Week Latte #36 – Blogmas Day 20


Happy last Week Latte of Blogmas!

There is still another Week Latte to come for 2019 though- don’t you worry!

How have you liked this series? I know it’s very well received- which makes me sooooo happy. I love sharing the love! But do you want to see more? Anything I can add? Themed posts? Thoughts?

As always, hope you enjoy today’s links!

I found this blog and IG through stalking the #coloupophaul tag on IG! Such a detailed and comprehensive blog post!

This video is hilarious 😂

I knowwwwww I share so much Colourpop content and I’m sorry but I love it too much to stop.


Ok this is an awesome dupe!

Seriously obsessed with this beauty account @beauteiya and this Marc Jacobs!

I found this silk company via @smileycitrus and how luxe does it look!?

Lilac nails are my fave… but look at the rainbow and glitter on these! Goals!

Morgan has wrapped up her Top 10 Skincare products and there are sooooo many goodies that are on my Wishlist!

The prettiest bag I ever did see!

The detail on this eye look is beautiful!

So washing your face for 60 seconds is potentially just another beauty trend but you bet I’m going to give it a go!

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