My 20th Birthday in Lockdown


I don’t have a whole lot to say here, but I really want to document this.

I turned 20, on the 20 th of August 2020. Pretty cool in my eyes haha.
Writing this is actually the first time I’ve thought ‘wow, I’m 20!!!’ and I’ve been twenty for a few days at this point.

I had a major uni presentation at 8am on the day of my birthday, so the morning was a bit of a blur.
But throughout the day, I ordered some presents for myself including the Nudestix Estee La Londe set from Beauty Bay and few clothes from The Iconic and Cotton On.
The 20th and 21st of August were Afterpay sales online so there was a lot of temptation paired with a ‘eff it, it’s my bday mindset’ lol.
I had four of my friends drop around at different times throughout the day to give me their gifts.

I was so grateful for that, but it was so odd to have to talk to them from a distance on my driveway wearing masks.
It was just really unbelievable.
My mum was cute though and drew ‘Happy Birthday’ on our driveway with chalk, and had balloons on the letter box.
I was gearing myself up for a mentally challenging day, to be honest. Being in lockdown, I knew my birthday would be hard. Mostly because I had never imagined I would be in this situation. So accepting this new reality was difficult.
But honestly, I surprised myself with how okay I felt all day. In fact, I felt really spoilt and loved and grateful. It was a really good day.
My IG friends also made me feel their love and I’m beyond grateful for that.
Of course, I can’t wait to be able to see my friends and give them a big hug… but I know that even despite the lockdown and such, I’m still in a very fortunate position.

I had a realisation a while ago that aging is such a privilege… so I’m just happy to be here.
Read my birthday post from last year 19 Things in 19 Years.

I wrote: This time last year, life was so different. Imagine what life will look like this time next year.

Boy oh boy, ain’t that the truth!

A few notable gifts:

This was the ultimate gift to myself this year. Even though I had to begrudgingly buy a new car because of my accident in July, I kept aside some money so I could buy the brand new release Bon Maxie Sidekick bag. I said to Clare, I would rather have this bag than a car hahah. It was a non- negotiable.
I got the colour Milk Tea with antique gold and am in absolute heaven. It is perfect in every way. The colour, the size, the design –it’s so smart and practical. Like the side pocket as a magnetic close…. Genius! I can tell this won’t be my last Sidekick. Think I need every colour now!

Finally got my hands on the bible, aka Skin Care by Caroline Hirons! I sent the link to this book to my bestie as soon as it was released, and her being a legend got it for me!

She also got me the Feather and Noise lilac crewneck. It is like wearing a cloud. It’s so lovely! I really hope they restock these next year so I can buy the other colour ways.
I haven’t got these yet but my bestie that lives quite far away from me got me the Kathryn Loche croissant earrings. I have been looking for Mejuri dupes everywhere and these were the best priced ones I found. They are so sweet, and I’m so excited to wear Kathryn’s beautiful pieces.

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5 thoughts on “My 20th Birthday in Lockdown

  1. I have just found your blog and I love it! Happy belated birthday lovely, I also celebrated my birthday in lockdown and it was definitely a different one. Hopefully next year will be able to go out and celebrate! xx

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