Week Latte #44

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Hey guys, happy long weekend!

Let’s look at the positives- there are HEAPS of sales happening online right now. I have the details to how you can save on Ever Sundays, Luxey Cup and more below… but first! The non-sale related good stuff πŸ™‚

β€œWhat if you just tried to live for yourself for once?” Does that proposition fill you with absolute fear? Because it kind of makes me want to run away very fast. Why though??? A fab though piece by Leandra.

As always, a really beautiful visual post by Kate- and yummy recipes! I’m sure you could substitute some ingredients to make it non-alcoholic too!

Chriselle Lim, aka our Rich Mom, shared some tips for success on Tik Tok! And she’s amazing!!

No bake cookies – another Tik Tok gem… how delish and easy!! (Edit: tried these and failed miserably. Not sure if it was me or the recipe lol.)

Arna did an international beauty swap which I think is such a fun idea! Watch her video here. Definitely putting these metallic, cream Australis eyeshadows on my wishlist now!

Isolation skin is a REAL thing, you guys! It is certainly not just you. I had a hormonal breakout – or so I thought- around my chin and jaw during my first few days of isolation, but it has seriously stuck around… and as Amy wrote for Mamamia, a lot of us feel the same way!

How cuuuuuute is this lilac scarf from Feather & Noise!? It’s on my winter wardrobe wishlist!

I had a sample of this Mecca Cosmetica Weekend Skin Tint that I finally got around to trying. I enjoyed it, very light coverage but a little something, ya know. $40 is a bit much for this kinda of product, in my opinion, but I will probably buy it at some point lol.

Victoria posted this Lockdown Diary, inspired by this series, and I really enjoyed reading it. It certainly makes us feel less alone to know that literally everyone is dealing with this right now.

Daisy and I were talking this week, about how we feel pressure to be doing more whilst in isolation. But we both came to the conclusion that it’s okay if we don’t write a novel, learn a language and bake (not burn) a banana bread or five… we’re in a global pandemic!! Give yourself a break! Gabrielle Tozer shared this thought piece; Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure.

I can only dream of looking this chic in isolation. Tina shared some inspo too! In reality, I’m wearing my Year 12 rugby jumper, active wear / trackies and a full afce of makeup because yolo.

Favourite Easter Weekend Sales

15% off Feather and Noise (everything but sale, applied automatically at checkout)

Up to 30% off Ryder Wear (applied automatically at checkout)

15% off Luxey Cup and a free 3x pack straws and straw cleaner brush with the code QUEEN (thanks to @kmart_queen)

20% off and free shipping at Basics By B (applied automatically at checkout)

20% off EverSundays with the code Easter20.

15% off full price styles (SWEET15) and up to 30% off sale at Sans Beast.

There are so many sales happening right now, I just couldn’t fit them all. I’ve shared a few more on my stories too! xx

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2 thoughts on “Week Latte #44

  1. Loved this blog post!! The international beauty swap idea sounds so much fun! πŸ™‚
    I’m going to read the Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure article now xox


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