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Brain dump…

We are a bit light on, content wise this week so I’m just going to leave this here 😉

TL;DR is that I got my haircut and I love it! However, going to the hairdressers is always a stressful experience for me lol.

Content I enjoyed…

I remember feeling AWFUL when I tried on jeans for the first time post-lockdown… I don’t wish I could read this advice – on weight gain insecurity – back then because I know it would not have resonated with me in the thick of it. But now, I see that self-compassion goes a LONG way, and in many different aspects not just weight.

This series where Ashlee looks through her sister’s makeup bag has me cackling!

Something I’d recommend…

This week I really connected with my inner child and it’s so interesting when you stumble across those moments. I watched Zoe Sugg on Youtube – wild to me that she is a mum now! I loved her for makeup content in 2012 and still do. And I got a Boost juice lol. Going to Boost was such a ‘cool’ thing to do in high school, and I haven’t had one for agesssss.

What is an activity from your childhood you could do this week?

Take care, friends xx

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