Patrick Ta x Colourpop Masterclass


I was binging YouTube, and came across an incredible series of videos by Colourpop featuring professional makeup artists. They create a makeup look live and talk you through their tips and tricks using a variety of CP and other brands. It was soooo cool! And a very generous thing for both CP and the artists to do.

Here’s my fave tips from Patrick Ta!

  • Moisturising the skin is key 
  • Focus eyeshadow primer where the blending is going to occur- on the brow bone and a little bit on the lid 
  • Then put foundation all over the eye with a beauty sponge
  • Set the eyeshadow base with a powder
  • Apply foundation with a brush first, you can follow up with a sponge if you need more coverage 
  • Use face oil instead of primer for glowy skin
  • However, use primer instead of oil for oily skin. Fenty primer is recommended for oily skin 
  • Contour before concealer
  • NYX number 17 brush recommended for concealer 
  • Fluff excess powder into palm before applying to space with a sponge 
  • Apply cream blush over powder because it’s the first thing to go on your face so by adding two textures, it extends wear 
  • Apply cream with a beauty blender 

What’s your favourite tip from Patrick?

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