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So there was no newsletter last week… for the simple fact that I forgot to press publish… AGH! So a bumper-ish edition today. I feel like I’m just in survival mode right now- I’ve been house sitting which has put me way out of routine and I’m just sort of getting by without my home comforts. And all these public holidays have been a confusing my routine too. But as of tonight, I’m back in my own bed – yipee! About to start a new routine with uni starting on campus as of tomorrow. Trying to make the most of it but I am not excited for pre-6am starts and public transport…

The glorious sun rises I was waking up to whilst house sitting.

Brain dump…

Sephora has a sale, and whilst I didn’t check out… I had a mighty long wish list.

Content I enjoyed…

Melissa Long on learning to treat people with more empathy (drawing on what I was talking about in last week’s newsletter!)

Drooling just reading about all of these Melbourne eateries!

Is tumbled upon these two posts that really resonated with me…

Two books I’ll buy eventually when my current TBR gets a bit shorter…

Something I’d recommend…

This isn’t even a recommendation, this is an order… you need to watch Little Women on Netflix. It is just a masterpiece. So lovely to watch, visually, and such a great story. I read it as a child so didn’t have much memory about the sequence of events. It was just cosy. Adore.

I also watched a lot of Disney+. How I Met Your Father, Only Murderers In The Building, Encanto and Turning Red were all glorious. Highly recommend.

Take care, friends xx

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