The Week Latte Newsletter #1

the week latte newsletter

I went to type the title for this post ‘Summer Newsletter’ however had to backspace it all because- how the heck we got here I don’t know- it is AUTUMN! And so, we have a new name for this weekly post… it’s the Week Latte once more (with a twist!) I think this is the third or fourth iteration of the Week Latte. It started weekly, then went to monthly and I’m sure another change was somewhere in there too… and then disappeared all together. But we are here now and that’s what matters right… hahah. I wish I had given last week’s letter a send off of sorts, but I had no idea it would be the last of the summer series!

Enjoying a music festival last weekend… so grateful :))))

You can read the catalogue of OG Week Latte posts here and the Summer Newsletter here.

With this new title, comes a new format! Content I enjoyed… and Something I recommend… will stick around, and I will be replacing the A lesson I learnt… component, will be Brain Dump! I want to have flexibility with what I share in this space and I hope this is the perfect way to do that. Trial and error to come I’m sure.

Brain dump…

A few things on my mind this week…

  • I am OVER deciding what to eat for three meals a day. Breakfast is usually fun yet simple, so I guess it’s just lunch and dinner that are annoying. Context adds another layer of difficulty too. Am I at work where I have a fridge and a microwave? Am I at home where I have the whole kitchen of possibility but only ten minutes of prep time in my uni break? AGH! I am always scrolling Insta and Pinterest for meal inspo!
  • I went to Highpoint on Sunday arvo and bought one thing (a Spice Girls T-Shirt nightie from Cotton On Body. It’s out of stock online but the style is my fave thing ever, so comfy). It was so overwhelming, and SO busy. Post-lockdown life is weird. I much prefer online shopping nowadays.
  • I have this overnight bag on my wishlist…
  • And finally, a PSA, Pricleine’s half price cosmetic sale starts on Tuesday 8th March. I will try to demonstrate some discipline but honestly I have barely bought any beauty this year (thanks to neglecting my beauty IG blog oops) so might grab a few newbies

Content I enjoyed…

Mr Winston was a brand easy to roll your eyes at, as we saw every girl and her dog rep the brand during the depths of Melbourne’s lockdowns. Looking back at the view I had of it, it goes against everything I stand for. If you like something popular, there is no shame… I don’t know why society has planted that seed but nonetheless, this article made me 1) check myself, 2) respect the brand itself – it’s locally made!!! and 3) wanna be a Mr Winston girl…

This is such a joyful playlist by one of my fave Tik Tokkers – highly recommend both platforms to check Brooke out!

Something I recommend…

A Tik Tok discovery lead me to the Facebook group ‘Hair and Beauty Models Melbourne.’ Beauticians and hairdressers across the city offer discounted (sometimes free) treatments often in exchange for before and after pics of the results. It is a very popular group so you have to be quick to snag a booking- first in, best dressed. I am currently trying to nab a haircut because I think (after two years of umming and ahhing) I am ready to commit to curtain bangs.

This is my *inspo*…

But I think this is probably more realistic for my hair type and colour…

Gosh this was fun! I’m so excited about the next chapter of ROLLY Mag. Thanks for being here.

Take care, friends xx

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