First Impressions: 5 Days of 5 Foundations


GUYS! This has been sitting my drafts since April… omg. But I’m working on the second instalments so figured should probably post this hey 😉

For reference, my skin type is combination x

Revlon Colour Stay: I’ve used this foundation once or twice before and don’t remember enjoying it all that much. But I gave it another shot. The colour 110 Ivory is perfect for me. I used a buffing brush to put the majority of the product on, and then added some more product to a wet beauty sponge to finish up around my eyes and nose. At first, I wasn’t overly happy with how it looked, but as it settled down, it gave quite a flawless look to the skin. I didn’t use a primer or setting powder (like I usually would) and I found this had disappeared off my face within about 6 hours. I’ll have to test it with both of those things, but otherwise I’m quite happy!

Maybelline Superstay: It claims to be a full coverage foundation and I agree it has the potential to do that. However, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin- woo! I noticed it didn’t sit very well on the sides of my nose where my pores are the largest. So in future I will use a silicone primer in this area to help minimise the appearance for a more flawless finish. I used a wet Mco Beauty sponge and was really happy with how it applied. A light, matte finish. Unfortunately, it did oxidise a bit within about 2 hours of wear.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define: I applied this with a wet beauty sponge, and my first impression was how good the colour match was! Definitely has the ability to build up to full coverage. Didn’t emphasise my pores which is what I’m most impressed by! So far, this foundation has lasted the best out of the others I’ve tried this week. It has a light-matte finish. I also really like the large, doe foot applicator. I’ve never used a foundation like this before but think it’s potentially more practical than a pump. Really happy! I was gifted this by @katiescosmopolitan in our beauty swap!

Thin Lizzy Flawless Complexion: I’ve actually tried this before this week. I tested it out on my IG stories, after I bought it in the Priceline half price sale. It applied best with a wet beauty sponge, rather than a brush. It was beautiful and glowy on the skin, with buildable coverage. Initially, I had applied it as a medium coverage and didn’t set it. Because of this, it creased horrendously under my eyes! So next time I tried it at medium coverage, I set it and it lasted really well and the glow still came through. However, this week, I applied it 4 minutes before my uni Zoom class- lol. So I did very light coverage, applied with a wet beuaty sponge and I didn’t set it. I was so impressed with it! Evened out my skin tone and gave me a bit of glow. So nice!! So whilst my first impressions were a bit ‘meh’, I have really grown to love this foundation.

Revlon Candid Glow: This foundation is the one I’ve actually tested the best, because I wore it for about two weeks straight. I had a really busy period at work and so needed a streamlined and quick makeup routine. I liked using this foundation because I could apply it with my fingers, and it never really went wrong. The coverage is extremely light. It evens the appearance of your skin tone but it certainly doesn’t do much more than that. Blemishes and coloured spots still come through. But, that does make for a very natural finish which I don’t mind for an everyday basis. The foundation claims to ‘glow’…. if this is the glow formula I would hate to see the matte! Forget everything you associate with ‘glow’- dewy, fresh, glassy etc. Because you don’t get that. The best way I can describe this is a natural finish. Not a ‘natural glow’, but natural. I also didn’t find this lasted a whole day of wear. And another thing, yes I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently, but I seem to be going through it soooo quickly. It is a smaller packaging than other foundations on the market (only 22ml). So whilst I did keep reaching for it, and I enjoyed it, I’m not sure where I sit. If I could pick it up half price, then I think I would repurchase it because it’s an easy addition to my makeup routine, but nothing groundbreaking in comparisons to the other ones I tried this week.

Have you tried any of these foundations? What do you think?

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REVIEW: MCo Beauty UltraStay Flawless Foundation

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It is with great sadness that I live in a town that doesn’t have Woolworths. Can you even believe? 🤪 Usually it takes is a 20 minute drive to the next suburb to get in store, but thanks to lockdown, getting my hands on these during the current half price sale, proved a little more difficult. Nonetheless, I’ve secured the goods! Here’s my @mcobeauty haul and #firstimpressions on the foundation! I got the foundation in the lightest shade, Classic Ivory. In the bottle it appears lighter than the shade it actually is when you pump it out. Unfortunately, this foundation runs deep and so even the lightest shade was too yellow for me 😭 (although it is described as a neutral undertone, that wasn’t the case for me). It comes in 12 shades, but you can’t get them all in store… I reached out to Mco before posting this, and they’ve said that the shade range WILL be extended. However, they also said that shade range in Woolworths will vary store to store. I applied this with a damp beauty sponge and it applied really well. It is described as a builable to medium coverage ✔️which I agree with. Evens skin tone ✔️ also agree. 24 hour oil control✖️ disagree! This was long lasting, but my t-zone got slightly oily like it normally would. Sorry, this miracle-worker claim didn’t come true for me. Light-weight formula ✔️ true! It was really lovely to wear on the skin and felt comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this foundation, however if you are fair like me, you won’t be able to find a match. (And I’m not really about mixing with lighter foundations etc, I just want the product to work itself, ya know?) Also, I have combo skin- if you are really dry or oily, I don’t think this will play nice 😬 Next, I picked up the brush set. These are also sold individually. They look and feel like pretty decent quality. I was so excited to see that these are now stocked at Woolies, as they were exclusive to Oz Hair and Beauty for a short while. And lastly, I picked up the ‘peachy babe’ shade of the lip oil. I was eyeing off some of the brow products and the oh-so-famous tubing mascara, but I really don’t need them. 🙈What did you buy?

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If you missed it, I posted my review of the new Mco Beauty Foundation on IG. You can see my thoughts in the post.

Wait for a Woolies sale and purchase here.


  • long lasting (but not 24 hours long)
  • light-weight and comfortable to wear
  • natural finish, perfect for normal to combination skin, but I wouldn’t think this would suit dry or oily skin without a lot of prep and maintenance work.
  • buildable coverage
  • shade range is lack-lustre. No options for very fair or very deep skin tones. However, Mco have said there is more to come. I’ll believe when I see it.
  • I tried the lightest shade ‘Classic Ivory’ and it was too deep and yellow for me unfortunately.

Reviews form bloggers I love

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•MCO BEAUTY• it’s review time! i’ve been putting this baby to the test over the last few days and i honestly cannot say enough amazing things about it! so let’s jump right in! —————————————————————————————— WHAT IS IT; this is the new @mcobeauty #UltraStay Flawless Foundation. it is a lightweight liquid formula that offers a medium to full coverage finish that doesn’t cake, fade or rub off. it comes in 10 shades and is sold through the McoBeauty site or at @woolworths_au 😊 WHAT I FOUND; so i tested this foundation for 4 days. i wore it alone, with powder, with moisturiser underneath and with setting spray. i cannot believe how well this foundation works! the claim that it doesn’t budge holds up so well. even with the foundation simply on my skin, it held on so well. wearing a mask made the foundation rub off my nose slightly but i dont blame the foundation for that! i found the best combo for my skin was placing a sheer powder over the foundation and using setting spray – it lasted all day! no caking, minimal creasing and my face didn’t feel heavy after wearing a full day of liquid foundation. i am pretty much obsessed hahah! ——————————————————————————————— overall i would recommend this foundation! it not only has an awesome formula, but the price is awesome too! off the @mcobeauty website you’ll pay $28AU but @woolworths_au at the moment it’s on special for half price! also, let’s all take a moment and remember my gorgeous @kaleidosmakeup sponge before my dog got into it and shredded it hahah! i give this foundation 4/5! how can it get 5? bigger shade range 😍 . . . . . @mcobeauty #mcobeauty #mcobeautyproducts #mcobeautyinspo #mcobeautyfoundation #ultrastayflawlessfoundation #foundation #ashleysmakeupaddiction #makeupreview #review #makeup #beautybabe #beautybloggers

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REVIEW: Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation


Guys, finally! I put on some makeup. And I did it *all for you*!

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Guys, finally! I put on some makeup. And I did it *all for you*! 😉 I tested out this foundation for 4 days… my full review is on the blog! Would I recommend it? #linkinbio to find out! Truly, curiosity got the best of me and I thought gosh dang I have to put this foundation to the test. I’ve heard really good things, and really not-so-good things – reviews from other bloggers are linked at the bottom of the blog post. However, I tried to go into this with an open mind. *Foundation was received in PR, with no obligation to post* DAY ONE: I had fresh, cleansed my skin, and just had some Cipher C-Shield and Beach Way Aromatics moisturiser underneath. I had come home from a run and washed off my sunscreen to apply those skincare bits, then forgot to reapply sunscreen- fool. I tried not to listen to too many opinions so I could form one for myself. The only thing I did take from other reviews was that many said it applied best with fingers, so that’s what I did. No obligation to post. #makeupcollection #makeupmess #instabeautyau #beautycommunity #ausbeautybabes #slaytheflatlay #bbloggersau #makeuptime #beautyaddict #makeuplovers #beautyjunkie #beautyaddiction #beautyroutine #beautyobsessed #flatlayforever #flatlaystyle #skincareaddict #discoverunder5k #covergirl #covergirlcosmetics #covergirlskinmilk #covergirlskinmilkfoundation #coty #cotypr #covergirlau #easybreezybeautiful

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Truly, curiosity got the best of me and I thought gosh dang I have to put this foundation to the test. I’ve heard really good things,  and really not-so-good things – reviews from other bloggers are linked at the bottom of the post. 

However, I tried to go into this with an open mind. 

*Foundation was received in PR, with no obligation to post* 


I had fresh cleansed my skin, and just had some Cipher C-Shield and Beach Way Aromatics moisturiser underneath. I had come home from a run and washed off my sunscreen to apply those skincare bits, then forgot to reapply sunscreen- fool. 

I tried not to listen to too many opinions so I could form one for myself. The only thing I did take from other reviews was that many said it applied best with fingers, so that’s what I did. 

First thing- this is the second lightest shade in the Australian range. There are only 6 shades available from Priceline. 

The coverage is very, very sheer. Like, barely there. Yet, I could still feel the product on my skin. It did a pretty good job at evening out my skin tone- mostly the redness on my cheeks.  But it definitely didn’t do much to cover up my dark undereyes or any blemishes I had. It just clung to them. 

It pilled (sometimes I think this is the fault of my C-Shield though just fyi) and it really clung to any texture I had. Acne scarring, peach fuzz, eyebrows etc it CLUNG!!! 

The finish is quite glowy, in a healthy sort of way not a wet way.

I really wished I liked this because it would make a great foundation for isolation. But sadly, it just didn’t turn up to the occasion. 

If you have smooth, blemish free skin this might be ok. But any texture at all will be highlighted by this. 

Of course, everyone’s skin and preferences are different so we must keep that in mind. What works for one may or may not work for another. 

I noticed when I was washing this off later that day that it looked it very milky… so far that’s the only way it’s living up to it’s name! 


I went in with a bit more product today than I did last time. 

It was hard to rub in, I used my fingers and it wasn’t soaking into the skin.

Same as Day One, it evened out my skin tone, and had a slightly dewy finish. 

The smell still bothered me, immensely. You can’t smell it’s on your skin but when you’re applying it you can. 

I think after today it’s made me decide I really don’t like the application. So today’s wear test will make or break it my thoughts on this… 

I did a little workout today and safe to say this does not survive the sweat test. It wasn’t even *that* hot, and it was melting off in a weird way. 

When I was just warm (it was a warm day) and I was going about my day, it looked more glow but in a nice way. Particularly on my cheeks. But I wasn’t loving it on forehead where I had a lot of texture and it was CLINGING! 

But yeah, it did not survive the sweat. 


Today, I did a different base. I still used my Cipher C and Mesoestetic SPF but between these two steps I used my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream. 

This is a gel-cream texture, and left my skin quite moist. 

I think this is the secret to making the Covergirl work it’s best.

Having a super hydrated base certainly helped the appearance of the foundation. It still clung to dry patches around my nose, but not so much on my forehead texture. 

It also still required a lot of rubbing into the skin in order for it to blend. It is quite odd in this way. The foundation sort of just moves around on top of your skin, it doesn’t blend easily at all. It’s a lot of work, and the end result isn’t even worth it. 

So today was better but still not wow… 


Today I was watching an old video by Jessica Braun and she said she liked this foundation (but wouldn’t buy it again… I’ve linked it in the ‘Ok’ category!) 

She applied it with a wet beauty sponge and I so I thought I would give that a go. 

I think I used more product for this particular application and maybe that was a good thing. 

It appeared nicely dewy.

However, the persisting troubles I’ve had these past days remained. Clung to every bit of texture, and kind of has a ‘balled up’ appearance in some areas. 

I did really like the application though, and it allowed me to build up some coverage I couldn’t achieve with just fingers. 

After today, I think I’ve been able to draw my final verdict.


I used the shade 530 Fair/Light which was wearable but a tad too yellow for my liking. The shade range just doesn’t cut it. 

I think the smell is supposed to be coconut, but it comes across like bread. Oops.

It definitely has a dewy finish, light/medium finish.

But the finish itself isn’t great. If you have texture (which we all do) this stuff will cling to it for dear life.

The longevity is, well, not long. 5 hours max maybe?

This product is just not reliable. I can’t put it on when I’m in a rush and know it will look good. 

Heck, I can’t even take my sweet time and HOPE it will look good. 

Also the coverage is so light. For me, I may as well go makeup free. I don’t wear high coverage makeup anyways, but I like the option of something more buildable.

I can’t say I’m going to keep wearing this, and I definitely won’t purchase it myself. Such a shame, because it has worked so well for others. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?

Read reviews from other bloggers below:



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Hi lovelies. I can’t believe it’s already time for Monday tomorrow, I guess I say this because i worked all weekend. It’s been a long time since I worked a weekend and i genuinely missed the sleep in ☹️ What’s even more surprising is once again we’re at the end of the month so it’s time to round up my thoughts on the products that were in my August makeup basket 😊 • • • This months primer was the @bobbibrownaustralia vitamin enriched face base and while it’s very moisturising, unfortunately my skin did not agree and caused me a reaction. The @covergirlanz skin milk foundation is light coverage and lightweight. I found using my hands is the best way to blend out this product with no primer underneath. Unfortunately this shade is too light for me ☹️ The @rimmellondonus volume shake mascara was really lengthening on my lashes. I didn’t notice it smudging or transferring which is a plus. As for the @baremineralsuk dew mist setting spray, this leaves glitter all over my face. No matter how hard I shake it. I wasn’t impressed 😠 • • • I’m going to do a whole post dedicated to the @covergirl skin milk foundation so stay tuned for that, I just wanted to share some quick thoughts. What product did you try out this month and what were your thoughts? • • • • • #sephoraaus #pricelinesisters #meccabeautyjunkie #w7makeup #rimmellondonau #flowerbeauty #smashbox #rethinknatural #bareminerals #covergirlau

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COVERGIRL 💗 CLEAN FRESH 💦 SKIN MILK 🍼 NOURISHING FOUNDATION 💪🏻 (tinted moisturiser IMO) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *imagine me singing this softly in your ear* 🎶 i promiseeeeeeeeee a review is comingggggggggggg bcus baby girl youuuuuu deserve it, i wanna give you everythinggg, maybe one day even a diamond ring but for now please just stayyyyyyyyyyyy (patient) 🎶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ive been watching tiktok too much. #mipan 🐝 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❗️OK so basically ive seen this foundation buzzing around on socials atm bcus obviously its just launched in Australia and apparently were all sickos for new makeup 😛 SOO i just wanted slide into your feed real QUIK and deliver my lil two pump supreme (if this jokes means nothing to you, youve lived a satisfying life) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ANYWAY THIS STUFF IS DOPE CITY. i can say with absolutely certainty that i have never liked a covergirl product before this – i felt their makeup was trash quality, boring to look at and srsly uninspiring 😴 so when i tell you i was S H O C K E D 😧 i was GENUINELY SHOCKED to my core at the things this boy could do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🤓✏️I AM writing up a PROPER (well about as proper as you would expect from me😅) review/breakdown which i will *maybe* have posted tomorrow night BUT FOR NOW just wanted to show off my highly skilled swatches 💃🏻 AND remind you all that im still here, im sour as ever and WOW ive missed complaining w you guys 💔 pls look forward to more saucy content comin ur way ✨ bcus it rly do be comin (unlike me during quarantine) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🥰 IF YOUVE READ DOWN THIS FAR 🥰 i love u, i appreciate u, ive added you into my will, i wish never for u to deal with a two-pump and slump kinda dude EVER in your life AND i wish your foundation to forever be blended to perfection 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #thebeautyroast

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Glam Party Makeup – Blogmas Day


This was my second work Christmas party for the year and the theme was ‘glam’. 

The night prior to this I had my work Christmas dinner and so had already given a few of these products a test run. Sorry I haven’t written that post yet 🙃

I wanted to give the I Heart Revolution primer another test. It is quite nice to use, a bit more hydrating than my OMShe, and less glowy than my Rimmel radiance. I’m quite a fan!

I did my eyes first, a new technique I’ve been putting to the test of late. 

I tried something a bit different and used my L’oreal Infallible concealer as a base on my eyes. It gives such good coverage, and really brightened the area. I find the concealer a bit too intense for my face, so I think this could be the perfect use for it.

I wanted to do a lilac look, using the shimmers in my new I Heart revolution palette. However, there aren’t any purple mattes in there so I had to look through the rest of my collection to find something suitable.

The Australis Mesmerize palette had some options… but I got a bit flustered and decided to try my Frank Body Rose Gold Illuminator on my eyes instead.

The reason I bought both colours of the illuminators is because I envisioned the gold as a face highlight, and the rose gold as a one-and-done eyeshadow colour. 

However, once it was on my eyes, the colour really wasn’t building up to the rose gold colour I wanted it to. I was very sheer. Normally I would be happy with that, but 1) I wanted to be really ‘glam’ and 2) it’s supposed to be rose gold and it just wasn’t. It did give a stunning glossy/wet effect which I loved. 

I’ll definitely experiment with this again, but for this look, it just didn’t cut it. 

So, I decided to go over the top with some of the deep, matte mauves in the Glitz palette and then used the Revolution shimmers as a topper. 

I got a purpley kind of look so I was happy. 

I then used the Rimmel Matte foundation for the first time. It is sort of foamy in texture. I was pleasantly surprised with this colour match and the coverage.

I used my Flower Beauty concealer. I use this because it is so good at providing coverage and brightening, but oh my god, it creases my under-eyes like crazy! And I always forget that it does this…

I used the Savvy bronzer again… I think this works better as a bronzer topper- however I used it by itself and it still gives a good amount of colour.

I attempted to use my new BYS blush stick. It is such a pretty colour- very similar to my Luma tint in the shade ‘muse’.

I attempted using a stippling brush, my fingers and sponge to apply this, but each method was unsuccessful. 

No matter what I did, applying the cream just removed my foundation underneath. 

It was a really tricky process, and this is why I am hesitant to use cream products. 

I topped up my blush with my trust Elf.

The thing is the though, I love the colour! So I am willing to try and use it again. I think I’ll apply this underneath my foundation, that way I don’t have to fiddle with it over the top. Hopefully that works. 

Then for highlight, I finally got out my Coloupop Flexitarian to play with.

I got this CP brush to use specifically for highlight- I think Kathleen lights recommended it- but I actually didn’t love it. It was a bit too dense for my liking. 

The highlight itself shocked me by just how creamy it was. It almost felt wet. 

This was my first ever time using the supershock formulas and wow- now I understand how CP made a name for themselves with these unique products. 

I found that I had to work the product up quite a bit to get it from a glitter-like finish to something more intense. 

It wasn’t glittery but the reflection was sheer. Does that make sense? 

Honestly, I was kinda disappointed. This is their bestselling highlighter, and I just didn’t see the appeal. However!! I’ve only used it once. The colour is gorgeous once built up, and the formula is very new to me- I think I need some more practise before I form my final opinion. 

I used my fave Full Brow pencil to fill in my brows, and followed this with their brow fibre. The formula is a bit wet and smudgy to apply- but it provides fab colour and hold if you get the application right I topped this again with my Rimmel clear brow gel to test it out.

I was sooooo excited to try the L’Oreal unlimited mascara. The wand was a bit difficult to get used to, but I think if I practise a bit more I’ll get the hang of it. I can see how the moveable wand and different angles will be very useful.

It provided good length and volume that didn’t smudge or transfer. It was a bit clumpy to apply but I was happy overall. 

This was a really fun makeup experimenting session because I used so many new products. 

I tried my new Essence ‘this is me’ lipstick in the shade ‘freaky’. It was so creamy to apply, very pigmented and lasted a good while. And the colour is the *perfect* pinky-nude for me.

I was soooooo impressed with this. It’s $4.50. You have to try it. 

I also packed my Revlon Ultra HD Gloss in the shade ‘Birthday suit’. A gloss is easy for topping up your lip colour, and I used this last night and knew that I loved it.

Now, for the crème de la crème of this look… Morphe Setting Mist.

It has a subtle, sweet scent – nothing overpowering or unbearable. The mist is so fine. It applies like a dream. 

I had a very sweaty night of running in heels to catch the tram, lots of dancing in a very crowded room.

Yet, I came home and my makeup was still on my face.

Hard to say what I can attribute this too, as I used a lot of new products, but I think even after one use, this setting spray is definitely worth a shot. 

I also just wanted to add on here the story of my tan. 

It got to Saturday, and silly me had forgotten – yep- to tan. 

But I thought, perfect opportunity to try the new-to-me Bondi Sands Tanning Oil. My friend uses this and gets the most gorgeous, glowy tan from it in matter of hours.

So I applied this with the Bondi Sands tanning mitt at about 4pm. 

It had no transfer and no smell so I was impressed. 

But by the time I got to the party at 8pm, I didn’t really notice that the tan had developed.

That is, until I got back home at 2am. 

The tan on my neck had seriously developed and was no longer matching my face makeup at all. 


I wasn’t too concerned because it was dark inside so you wouldn’t notice. 

I was super impressed with just how well the tan had developed. 

I can’t imagine ever going back to using a tanning foam now- this was literally too easy to try any other method. 

The only thing is, it did have that typical tan smell the next day. 

But by day 3, the smell had gone but my tan had stayed. So impressed! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this makeup series. This time of year has actually been really fun because I’ve finally had an excuse to actually wear makeup!

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Drinks Party Makeup – Blogmas Day 9


It was a particularly warm night when I was going to meet a few high school friends for dinner and drinks, so I went for a very glowy, summery look. 

This Rimmel radiance primer and foundation duo are my fave- omg. So creamy and glowy but long lasting and not sweaty looking. AND SO CHEAP! 

Sometimes I add the concealer from the same range and you really get a power of three moment. 

To keep the dewiness going, I use my Luma lip and cheek tint. I’m still get to find the perfect way to apply this, but I find a stippling brush works pretty well. This is quite pigmented and a little does go a long way, just FYI. And once it’s on your face, I find it hard to blend out. Just handle with care. 

Went for a very light dust of my Elf bronzer. 

And I used my Llivia Beaute highlight in Chai, agh it’s so freaking beautiful. 

I used my Colourpop peach palette on my eyes, just a mix of two mattes and a topper of shimmer for an easy and simple eye look. 

Rimmel pencil and MCo Beauty more brows for my brows. 

Used L’Oreal Bambi Eyes mascara- it’s nice but I don’t get the bambi effect. It’s a pretty regular shaped brush to me. 

I used my Flower beauty setting spray- even though it claims to be matte, and I had a glowy base… yolo. 

I feel like I’m rushing through this so much, but guys I have a dupe alert! 

Because I had an orange eye look, I was trying to find a nude lip to match. 

I put on the Flower Beauty lipstick in ‘Spiced Petal.’ This has claims to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury lippie (‘Pillow Talk’). Personally, I’ve not tried the CT one. But in terms of the Flower one… The colour is nice but I find the actual formula sooo drying. It’s really unpleasant. I know other people who say it’s nice and creamy but I just don’t have that same experience. 

I’m actually to declutter it, I dislike it so much. 

That’s ok though, because I think I’ve found a dupe for Flower. 

I put on this Colourpop Lux lipstick in the shade ‘Ariel’ and was shocked at just how similar the two colours were. 

The CP formula was so much creamier and nicer to wear. It didn’t last particularly well, but the comfort factor is what wins for me. 

I am so happy to have discovered this.

Although, I don’t think I would repurchase this CP one just because I don’t often gravitate to the colour- I like something a bit more on the pink side rather than as nudey brown as this.

In the daylight, the Flower one appears more pink- but on my lips (and remember everyone is different!) they were much more similar.

What do you think of these swatches? 

Have you tried either of these lip colours yourself? I’d love to know your thoughts! 

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Full face of first impressions #3


Well, wasn’t this experience just *something*?!

Let me talk you through it. I don’t know when this post will be going live but basically, when I sat down to make a play with my makeup, I was one week out from my 19th birthday party.

I wanted to try out some new products to see if they made the cut for my ‘birthday makeup’.

I usually do my makeup in my room which doesn’t see much natural light. Today, however, I did it at our kitchen table with my back to very expansive windows.

I don’t know if I was just having a bad skin day or it was the fact that all my pores and flaws were magnified in the sun, because sheesh applying makeup and getting it to look decent was a CHALLENGE!

Cinch Face Cheater / here

Bought this in the last Priceline skincare sale because I’d heard about it on IG and was intrigued (my excuse for every single purchase lololol). I put it on and the actual product was a lovely pearlescent shiny colour and, it did make my face “glow”. But it wasn’t the nicest base for makeup- not overly moisturising or anything. I had high expectations because Cortney said it made her look like a disco ball.

Innoxa Anti Ageing Life and Firm Foundation / here

Two things that may contribute to my dislike of this product- it’s colour and my application. I’m quite pale, and this looked like good match, but the yellow undertones were intense. It got stuck in my hairline and was like bad fake tan – ooft. I used a dense oval brush to apply it, which I’ve never used before. Maybe that wasn’t effective? I wasn’t vibing it, but I soldiered on.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion / here

I used the Australis eye primer and like it, but I did really notice a difference with this one. It was lovely! I can’t explain the difference, though- sorry about that. I just liked it ok.

W7 Glowcomotion Pink it up / here

I’ve heard great things about this highlighter, and when i tried it on the back of my hand it was beautiful. So I applied it liberally to my cheek bones. Ekkk. It’s very pink. Which is cool, but I prefer a champagne highlight. And I found it really hard to blend out (in my attempt to soften the pigment.)

It was at this point that I threw in the towel and was like, ‘nope I can not do this’. I rummaged around for some other makeup bits, wiped off the face I had on, and started again.

Hylamide Pore Delete / here

There is a reason you should ‘always read the label.’ Shame I didn’t for this product. I used it as my first step and as I applied thought ‘omg it’s making my pores worse!’ As it settled down I noticed a slight reduction… it may be more effective if you use it as recommended (face palm)- AFTER liquid foundation or as the last step in your skin care routine. Ah fun. (I bought this for $5 on clearance at my local Priceline. Please do not pay $22 for it.)

Then I went back in with the Cinch.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation Combination/Oily SPF15 / here

This has SPF15, which I was unaware of. The whole point of me trying this makeup was because I wanted to find my perfect party foundation without SPF. Some days, my brain fails to notice details like this. Sigh. Still wasn’t loving it, but applied with my fingers and that was much more successful than the previous foundation. After I had finished my makeup, and looked at myself in artificial light, I was liking the look a whole lot more than fresh faced in the sun. Also, has this been discontinued? It was shard to find online.

Revlon Candid Concealer in Banana / here

Yo this stuff is THICK! Yes it brightened but I found it realllllly hard to blend out so I would be scared to try again with an actual concealing colour.

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder / here

After struggling to open the lid for way too long, I opened this and used it under my eyes. OMG, I get the hype. It is lovely and velvety and agh. Yes to this. One of my standout faves from an otherwise unsuccessful makeup session.

Now I remembered that I’d forgotten to reapply my Urban Decay since wiping my previous makeup off. I tried and I still liked it, but it was a whole lot harder with foundation and concealer already on my eyes.

NYX Away We Glow / here (not exactly the same but similar!)

Tried to use this as a bronzer, unsuccessful. Does have a really nice sheen to the pigment, but it not very pigmented, if that makes sense. I think I will try and reuse this as an eyeshadow and it will be much more successful.

Colourpop Pretty Much / unavailable as it was limited edition – sorry!

This is my first ever Colourpop product, and I actually won it in a giveaway. I used the matte shade ‘cool it’ all over my lid and then used the W7 highlight on my inner corder and half way across the lid. My crease was a bit messy but i liked this combo. I can’t wait to experiment with the shimmers in this palette.

Rimmel Wonder’luxe Volume Mascara/ here

Wasn’t expecting the wand to be so thin, but I did enjoy using this. Was lengthening but I did find it quite clumpy, and had some fall out by the end of a 9 hour day.

Full Brow Brow Fibre / here

Alongside the Maybelline powder, this product and the next two were standouts for me. I have the shade Light Blonde which is perfect for me- and doesn’t have the reddish undertone a lot of blonde brow products tend to have. The consistency wasn’t thick or gluggy, and you didn’t have to wipe too much excess off the wand before use (This is an issue with other brow mascaras I’ve tried). And omg, it lasted agesssssss. So much love for this product.

Essence Plumping Nudes Lip Gloss in 04 That’s Big / here

Love a lip gloss and am always curious about ‘plumping’ promises. This shade appears pinky but on the lips it’s more nude. I felt a slight tingle but nothing really very noticeable. Really enjoyed the colour, look and feel but the only negative to this product (apart from it’s false promise at plumping which actually doesn’t bother me) is that it is not long lasting at all.

MAC Fix +Setting Spray in White Tea / here

The smell, you guys. Heaven. Hard to say if this product made my makeup stay put, or if it were the products themselves, but I was happy with the wear time of my look. Also, shocked with the intense spray of this product, it wasn’t a light mist at all. Still, I liked it and it smelt amazing. Andddd it’s cute and tiny. I like!

What new product have you tried recently? Tell me about it in the comments!

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My 19th Birthday: Makeup Of The Night, Haul & First Impressions


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve mentioned my birthday on my blog.

To be honest, this year is the first that I’ve really “advertised” my birthday.

In the past, I’ve been happy to let it come and go with an ice cream cake and not too much fuss.

But this year I went all out. Because yolo.

So this weekend I had the final birthday celebrations, a joint party with my bestie.

I’ve been so excited to share my makeup look and a few other things, so I hope you enjoy this jam packed post!

Let’s start with the makeup.


Tribe Skincare Anti Redness Serum / here

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer / here

OMShe Primer (my one and only!) / here

Chi Chi CC Cream / here

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer / here

Rimmel Conceal and Bake Setting Powder / here

Rimmel Bronzer / here

Models Prefer Mineral Powder / here

Llivia Beaute Highlight in Chai / here

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil / here

Full Brow Brow Fibre / here

Mecca Max Sugar Queen Eyeshadow and Face palette / here

Colours I used on my eyes indicated in pink.

Blush colour indicated in purple.

L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara / here

Covergirl Lip Primer / here

Barry M Lip Kit: Lip liner and gloss in shade Femme / here

MAC Setting Spray / here

I have a another “First Impressions” blog post coming which reviews a lot of these products… so you’ll hear all about them then!

Sorry that the order of posts is a bit all over the place ha!

But basically, I was testing out a lot of makeup to see which products would make the cut to be used for my birthday… so you can assume that I love all the things I’ve mentioned above!


On the way to my party, I swung past Chemist Warehouse to buy some things from their “buy 2, get 1 free deal” on Flower Beauty. I knew I wanted to try the blush and mascara but it took me ages to decide on a third product. I was contemplating the setting spray but I already have quite a few, so I chose the lipstick instead! I did want a brush but the store I was at didn’t stock them- sad face.

Blush in Sweet Pea

Lash Warrior Mascara in Black (first impressions below!)

Lip Duo in Honey Nude: I gave this a quick try and really like the lipstick. It’s a browny-nude which I don’t have in my collection. But the lip gloss is literally just a glitter gloss so don’t love that.

First Impressions

I took a few sample products to try whilst I was away, as part of @bottledbeautyblog’s #SeptemberSamples challenge.

Here’s what I thought!

Garnier Micellar Water: I received this in a Priceline GWP last month. I have only ever tried the milky water version of this and I enjoy that. But I understand the hype for this now. Was very gentle on my skin yet effective. Impressed!

Shop full size here.

White Glo: This is from the Priceline GWP as well. I’m a big fan of the charcoal toothpaste and so I wasn’t surprised when I enjoyed this too. Definitely has a coconutty taste so if you don’t like that, this isn’t for you!

Shop full size here.

Kielh’s Overnight Masque: this had a gel like consistency which I wasn’t expecting but oh my gosh- it’s incredible! My skin was feeling amazing the next day! The instructions say to wipe off excess after 10 minutes by I didn’t do that. I will definitely be purchasing this full sized! Dangerous to try “higher end” products and love them haha!

Shop full size here.

Now on to other non-sample first impressions!

Skin Republic Prep and Prime Mask: This mask is pink which is fun but also quite small. I have an average size face and find that often masks are too big, but this was really quite small. Had a subtle scent and whilst it was nice to use, I don’t think I’d repurchase. You could use any sort of sheet mask and receive the same effect of provide a “plump” base for makeup.

Shop here.

Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara: (image and link above!)

Even though I had spent a lot of effort choosing the products I would wear for my birthday makeup… I went wild and tried this mascara for the first time as well!

The brush is thin, which I didn’t love. It was lengthening but I found my lashes clumped together and weren’t separated.

I’ve read that a lot of people had issues with the staying power of this mascara but I thought it held up well.

I don’t, however, believe it lives up to the hype.

It is too much of a bold look for everyday but not bold enough for a night out.

Of course, I’ve only used this product once and so my thoughts may change but that’s where I’m at with this.

I ended up topping up my mascara with my L’Oréal (what I had intended to wear) but still wasn’t happy with the overall look of my mascara.

Models Prefer Mineral Powder:

This product was another last minute addition to my makeup look. I wanted to have something a bit more shimmery to top over my bronzer. And I have heard comparisons of this to Hourglass so I had high expectations…

That weren’t fulfilled.

I tried to apply this first with brush, and then with my fingers… but the payoff was really poor both ways.

It left a lovely glow on my finger that didn’t transfer to my face at all.

So I’m not sure how I will continue to use it.

Mecca Sugar Queen Palette:

My bestie bought this for me for my birthday and I was soooooo excited to use it for the first time.

I was really excited about using the shimmer shades but honestly, it was the mattes that blew me away.

They were so creamy, not overly pigmented which was nice because it could be built up.

I adore it!

I did try using the mattes as a blush but found they didn’t work as well as they did as eyeshadow.

It was actually the shade “Sprinkle” that is a silvery pink that disappointed me. All it was, was silver. There was not much pink pigment to it at all which I was sad about.

But overall, I am so in love with this palette.

It had such a hype, both by the brand and bloggers, but I do understand it and think it’s justified.

And it is a huge, quality palette at a really great price.

Super happy!


I also just wanted to share some of the gifts my friends gave me.

– assorted face masks from my one my besties recent visits to Japan

– a poetry book, with the most beautiful title; “The Princess Saves Herself In This One.” I can’t explain why but this quote just gives me all the feels. My new life motto, I’ve already put this quote on my felt board hah!

– a foil eyeshadow from Mecca, gold shimmers are my fave eye look so I’m excited to use this!

– and, omg, a Caye Life travel mug! I am so thrilled with this, it’s exactly what I wanted. I have been eyeing it up for ages and my bestie said she would buy it for me, so I’ve been hanging out for it to arrive! Can’t wait to use it. I love the colour too!


That’s my birthday makeup, done and dusted!

Hope you enjoyed this post- it did take a little while to compile everything together. And wait for the sun to come out so I could get a photo 😅

Thank you for all my birthday wishes.

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