Posting this in mid January… oops! I thought I had posted it already. Oh well, enjoy!



I got a new phone recently and finally connected it to my bluetooth. It’s so fun listening to podcasts when I drive now. However, I’m not driving far right now so one episode of Shameless takes me about three round trips to work to finish.


I don’t have Spotify, believe it or not. But I plan on getting it *soon*. So whilst I didn’t get to share my Sportify Wrapped, I assume my artists of the year include LANY, Julia Michaels, Lauv, Olivia O’Brien, HSMTMTS and Julie and the Phantoms. No regrets! 



I got a new job this month. A casual job in a supermarket. Nothing crazy. But my best friend works there and we had imagined how fun it would be to work together. Ah, fun probably isn’t the word I would use to describe lol. But at the moment I’m managing it alongside my part time job at the school, another retail position and tutoring. I think once I have uni back in the mix this juggle won’t be so achievable. 

Now for the fun stuff, I had my style consultation with Style with Fae which I won on Instagram. It was fun and I certainly learnt a few things. I think if you’re new to fashion or need a wardrobe reinvigoration a style consult like that is a great idea. I am lucky though that I have very fashionable friends such as Daisy who I turn to for advice very often. 

At the end of the month, I shopped at the Black Friday sales. It was overwhelming but as the packages have started to arrive, I am happy with my purchases and think they’re decently considered. And will last me a long time ha! 

I also managed to get away for one night at my friend’s beach house which was SO lovely. It’s like time doesn’t move down there. It was the perfect way to end the month, and rejuvenate before the craziness of December began. 


I thought November was busy, but I ain’t seen nothing! 

With uni being over and both retail jobs busier thanks to the easing of restrictions and Christmas time, I picked up quite a few extra shifts this month in my retail jobs. 

The easing of restrictions meant I was also able to socialise again! 

I kicked off my social calendar by seeing Daisy in the city, My first time both being in the city and seeing her since March! Far too long. I made a reel about our fun day out. 

I also caught up with some high school friends, went to Imaginaria, had two work Christmas parties, reunited with Amy, met Doreethy and Azra for the first time and celebrated Christmas with my high school friends. 

Suffice to say, good food and good times were had. 

I truly don’t think I’ve socialised that much in my life lol. It was fun, and I’ve tried so many new restaurants and met some fab people, so I really want to challenge myself to keep up a healthy social life in 2021. 

I also have to document here that I bought my first designer bag! Impulsively! I saw @ms_hannah_e share her Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag in Blush Multi but couldn’t find it online anywhere… a week later I had a little browse at Facebook MarketPlace and lo and behold found it! I did a little negotiating, and within four days this baby was mine. I am so obsessed with the design and colourway. I am calling it a ‘congrats on surviving your first year of uni’ present to myself!  But like, I can’t believe that little old me owns a MARC JACOBS BAG!!!!!!!! 

I also celebrated Christmas with two work Christmas parties, my friendmas and NYE with my friends. Again, lots of socialising for this introvert haha.



I finally picked up ‘Again Again’ by E Lockhart, that I’ve had on my shelf for a while.

I love Lockhart’s book ‘We were liars’, and ‘Again Again’ definitely had a similar vibe. You could tell they were written by the same person.

It was SO relatable in many ways, however, I don’t know how I feel about it overall.

Basically, there are multiple scenarios in which a scene could play out. You don’t know which one is true. Or which one follows the last, or comes next for that matter.

It sounds woo woo and confusing but it was actually nice to read.


I am still struggling to get into a better routine with reading, agh. I managed to pick up Zoe Sugg’s new book, The Magpie Society. I got it from Kmart which was a bargain at just $14! I’m struggling to really get into it though… It felt like it was aimed at a older YA audience but the writing style felt so young. After half way where one major plot is resolved, the story is confusing. What are we reading for? Major loose ends left by the conclusion… disappointing.



Cheesy Christmas films are here! My first one of the year was ‘Holidate’. Key takeaways, Emma Roberts does not age!!!! Look, watch it for these festive-ness but this recap is kinda funnier than the movie… Kmart Hemsowrth hahahah.


Shawn Mendes released a documentary (?) on Netflix called In Wonder, and I watched it via Netflix Party with a friend. Um… look, ever since Shawn’s concert in 2019 when the support act Dan and Shay were the highlight of the show, I’ve kinda felt a bit ‘meh’ about Shawn. This doco did nothing to improve that opinion. I think he is genuine and caring, and I was almost crying myself when I saw him crying, but that’s kinda all I have to say about that. 

I also watched quite a few declutter videos on Youtube, inspiring me for my 2021 no buy!



My visit to the beach included an obligatory trip to Daniel’s Donuts in Portarlington. SO GOOD! However, I tried Ferrero and it was disappointing. I think Mars is my fave. 


With socialising, I have eaten out a lot, which is my favorite pastime lol. Iced chais are my new obsession. YUM! 

Also, so much pavlova because of Christmas. Not complaining at all.

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