At-Home Spa Experience with Buckley & Phillips


Today I want to invite you to my at-home spa! You know when you walk into a day spa, and it smells like heavenly essential oils, the lights are low and there is gentle music playing? I tried to emulate this at home, with the help of my Buckley and Phillips Diffuser and Gumleaf Essentials essential oils.

I chose to use Gumleaf Essentials Easy Breathe in my diffuser, a delightful combination of eucalyptus and lavender. It was the perfect for transforming me from my bathroom, to a day-spa. The coloured LED light also added to the spa experience!

I’ll tell you more about B&P a little later on in the post, but first let me talk you through my day-spa treatment of choice… a facial!

I was inspired by @madeleineedwards At Home Facial!

Diffuser and essential oils are PR Samples

This facial was designed to give my skin a deep clean, whilst hydrating and nourishing it for the day ahead.

1. Skinstitut L-Lactic cleanser

2. Sand & Sky Enzyme Polish

3. Andalou 1000 Roses Hydrating Mask

4. Removed with Press Beauty Swipies

5. Spray with Avene Thermal Water

6. Nourishing Moisturiser with Beach Way Aromatics

7. Day oil, Get Up and Glow by Bettyquette

8. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF

Some of the reasons I love this diffuser (apart from it’s magical powers to transport me to a day-spa at home!)

  • Disperses a cool mist vapour
  • Coloured LED lighting
  • Immediate aroma, no need to warm up
  • Continuous for 10hrs or 1, 2 or 3hr timer
  • Automatic shutoff at low water level
  • BPA-Free
  • One year guarantee on all electrical components

Enjoy reading my interview with Ben Phillips, Brand Manager, Buckley and Phillips Aromatics via @beautyprsydney !

I’ve been enjoying using my diffuser for an ‘at home day spa’ experience… what are some other ways to make the most out of your diffuser at home?

Diffusers can be an ideal “mood enhancer”. For example, before a session of yoga or meditation, try diffusing these blends:

#1.) 4 drops sandalwood Australian / 3 drops bergamot / 2 drops patchouli

#2.) 4 drops frankincense / 4 drops helichrysum / 2 drops sweet orangeNeed to focus while working from home? Try diffusing these:2 drops lime / 2 drops lemongrass / 1 drop peppermint / 1 drop rosemary

B&P are passionate about ‘Sharing moments through scent’ – can you tell us more about how humans connect scents and experiences?

“Sharing moments through scent” really encompasses the simplicity of what we are about. Using aromas for a shared experience, memory creation and recollection, and being present in the moment.On a physiological level, when an aroma is inhaled the molecules enter the nose and are registered by olfactory nerve cells. These pass the information to the limbic brain. And it is the limbic system deals with emotions, memories and stimulation. This explains why certain scents have the ability to trigger memories and influence our moods.

Why does B&P place such importance on ethically sourced essential oils?

At Buckley and Phillips we have always been conscious of our environmental impact. We avoid using unnecessary packaging and use recyclable glass and PET containers. We keep our carbon footprint lower by sourcing labels and boxes locally. This has the added benefit of supporting other Australian businesses. 15 of our essential oils are grown and sourced right here in Australia including a native species of Sandalwood grown in plantations which are co-managed by the indigenous custodians of the region.

Ethical sourcing has guided our choices of oils and growers but it has also influenced our decision not to stock certain oils. These include Brazilian rosewood, Indian sandalwood, spikenard, agarwood. We continually review our range and suppliers as global impacts to farming practices and sustainability change.

For people who may be new, or hesitant, to try essential oils, where do you suggest they start?

For those who have never tried aromatherapy before and a are bit daunted by the choice, I recommend started with a ready-made blend. Our pulse point roll-ons are a great way to incorporate essential oils into your sleep routine, reduce the impact of stress and headaches or balance your mood. 

Find out more about Buckley and Phillips here, and shop their range here.

If you have any questions for me or the Buckley and Phillips team, please do leave them in the comments below!

Who else is going to have an at-home spa pamper?

*** Diffuser and essentials oils are PR Samples via Beauty PR Sydney, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oooh I’m swooning over the sound of these heavenly essential oils and overall experience! Especially love the idea that diffusers can be an ideal “mood enhancer” and incorporated into your weekly routine in a variety of ways 🙂 I’ll have to look into Buckley Phillips xox

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