s morning routines. They can tell you so much about a person.

How cuuuuute is this Kosas mini set? Add to cart (so that I can redeem my birthday bonus hehe!)

I’ve been going on a lot of walks this lockdown, and am therefore listening to a lot of podcasts to entertain me on my mission for 10K steps. Here’s some of my fave listens of late.

After Work Drinks: This episode on ‘The Panic Years’ was such an insightful conversation. I am lucky to be a few years off from this but it definitely makes me feel more confident heading into this next stage of life.

Culture Club: Two Melbourne gals having a chat about life – I often find new entertainment recommendations through Jas and Maggie (recently, the book Small Joys of Real Life and the TV series Starstruck).

The Undecided Gen Z: I half heartedly watched The Bachelor this year, but this podcast version of The Bachelorette filled its place, and the some. So entertaining, but oh my gosh pulled on the heart strings!

Beauty IQ: Hannah + Jo + Katie Jane Hughes, need I say more? What a dream team. Basically the founding members of the Weleda Skin Food Love Club.

Covid cancelled my 21st but I’m secretly relieved– We have all missed out on a milestone during covid, and mine was my (and all my friend’s) 21st birthdays. I can’t say I was relieved not to be able to celebrate but relieved not to have to plan the party? Yes. A thoughtful piece nonetheless.

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Week Latte #56


Hey friends, happy Friday. Let’s get into it!

Morgan wrote this piece for Mamamia (yay!!) all about where to buy the beauty brands you see all over your IG feed.

Also on Mamamia was this piece about breaking up with a friend and damn… it’s so hard! But I was grateful to read this.

Have I listened to the Jeans and a Nice Top podcast before? Maybe lol but I rediscovered and loved it this month!

Who else learnt about ‘sleep procrastination’ from Tik Tok? This Fashion Journal post takes a deep dive into the concept.

Something that is often on my mind… child-free by choice.

Hey Tiger closed down recently – lots of lessons to learn from the founder Cyan’s farewell.

Perfecting your weekend ritual, from Jasmine Dowling’s archives.

Patriarchy Stress Disorder – I can relate to a lot of these.

An incredible article about how fake tan reinforces problematic beauty standards. This is relatively new concept to me – I always thought it was an innocent practise. But the images of Ariana Grande shocked me.

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Being back at uni really kicked my butt and I think that sums it up. However, this month I did clock up my second in-person blogging event which was SO fun!

Listened to

You may know I have a little crush on Thanasi Kokkinakis (hehe) – which is why I started listening to his podcast interview on Ordineroli Speaking. It was fantastic to hear a platform that encourages vulnerability from sportspeople in regards to mental health and adversity.


I went to the Footscray Ice Cream Co and got the raffaello flavour and the kinder bueno. OH MY GOSH! Delicious.

I also tried Taco Bell for the first time and it was so fun, I just wish it was closer to me! Or maybe I don’t haha, I would buy it all the time.


Not all that much apart from uni and work tbh. But I did have two noteworthy events at the end of the month…

Sundae Launch Party at the Osbourne Rooftop where I met @_curatedbyleah and @skincaresavvy (among others!) Such a good time!

Foresters and then Lantern Lounge for a 21st – cool vibes.


Nothing, apart from uni readings and even then, barely. My inconsistency with reading is annoying me.


Lots of old vlogs from Zoe Sugg, on the back of her pregnancy announcement. Consider me obsessed.

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I’ve had this sitting unpublished in drafts for the whole month of March and April lol but it’s finally here! I didn’t fill out the ‘ATE’ section and now I can’t remember so lol we miss out on that.

February started off strong, as I knew it was my last few weeks of ‘freedom’ before uni started back on the 22nd and I wanted to make the most of it. We had a little blip in there with the snap lockdown, but we are out the other-side!

Listened to

Instead of connecting to Spotify, my car connected to the music on my phone randomly. The stripped version of Perfect by 1D came on wow it reinvigorated me. Good times.


I managed to get a fair bit of fun into the first half of the month before lockdown began. A few friends and I went to Trinket for their bottomless pizza and cocktails one Saturday afternoon. It was delicious and really good value for money.

They only do this for lunch sittings and it was so good. Trinket is a really luxe, Gatsby-vibe bar on Flinders Lane that is just as magical at night as it is during the daytime. Oh, and the bathroom is PINK! Epic. We got crepes from Harajuku Crepes at Melbourne Central afterwards. Delicious. 

The food was very delicious and generous. However, we thought we would be able to pick any drink (as the website didn’t say otherwise) but it’s actually a set menu of four different cocktail jugs to choose from. This worked well for us but just something to keep in mind.

Daisy and I also caught up in the city to do some shopping and go to Byblos (on @strictlysal’s recommendation). It was a really fun way to try a lot of different items and everything was so tasty.

We definitely ordered too much food but who can blame us when there are so many tasty options? 

My highlights were the watermelon Spritz (non-alcoholic) and the halloumi salad. 

On the last day before Melbourne’s snap lockdown, I met my fellow West side blogger gals Doreethy and Azra as well as Wendy for the first time, and we went for dinner. we tried Madam West because the IG vibe was cool. They were super busy, and our food was a tad underwhelming but it was nice to try.

Not much happened for the rest of the month because of work and uni. But I did manage to visit a new local cafe for brunch which was a nice discovery!

I also got really sick one weekend which knocked me around quite a bit. I’m lucky it was sorted quickly but it reminded me that if you don’t choose to take rest days, your body will choose them for you. Because of that, my plans calmed right down for the last half of the month.


Olive by Emma Gannon

I found it so hard to get into this book, despite the fact that I loved the concept. The characters were unlikeable and all sounded a bit selfish in my opinion… but I was talking to a friend who did enjoy it and she said it was kind of the point. It showed us that we are all so involved in our own lives that we can miss important things happening with our friends. 

I trudged through because I wanted to finish the dang thing and I was disappointed. I would love to read more on this topic but in a more enjoyable book-universe.

I found this review that sums up my feelings pretty well too. 

I thought the book would explore the concept of choosing to be child free in a more emotionally intelligent and sensitive way – instead it really did feel like Olive was researching and deceiving for the sake of her article. I was hoping she would get what she deserved (some accountability at the very least), but instead it was a neatly tied up ending. 

I also wonder if I had too many expectations for the book. I was hoping to read it and feel a sense of decision or at least feel heard. Although Olive and share a lot of the same views, her overall nature was nothing I could relate to. 


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 3

My friends and I have done a Galentine’s viewing of this series for the past two years, but this year it was done virtually thanks to lockdown.

I thought it was a nice way to end the series, but I’m sad it’s over. As always, the set design and wardrobe was heavenly. I was pleasantly surprised with the more grown-up plot in this movie too. Big fan.

However it’s funny that three years ago I was literally obsessed with Peter Kavinsky and now, I really don’t vibe him lol. Cute nonetheless.

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Week Latte #54


Happy Friday! March was a very spendy month for me thanks to the Priceline, Sephora and various Afterpay sales. Lots of new makeup has been added to my collection so I took inspo for that when compiling the IG post… enjoy these pretty shots and links! x

Why I broke up with my fantasy self – I think this is such an important read, especially during a time of ‘romancing’ our everyday life is really taking off post/during-pandemic. (Which is a concept I generally love but can be misleading too.)

Canva is literally my fave lol. This is such a great tip!

You may know I have a little crush on Thanasi Kokkinakis (hehe) – which is why I started listening to his podcast interview on Ordineroli Speaking. It was fantastic to hear a platform that encourages vulnerability from sportspeople in regards to mental health and adversity. (Ctrl C + ctrl V from my Monthly march post hehe)

It is bonkers to me that last year I did Couch to 5K… I could run 5K??? ME??? lol. Anyways, I would love to get back into running, and this post from Rachel was inspiring.

Reading/watching/listen to people’s routines or a ‘day in the life’ is my favourite form of content, so I thoroughly enjoyed this by The Designs Files, A Day In The Colourful Life Of Influencer + Entrepreneur, Flex Mami.

You may have seen this circulating the internet this month…

In response, Leigh Campbell wrote this piece for Mamamia: Why I Unfollow People Who Subscribe to ‘Hustle Culture’.

The past few years have certainly glamourised being a ‘boss babe’ and ‘the hustle’. I know it’s certainly ingrained in my thinking. It is SO hard for me to say no to work. I’ve got another 50+ years of work ahead of me. I know it’s not healthy. But work/business equates to success in my head. I loved Leigh’s article, and I want to learn from her and stop myself from getting burnt out. But a small part of me still thought ‘oh cool would her life at the magazine have been?!’ despite the fact it lead her being hospitalised. My stupid brain STILL glamourised that. Hustle culture is TOXIC!!! Any advice for a brainwashed Gen Z?

Funnily enough, shortly after writing this, look what popped up on my Pinterest. This is a mindset I can get on board with!

March marked a new season, and for the first time ever I paid attention to how the change of season would effect my makeup. Katie Jane Hughes talked to Elle about transitioning your makeup from summer to fall (autumn for us Aussies!) in 2019, a few tried-and-true KJH tips can be found here.

Chriselle Lim takes us inside her fall makeup bag.

Emily Freybler shares her fall transition tips.

I also liked this info graph to remind me of subtle ways to tweak my makeup. I wish I could rock a matte, berry lip but it’s not happening haha. I do think I could play with some orange-y tones on the cheeks though!

Zoe and Alfie announced they are having a baby and it excites me beyond belief. The gals on the Culture Club Pod discuss it, as well as life expectations and parenting bloggers in general. Fun!

I saw this on Pinterest and the well-loved highlight from this palette makes me want to buy it agh lol.

Priceline had their half price cosmetics sale this month and whilst my haul was a bit lacklustre, I loved seeing what you all bought! Azra’s swatches make me want to collect all of these Revlon palettes ha!

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Priceline Half Price Cosmetics Sale Recommendations – March 2021


Priceline Half Price Cosmetics Sale Recommendations – Sale starts Tuesday 23rd, I have no affiliation with Priceline fyi!

If I’ve reviewed any of these products, I’ll share the reviews in my stories as well as give you a quick rundown here. Also, I have a Priceline recommendations highlight that has links to other blogger’s fave products too so be sure to check it out! xx

** Covergirl, Natio and Revlon products are PR Samples. No obligation to post this. 

  • Revlon Rose Glow Primer: amazing product that gives a subtle pink-toned sheen to the skin but has crap packaging. 
  • Revlon Glow Lip Oils: recently expanded their colour range, gorgeous formula and versatile wearability. My fave is glowed up rose (pictured) 
  • Natio Cream Blush: cream to powder formula that packs as a punch but is user friendly. However, it does only come in one shade 😦 
  • Natio double-ended brush (: beautiful quality and practical use! 
  • Natio lip gloss: this is my ultimate pinky-mauve with a slight shimmer. Adore. 
  • NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush: buildable colour, really gorgeous texture and long lasting colour. I like it best when applied with my fingers. 
  • Maybelline Colour tattoo eyeshadow in socialite: I have a whole review of this in my drafts but basically Emmies beauty life got me onto it and wow it’s sparkly, long lasting heaven! 
  • Loreal Infallible Matte Lip Crayon: I have the shade caramel blondie and I loooove it so much I’m considering buying a back up. I haven’t seen many people talk about these though? I find the applicator very easy to apply and the long is relatively long-lasting without being a thick, uncomfortable matte. 
  • Covergirl Lash and Brow Primer: my attitude towards primers in general is they are nice to have but not necessary. I feel the same about this. It certainly adds a bit of something extra to your lashes but I don’t think you are missing out if you don’t have this step in your routine Still, I wanted to include it if you are looking for something new! 
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara: what do you look for in a mascara; length or volume? I have naturally quite long but fair lashes so I tend to lean towards volume. Let me tell you this ticks all of the boxes for me. I love the wand too. I cleaned it up so you could get a good view of it in this picture haha. 

Now over to you… what do you recommend I buy in the sale? 

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The Importance of ‘Negative’ Reviews In The Blogging Industry


I, like many bloggers, often share my monthly favourite products but don’t get around to sharing the products I didn’t like. This is for a few reasons:

  • Sometimes the products go straight in the bin / on to a friend if I don’t like them, so they don’t stick around to get a photo 
  • I forget about them! If I don’t like it, I’m not using it / reaching for it

But I really want to try and make my ‘non faves’ a regular feature on my IG. 

Not because I enjoy not liking products, but because I think that it’s important to add an alternative perspective. 

***When I say negative, I don’t mean I’m hating on the product. I try to give a reasonable explanation for why the product didn’t work for me. 

My first non faves post featured Bangn Body products. I have not seen a single bad review for these products. 

However, when I posted about it, I got quite a few people comment or send me a message saying that they also weren’t a fan. 

Where were these reviews when I was searching for them? 

Think about your own consumer habits…

I personally will only buy something if it has been recommended to me or I’ve seen that it has worked well for people. 

I rarely pick up a product without hearing any reviews. 

This is why it’s so important to share your opninions about products – good or bad! 

Because it might influence someone else’s purchase. 

For example, I disliked the intense scent of Bangn Body. Someone messaged me saying ‘thanks for sharing, I don’t like fragranced products but I wanted to try this. I’ll wait for the fragrance free version because of your review.’ 


It builds trust with your audience. Particularly if your audience relate to you, they might think ‘oh if she didn’t like it, I probably won’t either.’

This is not a bad thing! 

At the end of the day, just because something did or didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it will work or not work in the same way for someone else.

As bloggers, our reviews are part of the buying process for many people. If you think of yourself, you want to know as much as you can before you commit to something. 

Now, I know lots of bloggers who say they don’t share their negative reviews because they don’t see the value in it. It’s a waste of time and space on their feeds. I get this perspective, and I see how you might think that. 

If you are constantly giving products bad reviews it may not feel like a very happy place on your socials. 

So I think here, it’s important to ask yourself why you didn’t like it. 

For me, the scent of Banng Body was a big factor. And I know that frgarance is a popular subject when it comes to products. So this element of the product is a relevent fetaure that people want to know about. 

If I don’t like a product ‘just because’ then that’s not valuable to my followers nor the brand. 

That’s another thing, the brands need to know!! 

Even though I haven’t seen the negative reviews, Bangn Body must’ve received a few about the scent because they have recently released a fragnrace free alternative. Hurray! 

This brand do customer care extremely well, but I would hope that other brands would also see that customers are disliking a particular thing about their product and make changes. 

So, that’s my two cents on that. 

What do you think – would you ever share a ‘negative’ review?

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Week Latte #53


February has come and gone (thanks for nothing, summer! Srsly, we barely saw the sun in Melbs).

So you know what that means… Enjoy the links x

Because I forgot to post this on the last Friday of Feb and instead it’s going live in March, enjoy these memes about the AUDACITY of this month returning.

Such a great read – feeling lost in your 20s.

The mascara that broke the internet has been reviewed by Emmie’s Beauty Life and guys, it’s a contender for her fave mascara of the year. Big call!

Ages ago I bought this lippie in the shade ‘caramel blondie’ from Chemist Warehouse, but it’s finally available at Priceline. Love it!

I’m so keen to try these blushes, particularly these new shades!

Hannah shared this matrix and I think it will come in super handy for me when uni assessments start to roll in. I like the simple visual.

Being back at uni, I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest again. Lol at that correlation. Here’s some bits that have inspired me.

Cheesecake brownies, yes freaking please!!!!

Who remembers this era? hahah

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