Week Latte #49

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte
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Which beauty products are worth a splurge? @brittanybeautybts tells us where we should save!

I went through my inbox and realised I had a few unopened Newsletter emails from @theannaedit. Within them, I found this article: ‘How to deal with Zoom fatigue’ Especially relevant because at the time of writing Melbourne is lockdown 2.0).

@kate.lavie has moved into her and holy moly it is divine (of course!)

This interview with Emma Gannon was fabulous! I need to get back into her podcast!

I had a big read of Fashion Journal and enjoyed these:
How I Got Here: The Design Files’ Managing Editor on how she landed her dream gig

I asked a couples therapist how to break up with a friend

Seven writers and editors on where to next if you’re in magazine mourning *sob*

Wendy gave a review on Em Cosmetics – with some stunning imagery- which has @daisy_chain_daydreams and I swooning! Thinking of placing an order once a few things are back in stock!

I’ve found that listening to podcasts is really motivating for me when running, as opposed to listening to music. Today I listed to Jameela Jamil on Shameless and it was amazing. AH-MAZING! Everyone must listen to it. So many amazing takeaways. Shameless is wonderful anyways, so joining forces with Jameela was just so empowering.

Sand and Sky launched their new Tasmanian Spring Water range this week, which I’ve been trialling for about a month. See the range here, and my review here. I also have a highlight on my IG that has links to other creators who have shared their reviews too!

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