Week Latte #27


Happy Friday!

Hate to be a Debbie downer but Friday realllllly doesn’t have the same effect when you work in retail haha. Nonetheless, the weekend is almost here and it means I’m sharing the love for some cool content.

I was really tempted to not make this post this week.

I have been SO busy. I was just going to make the pic for the gram and call it a day.

But I thought to myself, “why am I not doing something that brings me joy?”

That kicked my butt into gear, and so I stayed up a little later last night (a lot! I got distracted by IG haha) to collate this post for you.

I hope you enjoy!

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve seen or created cool content this week too ❤️

On Sunday, my blogging bestie Daisy and I went for brunch at Grain Store. See the deliciousness here. We had to wait a while for a table, but it was so worth it! Such a cool (but v noisy!) vibe and incredible food. We both got the corn fritters. And iced chai lattes… my new obsession! 

Roxane shared this pic on her story. I love lilac eyes… as I’ve said before hah.

Kim overhauled her beauty space… it looks so beautiful!

I hope that if you are reading this, you understand the importance of wearing spf everyday. Hannah has a few friendly reminders for you. Tag your friends!

How beautiful are the rose gold details on these cosmetic bags? 😍

@thebeautyroast shared this pic by Jazz and I was so intrigued! It’s a great way to use up your products! If I’m organised enough… I might try to do this in November.

This gets me goooooood. I struggle with imposter syndrome both on IG and in my “real” job. Saving this as a reminder for myself. Emma also wrote this fab post about balancing your side hustle.

I love watching this beautiful family on YouTube… I imagine this will be such a heart felt and interesting read.

I’m ashamed to admit I *STILL* haven’t tried Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. I need to get onto it… especially when they look this pretty.

MAC has dropped prices for us Aussies, making a bullet lippie $30 instead of $36! That is a major saving- things like this don’t happen very often! Eleanor shared the news here.

I haven’t looked into this that much, but I like the look of this journal. Pretty sure it was an ad on FB hah. Anyone tried this or something similar?

I was kindly gifted a candle from Club Candle this month in a Shea butter scent to “calm my chaos”. It’s been really special to burn at night, as I associate it with a sense of being “grounded” and it really does calm the chaos of my day. And it smells delish. Learn more here. Not soon just good!

I am seriously in love with this Disney collection. Sara captured it beautifully!

And if you read this as it goes live, be sure to make the most of V&Me’s free shipping deal in celebration of Catherine’s birthday. Use the code BDAYLOVE at checkout! Have a fabulous week!

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4 thoughts on “Week Latte #27

  1. Ooooh those planners sound very organisational – I might need one for 2020 to get my life together haha.
    I haven’t tried Makeup Revolution yet either, that eyeshadow palette looks beautiful!
    Also thanks for the mention – blogging bestie 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend xox

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