Week Latte #43

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Oh my friends, I am sorry it has been a hot minute. The Week Latte is not dead! Impromptu hiatus, but it’s backkkkkkk.

Enjoy the links!

Sand & Sky have launched a brand new body product – Smoothing body Sand! I was very lucky to attend the launch of this product and met the S&S team. I thin k that has definitely made my love the brand more- having known the thought process behind the new product. Also, seriously fangirling because my face and my review of the product features on the website- EKKK!

Daisy shared this brand with me and oh em geeeeeeee I’ve been lusting over this design. She cuuuuuute!

Speaking of Daisy, she shared this amazing post about Aussie beauty babes and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

Saturday spirals are the new Sunday scaries– relate? Me too!

I did a mass-binge watch of Anna’s videos and particularly enjoyed how she used one eyeshadow palette for a week and made so many creative looks. 

Although this was shared in the context of parenting, I really appreciated this perspective on ‘choice’. 

Similarly, I’ve been sick this week and took a day off work. I felt soooooo guilty. And since starting uni, in any pockets of free time, I’ve felt guilty for not studying or working etc. This is a great reminder. 

These Elf lippies look divine! 

OMG! So much Bachie news since I last spoke to you guys on the blog… I am a keen bean! 

Loved Wendy’s lazy day makeup – keen to try these two products! 

Mco Beauty is currently half price at Woolies – I picked up these two lip and cheek tints after being #influenced by @beauteiya !! 

How epic is Amy’s Bybi Beauty collection! Love the packaging of this brand too. 

Innisfree have a new Cherry Blossom collection which is absolutely stunning – I went in store to buy the finishing powder, I just love the packaging agh!! Shanice has captured it so well! 

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One thought on “Week Latte #43

  1. Love love love this post!! So many amazing links here – I’m clicking like crazy haha πŸ™‚
    Oooh I have to watch Anna’s video with that NARS afterglow palette asap hehe!
    And thank you for the mention, you’re so sweet xox


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