Summer Newsletter 2022 #9

summer newsletter

Are you a Team Monday lover or hater? If I have the day off, I love it to get my week kick started with heaps of organisation and planning etc. But if I have to work, like I do currently, I could hit snooze over and over and over again. Lol. Nonetheless, it’s just a day, right?!

A few of my fave things: Lola and my Shop Vestirsi bag at a cafe

A lesson I learnt…

The discipline vs motivation argument has never really landed with me. I just didn’t get it. Until a friend asked ‘how do you do it?’ referring to my commitment to the gym. I pondered on my answer… ‘I just do.’ And then it clicked… this is exactly what discipline over motivation is.

I think this quote from this Medium article explains it well:

Motivation will fire the engine… at first. Discipline will keep you going when you think it’s out of gas.

For me, going to the gym is such a habit now. I think my good headspace helps too. I am truly going to the gym for the feeling of strength it gives me, and the outlet it provides. How my body looks isn’t even close to the top of the list of motivators. Plus, and I think this is where the discipline component comes in, it gives me such valuable structure to my day. A routine.

I was proud of myself when I made this discovery, that yes, I am disciplined.

This is another chunky read but interesting if you have the chance.

Content I enjoyed…

Starting back at uni has allowed me to shake up my routines a bit- something I enjoy and find fascintaing about other people. This was an interesting read about routines (ft my routine queen, Eli Rallo.)

Similarly, uni from home has allowed more day time hours for walking – yay! I like to engage with a Hot Girl Walk mindset, or a Silly Little Walk mindset… depending on the vibes lol.

Another Bustle piece, this time about intuition which was informative and practical!

This was a fun article from frankie ranking the least to most tolerable house chores. I would like to add that filling up with petrol is another insufferable adult-ing task however in an effort to romanticise my life I am trying to shift my mindset on this lol.

Something I recommend… 

Reading a magazine. Ok… I haven’t yet but that link I shared from Frankie above reminded me that they exist oops. And with Unidays you can get 25% off a subscription! So I am considering that… ROLLY Mag started because of how influential magazines were in my teen years so I’m keen to get back to my roots, if you will 😉

Take care, friends xx

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