Emily Doherty: An Interview with a Speech Pathologist


If you haven’t heard of @emilydoherty_, let me introduce you to her… Emily is a pilates instructor, speech pathologist, spf enthusiast, gluten-free foodie, endo champion and golden retriever lover. As you can seee, she is such a boss lady, with many attributes to her name… I thought I would also let her IG bio introduce her to you all so you can follow along her adventures 😉

Speech Pathologist with a BBusMan
Founder @glutenfreebucketlist & @endogirlgang
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Emily has kindly answered our questions about being a speech pathologist, and has shared some wonderful knowledge and insight into the profession.

Emily also was interviewed for Blogging BTS post which you can read here.

What made you chose to study speech pathology?

I originally graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in Marketing and International Business. At the time, I found this career path too broad and I wanted a ‘title’. I decided to study speech pathology as I have always had an interest in health
and I love talking to people.’

Would you say you’re an English or a Maths person? How did this help/hinder your
speech pathology studies?

I am definitely more of an English person. There was a lot of assignments, presentations, exams and practical components throughout my speech pathology degree, so it was very beneficial to like reading, writing and public speaking.

What subject did you enjoy the most?

My favourite course was the ‘Clinical Management of Dysphagia and Laryngectomy’. Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe having difficulty swallowing. Not many people know that the profession of speech pathology is focussed on the management of communication AND swallowing difficulties.

What sort of placements did you experience?

I had a variety of placements across paediatric and adult caseloads, including outpatient rehabilitation, acute hospital inpatient, fluency clinic, school aged children and children with special needs.

What was your first job in speech pathology?

I worked at a hospital as an acute inpatient speech pathologist.

You mentioned that you imagined working with kids, but by the end of the degree you loved working with adults… can you tell us a bit more about this?

I thought I would like to work with children, but I actually found it more rewarding working with adults. I also loved the hospital setting and working with other health professionals.  

What does your dream allied health role look like?

I’m not sure if I will ever go back to working as a speech pathologist, but in the future I would like to work in a role that allows me to combine my allied health degree and business management knowledge.

Any other things you’d like to share about your university / speech pathology experience?

Upon graduation, don’t be disheartened if you don’t score your dream job straight away. Any experience as a speech pathologist is invaluable and will be viewed favourably by future employers. 

Thank you, Emily, for being so generous with your time and knowledge.

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