Week Latte #21


Happy Friday, guys!

It has been a busyyyyyy week and I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed- but finally the weekend is here. And with it, my birthday party (joint with my bff!)

We are so excited to celebrate our birthdays together… it’s been a long time coming!

And I can’t wait to share my bday makeup look with you! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, short and sweet link loving today. I have so much I want to share but I’m a little too tired to fiddle around too much. So next week will be jam packed!

Enjoy and happy weekend!

Last month, Taboo launched their products! Such a massive achievement. Read more here.

The greatest blog post about the greatest TV show.

And because I love Isabel, I’m sharing another link of hers! Introducing… The Beauty Encyclopaedia 🤗

How amazing is this goodie box from ASOS! I’m very impressed with the quality of products. You can use my referral link for ShopBack to buy it here.

@bottledbeautyblog shared a fan GWP from David Jones. Receive a free Lano Cleanser when you purchase either the Daycream or Aussie Flyer Mask. Shop here.

And more from Amy, I am joining in on @bottledbeautyblog’s #SeptemberSamples by packing these for my one night city stay-cay!

No words, this is too cute!

My Colourpop sale order arrived yesterday and wow yep I’m obsessed. Just look at this. Hashtag no filter.

I continued my birthday celebrations this week by going with my bestie to Julia Michaels on Wednesday night. Julia and her band were actually incredible. So much stage presence and energy… it was the most exciting, electric atmosphere. Love her so much more after that.

I’ve had this link sitting in my notes for a little while… but omg yes Mary! Killing it!

I was nodding my head in the agreement throughout this entire post. Really loved this read by The Happy Minimalist Girl.

Made some cool content this week? Share it in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Week Latte #21

  1. Lovely week latte blog post as usual! 🙂
    I ADORE your colour pop cosmetics eyeshadow palette and seriously need one in my life, hahaha!
    Ooooh I keep meaning to start watching Queer Eye, it sounds very good! YES to breaking down toxic masculinity!
    Daisy xox

    Liked by 1 person

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