Homebody Club Circle: Notes and Review


On Sunday 23 rd August, I attended the 8pm Homebody Club Women’s Circle.
My beautiful friend @daisy_chain_daydreams had attended in the past, and so I was keen to go and
see what it was all about.

The circles are hosted by HC’s founder, Lucy Green.

It is ran over Zoom, but Lucy is the only one with her microphone and camera on- us participants
communicate through the chat. (Luckily because I was in my pjs!)

We began with Lucy guiding us through a grounding meditation. I enjoy meditating but I find it hard
to bring my mind back as it so often wanders.
We then talked about Leo and Virgo seasons, their energies and what that means for us.
I was really excited to attend this particular circle, as it was just my birthday and I am a Leo through
and through.
Leos are typically warm, creative, enthusiastic, confident.
And Virgos are typically organised, planners.
So the merging of Leo’s ambitions with Virgo’s go-getter attitude is a really great combo. And they
can be powerful to harness both energies and use them together to make you dreams (or even just
your to-do list) come true.
Lucy also pulled two oracle cards for us during the session. One was ‘Protection’, about pulling back our energy
and reserving it, and the other was ‘Priestess’, and my main takeaway from this was not to underestimate the power of sharing your story.

We were also given a few question prompts, to write down and share our answers to in the chat.

What is your intention for the month?
‘Reading more’ was one of my 2020 goals that I haven’t achieved… yet. Many fo the women in the
circle also shared that they loved reading but didn’t often pick up a book.
So I want to challenge myself to dedicate time to reading every day this month. Someone in the chat
had a good suggestion (not just for reading) but for getting started with anything. Just start with 5
pages or 5 minutes. Don’t have high expectations of yourself… little is better than nothing.

We also had to set a word for the month ahead.
I choose ‘easy’.
Before the circle, I was watching this vlog from Amelia Liana. I haven’t watched her in ages… but for
some reason was drawn to this video. I got to a bit where she was sharing some advice she had got
from a reader. Anytime you think something is hard, or challenging, ask yourself ‘what if it were
easy.’ This really struck me,
So my word for the month is ‘easy.’
‘Easy’, not in the sense that my challenges aren’t hard, but that they are achievable.
The circle then ended with another mediation about courage, and I found this one hard to relax into
because Lucy was saying some amazing things and I wanted to scribble down notes.

I felt like both Amelia’s vlog and the Circle came at such a good time for me.
The Universe really does have her ways.

The week of the circle, I was entering into a new unit at uni; Anatomy and physiology 2.
Last semester, I did A&P 1. I was warned it would be hard. But even with that knowledge, it was
harder than I ever could have imagined.
I hated it.

And so going into this second unit, makes me doubly nervous because I know what to expect. I fear
it will bring back all those negative and unproductive emotions I felt during that last unit.
I really needed to feel empowered to face this unit again, and that’s exactly what the Circle did for
me. I feel confident in my ability to face this unit. Not the coursework per se, but just in remaining
productive and moving forward with it.

I am less fearful and more courageous.

Now, let me say that I am writing this on the Monday after the Circle, and I start the classes
tomorrow (Tuesday.) Who knows how I’ll feel after that, but right now I am doing okay.
I’ve planned my week, and just asked myself to do my best and try to live my dream life for at least
the next five days, Monday through Friday. Come the weekend, I can collapse into a heap if I need to
(after work lol). But foe these next five days, I want to be doing my daily reading, I want to be
exercising and being productive at uni.

I paid a one-off fee to attend this Circle, but I believe going forward only members can attend. I am
definitely doing to investigate the membership, as I found this really beneficial. I wish this sort of self
and spiritual development is something I could do myself, but I’m much better at being guided
through it.

Find out more about Homebody Club here.

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