Week Latte #45


Happy Saturday everyone!

This blog post has been in the making for weeks, but I’ve never quite got around to finishing it until today.

Often, I feel suffocated by choice and it paralyses needs from making any decision or doing anything.

But lately that has been worse than ever thanks to the whole self isolation situation.

I am ok, I promise, just struggling a bit.

I wanted to let you know that, in case you feel the same. You are not alone.

But! I don’t want it to distract from all the awesome content I’ve got for you. Enjoy the links and be sure to share some of yo ur absolute posts with me in the comments. Xx

I am constantly making my Glossier wishlist for when I eventually visit in store *a girl can dream* – read 8 bloggers fave products.

Kate’s Friday night rituals.

I recently discovered Ash Owens on Instagram – but oh my gosh her blog is beautiful! Lots of WFH inspo on ther eta the moment… some of my faves:

35 Easy Lunch Ideas / A Guide For Lockdown Boredom / How to be Productive When Working From Home

Why I Faked My Own Diary Entries – you all know I’m a fan of a thought piece, but this by Julia at It’s All Fluff HIT ME GOOD! Isn’t it funny how we are afraid to be true to ourselves, and how clever the brain is to be able to LIE to ourselves? Deep thought, soz.

Really love the sound of this BB cream s/o @roxanepapa

So far, I have made two Cotton On orders in iso. Oops. I really want this jumper Romy has styled but they’re out of my size… noooo!

I was super lucky to win a $25 Mecca voucher from @the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics and @beautyspice.glitter – I used it to buy a few of the new Zoom stick eyeshadow shades.

As you guys know, I’m obsessed with Tik Tok right now. @mikzazon creates epic, empowering content – such a babe!

Zo launched her website recently – so excited to see more content from her.

Emma from The Broke Generation shared this post last week – Your Feelings Are Valid. The conversation surrounding this post was really interesting, and something Emma said she was a bit scared and hesitant to share. But the comments were resounding in support, and I really liked these ones in particular.

francescooknz: This is so very true. I think gratitude can help stop us spiralling, but it’s the second step, not the first. The first step is recognising your feelings, and treating them as valid. This is a tough time, and burying how we feel about it will only make it worse!

the_conscious_budget_mum: I think this is sooo normal. I’ve been feeling the same, but less eloquent 😳

lauraen.right: This is very valid, thanks for sharing. Many in the disabled/chronically ill community are feeling similar feelings of toxic positivity, because ideas such as, “we’re all in this together,” and, “this too shall pass,” are hurtful, because (a) no, you at least have an able body, and (b) it doesn’t end for everyone.

If you need some at home workout inspo, there are plenty of options here. I am pretty much proud of myself for going for one dog walk a day, I’m very rarely doing a workout. I used to go to the gym 5-7 days a week and I miss it os much but I just cannot motivate myself at home.

You know how much I’m loving lilac, but this has been the most luxe lilac eye look I have seen!

I discovered this blog, and I’m really enjoying reading her quarantine diaries- it’s soo interesting to see how people are spending their time and feeling.

All of the Savey products from You Beauty have been collated here and all I can say is: let the shopping begin (lol, begin? Continue may be more apt haha!)

@the.girl.who.loves.cosmetics has created this fab AND free skincare resource, you can download it here!

Lots of love for the Andalou face mask shared by Mamamia here- I’m personally a big fan and I know @breeze_beauty_loves is too! Andalou is now available at Chemist Warehouse as well as Priceline!

So much amazing content in my feed right now!





From my IG:

April Favourites

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Mecca Haul

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I’m really happy with my recent blog posts:

Makeup Revolution Brow Tint Review

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