Week Latte #56


Hey friends, happy Friday. Let’s get into it!

Morgan wrote this piece for Mamamia (yay!!) all about where to buy the beauty brands you see all over your IG feed.

Also on Mamamia was this piece about breaking up with a friend and damn… it’s so hard! But I was grateful to read this.

Have I listened to the Jeans and a Nice Top podcast before? Maybe lol but I rediscovered and loved it this month!

Who else learnt about ‘sleep procrastination’ from Tik Tok? This Fashion Journal post takes a deep dive into the concept.

Something that is often on my mind… child-free by choice.

Hey Tiger closed down recently – lots of lessons to learn from the founder Cyan’s farewell.

Perfecting your weekend ritual, from Jasmine Dowling’s archives.

Patriarchy Stress Disorder – I can relate to a lot of these.

An incredible article about how fake tan reinforces problematic beauty standards. This is relatively new concept to me – I always thought it was an innocent practise. But the images of Ariana Grande shocked me.

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One thought on “Week Latte #56

  1. I really enjoyed the articles in your post, in particular the one on self tanning. I’ve never really thought about it from another perspective. I’ve been self tanning since high school and I think it stemmed from not feeling ‘dark enough’ as a person with a European background.


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