Just like that, the first month of 2021 is over and we are well into February!

January certainly treated me very well. I was able to work a lot less and got a nice break. I was also really good at buying LESS makeup. Go me!


This month I finally bit the bullet and got Spotify premium. It’s a big moment! I am loving it, perfect timing because I have had Driver’s License on repeat.


I feel like I did a bit this month, but notably I had a becah getaway and a city stay-cay.

Both were incredible recharging for my mind, body and spirit!

The city stay-cay was jam-packed:

  • TK Maxx and Savers shopping
  • Matcha Mylkbar late lunch: good food but the vibe doesn’t match the aesthetic. I was shocked. It wasn’t very ‘cool’ in terms if temperature or vibes haha.
  • Coles Local – the macaron pick and mix was outstanding and luckily so because otherwise it wouldn’t have lived up to the hype for me
  • Checked in at Ovolo Laneways- such a great experience, would definitely recommend! Lots of freebies in terms of food and drink.
  • Dinner at Duke’s cherry blossom roof top bar
  • Shakespeare in the Park (more about this in ‘Watch’)
  • St Kilda beach!


I am trying to get back into reading (as always) and I’ve made some moves towards that by borrowing a HEAP of books from my local library. So far, I’ve read one…


What did I watch this month? Only two of my new fave series shows ever!

First up was Bridgerton on Netflix… utterly obsessed. Adored the setting, the costumes, the music, the way it handled particular topics. It was just magic! Left me feeling grateful I don’t live in the 1800s lol. Note** I wrote this before Bridgerton really blew up and there was a lot of discourse around it. Don’t get me wrong, the show has it’s flaws, but I still enjoyed it for something light-hearted.

And the other series I watched, was magic but in a different way. Bump on Stan. I loved that the episodes were 30 minutes each. They worked with this format incredibly well. It was honest and raw and heartwarming all at the same time. It was really beautiful, made me proud to be Aussie.

On my city stay-cay I went to ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ to see A Midsummer’s Night Dream. It was absolutely spectacular and I highly recommend going to see any of their productions. Something os magic about being outdoors.


I wrote about my thoughts for a few restaurant in ‘Did’, but here’s some more!

Chin Chin: amazing atmosphere and vibe but tbh my local Thai restaurant does a better pad thai. Still, it was a fun experience and i would go again!

Daniel’s Donuts: a beach getaway tradition. Tried snickers and was impressed.

Okami: again… it’s just so easy!

Calia: This was my second visit but this time I had the salmon and it was SO yum.

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