Week Latte #52

Week Latte

This Week Latte post has been in the works since November… oops. Never mind, here we are with our first for 2021- woohoo!

I watched this Tik Tok and oh my gosh it struck a cord with me! The comments suggested to google ‘you don’t have to monetize your joy’ and it showed me two articles – this one from Life Hacker and this one from (now extinct) (Man) Repeller. This is exactly how I feel with my blog/Instagram. I have turned down paid opportunities and affiliate programs because I feel like the second I attach money to my blog -particularly as a RESULT- I will see it not as a hobby but as a stress. So I loved having my thoughts validated and put in much nicer terms than I could ever describe.

What it’s like being Instagram famous when no one knows your name.

Using secondhand shopping to justify excessive consumption is not sustainable.

The lost girls: ‘Chaotic and curious, women with ADHD all have missed red flags that haunt us.’

This year I’m realllllly trying to buy less makeup. This post was inspiring!

In saying that, most of my buying comes form seeing something pretty and wanting to own it. Instead, I’m trying to appreciate it’s prettiness without needing to own it. To do that, I’m making a wish list and the new Mellow Cosmetics quads are right on top! Interesting caption too!

Emma shared these Beauty Bay products which look incredible and they are SO cheap. Straight to my wishlist they go!

One of my new fave podcasts in Single Minded. This episode about the Budget Bachelorette is so amazing, and omg I am living for the private story updates by Em.

Absolutely in love with Britt’s eye look here. All my fave colours!

I have a post in drafts about why it’s so important to share ‘negative reviews’ – or why products didn’t work for you. Every one is different! No one can expect one product to work the exact same way for them as another person, there are so many variables! Which is why I LOVEDDDD Lily’s post about products she found disappointing in 2020.

Mco Beauty have launched a new foundation and concealer and i hate to say it but I love the sound of them. Although, they totally ripped off Tarte Shape Tape, my biggest gripe is the fact they think they can sell a foundation for $28 RRP at WOOLWORTHS????? Chill Mco, lol.

The gorgeous @beautycornerbyme has launched her new biz, @aya.australia – so stunning! Congrats girl!

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