Week Latte #51

ROLLY Mag, Week Latte

Happy Friday, friends.

These posts are a work-in-process over the month, but dang this one came up on me quickly. Life is hectic. I’m tired lol.

But instead of talking about that haha let me tell you that the past week and a half I’ve been so good in term so buying things. Okay, ‘so good’ is an exaggeration. But I’ve definitely been better than my frenzied spending spree at the start of the month.

In saying that…

I’m so keen for Black Friday sales!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the links x

Posts that inspired me:

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You know how I was looking for the perfect light coverage tinted moisturiser/foundation?! Well…. I’ve found a product that’s in the running! The hyaluronic acid tinted moisturiser from @colourpopcosmetics ☺️. . Here are my thoughts -> . So since my skin is looking pretty fine thanks to Roaccutane 🙌🏻, I’ve been on the hunt for a tinted moisturiser that gives me light/sheer coverage that lets my skin shine through. So my first impressions when trying it – it’s very sheer, don’t bother trying to cover blemishes. Although I was able to build it up a bit under my eyes for a bit of concealing. I used a sponge when applying (I can’t buff into my skin using a brush atm due to how sensitive my skin is.) after applying, which was a breeze, I loved how natural and glowy it looked on my skin! I only set with powder under my eyes, to keep the glow going 🙌🏻. In terms of wear, I wore it for about 8 hours and it held up great! Definitely impressed! My skin also never felt dry throughout the day which I was super impressed by. I’ll be continuing to test it out for the time being, and get back to you guys with a full review soon ☺️👍. . . . . Have you tried this tinted moisturiser? And what’s your favourite tinted moisturiser/ light coverage foundation? I’d love to know! ☺️😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #beauty #crueltyfreebeauty #hyaluronicacid #makeup #crueltyfreemakeup #makeuplooks #skincare #tintedmoisturizer

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Jayde did a fabulous, in depth review on Function of Beauty which was so interesting. I have the hair serum and mask on my wishlist, but think I could happily pass on the shampoo and conditioner (despite them being so cute).

I discovered this beautiful blog, which did a really fab review on Rare Beauty. I pray this comes to Australia!

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🌸 RARE BEAUTY FIRST IMPRESSIONS REVIEW 🌸 Today was the first time wearing it so you're getting my first impression after an all day wear test. For full day updates, head to my stories. Here's the important stuff you need to know: ⭐ The products are designed to be inclusive to people with mobility issues. The cap design makes for easy opening. I absolutely love this! ⭐ The price point is a nice middle ground for a Sephora brand. Not quite high-end pricing, not quite drugstore pricing. Very affordable for what you're getting. ⭐ Products themselves are vegan and cruelty free. They apply seamlessly and easily with minimal effort making for a really quick application. ⭐ The color selection is huge and very inclusive so you're guaranteed to find the right shades for you ⭐ After 9 hours of wear there was still a decent amount of coverage and minimal fading of the products. My skin was oily, very oily lol but it didn't look bad. Some blotting and a little bit of powder and you'd be good to go for another couple hours, at least! ⭐ All of the products felt completely weightless on the skin and looked identical to natural skin. All the benefits of full coverage makeup, with zero of the uncomfortable feeling. Needless to say, this line is a huge win for me. I'll be trialing out these products for the rest of the week to find the best application techniques in a way to keep the oils controlled for a little longer. This got a solid 🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars for me today, and I know with the right primer it'll be five! To try out these products for yourself click the link in my bio and head on over to SHOP or my LiketoKnow.it account! . . . . #rarebeauty #wearerare #selenagomez #naturalmakeuplook #glowyskin #embraceyourself #canadianblogger #happylifestyle #budgetmakeup #affordablebeauty #drugstoremakeup #drugstorebeauty #ottawamom #styletips #canadianmama #mommakeup #easymakeup #fallmakeuplook #affordablemakeup #makeupmadeeas #budgetmama #makeupaccount #makeupartistworld #quickmakeup #canadianmakeupartist #whatimloving #momstyles

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Emma created this fabulous resource for keeping a Makeup Inventory. I started one in January, but like any resolutions, failed to stick with it. Part of me doesn’t want to because the amount of products I have makes me feel a bit sick lol.

This discourse about being brave is so interesting – I read something similar a few years ago and I wish I could remember it correctly. But basically, wearing a bikini to the beach isn’t being brave… it’s none of your business. Nurses and doctors and teachers are brave.

This story is INCREDIBLE! Gave me chills. ‘I fell five storeys from a New York rooftop and survived.’ This is not easy to read. I had to take a break before I finished it. It’s unimaginable. If you needed a reminder that life is precious, this is it.

Why Your Morning Routine Isn’t Working… I am obsessed with hearing other people’s morning routines, one of my niche interests lol. This video was really unique, particularly the tip to theme your routine each day. I definitely want to implement this!

@thecaryledit has reviewed the newest SPF to my collection – and my first ever physical sunscreen- Medik8 Physical Sunscreen!

I stumbled across this post on Pinterest and it’s got some great, practical tips for helping you do a spending ban. I like the phrase ‘project 10 pan.’ We’ve hear of project pan before, right? Hitting pan on a product… I tried this and failed for many reasons but basically it left me feeling overwhelmed. But I like this idea of using a product 10 times before you buy another product in the same category etc. Sounds achievable!

What Happened to Man Repeller? Holy moly, the icon is no longer. It was a rocky road to the end.

Matilda was inspired by this post to try the Ohii Lip Smudge in the shade ‘scorpio’ and boy oh boy, it FLEW to the top of my wish list. Divine!

What content have you loved recently?

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