summer newsletter

Happy Monday, friends. Catch up on the rest of the summer newsletter series here :))

I went to the AFLW last week, and watched the most beautiful dusk game! I find doing a fun activity on a Friday night, even though you’re tired from the week, makes the weekend seem much longer. Life hack?? Lol.

A lesson I learnt…

This past week I have been *stressing* about the return of uni, and on top of that, the return to face to face learning on campus. I rejigged my schedules, meal planned meticulously, pre packed and organised my life… only to be told today, the day before I begin, that we would be online. Lol, thanks so much for the heads up uni… Lesson learnt? No point stressing in advance because things (especially uni things) can always change.

Content I enjoyed…

I really haven’t been online that much this week but here are some of my recent IG saves…

Something I recommend… 

Read that book you’ve been procrastinating. I finally picked up Friends and Dark Shapes over the weekend from a recent library haul… and I am really enjoying the act of reading. The book itself has a calmness to it which I also enjoy, I’m not a fan of suspense. In Sally Rooney style, the book doesn’t use quotation marks however unlike Sally Rooney, I don’t find this unbearable lol.

Take care, friends xx

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