JULY: What I Wore, Did, Read, Watched and Ate

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Oh hello, new series!

July faves

I actually *did* things in July so I thought they would be worth compiling in a post.


Fayt Label Crewneck in Ocean blue: I’m excited to grow my crewneck collection. They’ve been made super stylish thanks to iso. I plan to buy every colour Fayt releases in the future lol.


I actually socialised in July (pre lockdown 2.0 in Vic)! I had a casual dinner party at my friends house and my first breakfast at a cafe in 5 months! (Forgot how expensive they were lol).

I also had a little ‘viewing party’ for the release of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’. Love me some trash rom-coms. This one was longer than 2 hours though so buckle up friends! I’m team Marco, btw. Noah’s hair and cardigans just didn’t do it for me.


Just like socialising is rare, I also started reading in July which is something I haven’t done for too long. I started reading ‘The universe has your back’ and ‘Normal people’ but could get through either of them. ‘The universe…’ was good, I did get some interesting points from it, but it was dry. I was forcing myself to read ‘Normal people’ before watching the series. It doesn’t have speech marks so you really have to pay attention to know who is talking, but oh my gosh it was so dry. I don’t normal give up on books but this month I had to put these two aside. Still not sure if I’ll watch the series.


I settled down to dedicated over 2 hours to Hamilton. I’m glad I watched it at home so I could pause often. But holy moly the hype is real! It’s so wonderful, and witty and smart and hilarious. I just adored it. And now I understand the Tik Toks that use some of the audio haha. Big big fan!

No doubt that Timothee Chalamet is a big deal, so I had to watch Call Me By Your Name purely to see Mr TC. But that was 2 hours I was not happy to have spent. I nearly gave up so many times, but the last 15 mins ended up being the best haha. Actually, I remeber trying to read this book and it was realllllly slow and the movie had the same feel. I didn’t finish the book.


Vodka pasta without vodka. It’s not like holy moly amazing but it is pretty delish and something I will continue to make. I add spinach and broccoli.

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