Week Latte #9


Welcome to the weekend everyone! And for me, a long one thanks to a public holiday.

I officially started uni this week. So things have been busyyyyyy! I might update you on that separately to this post though.

Also, Happy International Women’s Day! I am loving my IG feed at the moment, filled with positivity and love.


Let’s get to the links!

I’m nervous to shave my face, but this post makes me think it’s worth it?

Love Isabel’s writing… and her organisation tips for people like me. If organisation was measured by Pinterest boards, I’d be good 😅

My lovely IG friend Cortney (follow her here, and tell her I sent you!) tagged me in this post from @jessica_riga … “Advice from Two Uni Graduates” – such an inspiring read that applies to life beyond uni too!

This is just too cute. And to be honest, my dog is my best friend.

Absolutely adored these Aunt Sarah illustrations about the realities of dating… see her IG for more truthful lols.

Love me a DIY hack!

I have heard great things about the book “12 Rules for Life”, but I had no idea of who the author was. Now, I’m conflicted. Read more here.

How incredible powerful does this documentary sound! Adding it to my watch list ASAP!

Can you believe TSwift is going to be thirty this year!? She truly does get better with age, see here. The snake and Bleachella references were personal faves hahah.

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