Makeup Revolution Brow Tint Review


This brow tint was gifted to me, however I was under no obligation to write this review. I was just really interested in the process and wanted to share my thoughts. Irene from @icxbeauty has also written a review you can read here.

I tint my eyelashes at home because they’re quite long, but fair.

My eyebrows however, I’ve never tinted at home because I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong. And I’ve just not really thought about going to a salon to get them done.

So I was very excited when the Makeup Revolution Brow Tint landed on my desk. It comes in three shades, is $12.50 and is available from Priceline, for us Aussies.

I used the shade taupe.

Directions: Apply to a clean brow using the applicator. Leave on to develop for up to 2 hours for semi permanent brow tint that lasts up to 3 days.

The process: the applicator is like a thin paint brush, and was super easy to apply. I was worried the tint would stain my skin to, like what sometimes happens with my eyelashes, but it was fine! I tided up around the edges with a Q-tip. It has a slight smell but nothing overly offensive.

I accidentally left it on for three hours, because time got away from me. But it didn’t give me any reaction at all so that was fine. I jumped in the shower and removed it with my wet Press Beauty Swipie (I guess you could use any microfibre towel or even just a face washer!) and it came of so easily- pretty much in one swipe.

Results: I was so impressed with this tint. It looked very natural, I don’t think you could possibly make it ‘too dark’. It lasted about 3 full days for me.

I would definitely recommend trying this if you are new to eyebrow tinting and want to make sure you like it. But having done this, it makes me think I should got an at-home kit that lasts longer than 3 days- because that really isn’t all that practical to be honest. And the tint was quite light, I would still add some product to my brows. It’s easy to use, effective and very budget-friendly. Certainly can’t hurt to try! I’ll continue to use it, whilst I have the spare time during self isolation to keep the product on my eyes for two hours every few days however I can’t see much time for this in my non-isolation life.




4 Days Later

These pictures were so hard to take haha! But I hope this gives you a good idea of the effects!

This product is likely to go on sale on ASOS and Priceline so keep your eyes out for that too!

Have you tried at home brow tinting?

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