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Wearing my new Miki Beads lanyard and Coequa earrings

Brain dump…

I was saying last week I was not looking forward to uni starting back on campus, but guess what lol… I kinda love it!
I haven’t quite got into the swing of it yet as I am catching car rides rather than public transport but it’s FUN to wear real clothes and get takeaway food. And I have seen some awesome sunrises.

It’s not my fave thing ever but it’s truly not the worst… so that’s been a pleasant surprise to not hate it.

Content I enjoyed…

I have had both of these on my wish list for a while, so was very grateful to read this review!

I’ll just leave this here…

Something I’d recommend…

Over the weekend I started my training to become a Body Pump instructor. It was so fun but tiring. It was my first time EVER doing anything like that. And after my second presentation, I was feeling pretty defeated and disappointed in myself. despite being happy with my first presentation mind you.

But then I was reminded of two things (side note: I got external reminders… I really need to work on making this internal!!)

  1. It is fun! Not just Body Pump, but life!!!
  2. These skills (of learning choreo, teaching and presenting on stage etc) are entirely new to me. How can I expect myself to be an expert on the first day of learning something??? I am trying to be kind to myself as I encounter new things – and I encourage you to do the same.

Take care, friends xx

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