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Brain dump…

I finally got to see Hamilton in Melbourne on Sunday. I had originally booked tickets in 2020 to see it in Sydney in 2021. It got rescheduled twice, and then it left Sydney lol. So instead we saw it at home in Melbs. (But we still have a trip to Sydney in the works because our hotel wouldn’t let us cancel :/)

I think I had really high expectations… because I was slightly underwhoemed. That is not to say it wasn’t magic, because it was. But it wasn’t Lin Manuel, you know.

It was lovely to get out and about to enjoy our city. still such a novelty post lockdown.

Also enjoyed these delish bagels from Bricklane Bagels.

Also…. check this out!

The Quick Flick launched this new brow product last week, and I am SO KEEN to get my hands on it.

Content I enjoyed…

I’ve not actually read these yet, but the titles sound good lol! I’ll hopefully get a chance to read them later in the week 🙂

TikTokers Are Treating Their Full-Time Job As A Side Hustle To Live Their Best Lives & I Want In

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” Is Total Chaos

I Overstressed My Body Until It Shut Me Down

Something I’d recommend…

2 things: Firstly… go to bed early! I already do this quite often, like you won’t catch me up past 10pm on a school night 😉 However Sunday night I was just so pooped (despite the extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings ending *sad face*), so I was in bed with the lights out at 8:15pm. It was amazing! Usually I have such FOMO (for, as proven time and time again, no reason) and stay on my phone for far too long in the evenings. But there was such a ‘aha’ moment in reclaiming my evening and having a healthy wind down. This makes me realise I’m so addicted to my phone… ekk!

Secondly, I have immediately added these eyeshadows to my wish list… stunning!!

Take care, friends xx

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