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Welcome to a new series! I saw Arna Alayne do this beauty swap with Jessica Braun and thought it would be so fun to do with some of my fave Aussie Beauty Bloggers. To kick things off, we have Emily from @emmiesbeautylife.

You guys will know and love Emily (as I do) for her Priceline recommendations, honest reviews and ‘Spotlight On…’ posts.

How this works is I gave Emily five of my fave affordable beauty items and she swapped with me her five faves!

Below I’ll tell you what I chose for Emily and why, and give a review on the products she gave me!

Be sure to check out Emily’s blog and Instagram, as she has also reviewed the products I swapped with her!

Thank you for collaborating with me, Emily, and I hope you all enjoy! xx

What Emily Gave Me:

Rimmel Transparent Loose Powder: Ok, guys… I am doing this beauty swap with another person (soon to be revealed haha!) and they also swapped me this powder. So I’ve obviously been sleeping on it. My current loose powder of choice is the innisfree Matte Blue which is under $20 so I would deem that affordable. however, this Rimmel one can be as little as $8 if you find it half price, which is bonkers! Especially because you get so much product! Honestly, after trying this I would never buy a high end loose powder. This does the work for you!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow, shades ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Socialite’: I never paid much attention to these eyeshadows before, but I’m so glad Emily has brought them into my life. I tried applying these with my fingers which works well but also a small brush. Depends how much pigment you’d like. I always wear an eyeshadow primer, and set my eyes with a powder before I wore these. They claim to have 24 hour wear, and whilst I haven’t tested that, they do last the full work day. You can read about why Emily likes them here and I have to agree. I wore both these shades by themselves as a ‘one and done’ look but think that ‘Socialite’ works particularly well as a base or on the inner third of the eye whilst ‘On and on bronze’ is fabulous lid or middle third option!

Loreal Unlimited Mascara: I’ve tried this mascara thanks to @maddies.makeupmess’ recommendation and I at first I was excited to try it because you can move the wand to be positioned at a few different angles. I realised quickly however that this wasn’t actually a feature that I thought was necessary. i just use it in a straight, regular position. This swap with Emily reminded me to actually use this mascara again. I found it quite a thick formula that appeared to coat my lashes in a way that made them look chunky? I didn’t noticed that it performed exceptionally in terms of lengthening or volumising. And, it was starting to flake at about 8 hours of wear (which yes, is a long time that it didn’t flake, but I have mascaras that don’t budge at all.) I’m sorry guys, but this one doesn’t cut it for me!

Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick, shade Nude: This lipstick is heaven!!!! I’m not usually one to go for a neutral lip however I think it’s ‘important’ to have one in your collection. This is the only neutral I need! Super comfortable to wear, needs to be reapplied but is easy to do so. There are a few other pretty colours in this range too. Big fan! (Also along with this, I wanted to share this article “It’s time to finally talk about the decades-old problem with ‘nude’ beauty products.”)

Andalou Face Mask Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask: I already have this mask in my collection but honestly can never be without it. It’s so freaking fabulous- a really effective exfoliating mask that leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and fresh. See why Emily likes it here.

What I Gave Emily:

Mud Makeup CC Cream: I apologise to everyone who loves this, because it is sadly (and maddeningly) being discontinued. If I had’ve known that when I purchase it, I wouldn’t have got it haha in case Emily falls in love with it!! This only comes in two shades, and the lightest shade only suits me when I’m tanned (which is rare) but it is a Aussie beauty fave for a reason. Great coverage, durability and could seriously rival other CC creams. And the fact that you could buy it at Woolies??? A dream!

Flower Beauty Highlighting Palette: I asked Emily if she’d tried any Flower, and she had tried the concealer and foundation, so I was eager to introduce her to more of the range. This highlight palette is an absolute steal and fab quality. The brush that is included is pretty useless IMO. I often use the champagne shade alone, but it’s funny to have the gold and rose gold – these I use more so on the eyes than face.

Flower Beauty Blush in ‘sweet pea’: This was the blush that made me love blush so it holds a special place in my heart. A beautiful, natural colour that lasts well on the skin.

Barry M Lip Kit in ‘Femme’: This is my hidden gem of the drugstore. You can buy this lip liner and gloss separately but i think they’re a power couple when use together. This is my absolute perfect mauve colour. The liner goes with 90% of my lip product collection and I’d say this gloss is *my fave*. Such good pigment for a gloss, and the actual formula isn’t sticky. Plus, I find it holds up pretty well. Brilliant! Honestly, this is why I wanted to do this swap, to introduce this combo to more people haha!

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara: This mascara has a big reputation and rightly so. The cute rose gold packaging, the perfect brush shape, wears well. Just a great all-rounder. I was actually going to give Emily the Maybelline Lash Sensational with is my GOAT but she is already a fan of that. I like both of those mascaras because I can wear them for an everyday look or build them up for a false lash effect.

Have you tried any of these products? Who else would you like me to do this beauty swap with?

Let me know what’s on your Wishlist and what you recommend! 

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