June Editor’s Letter


Hello and happy June!

Halfway through this year and WOAH am I right?

Thought I’d share some goals for this month’s editor’s letter- and I’ve honestly really tried to make them as non-cliché as possible. No ‘eat better’ or ‘exercise more’ round here… this month at least. I would love to know your monthly goals in the comments below.

– Read ‘The Flat Share’: In the past, I would literally read a book a day. But when I entered VCE and reading was shoved down the priority list, it has become harder and harder for me to get back into the habit of doing one of my most enjoyed past times. So I would like to at least knock off one book on my TBR. After this, I need to start the ‘Court of Thorns and Roses’ series, as per my bestie’s request.

– Be brave and wear a gosh dang red lip! The web series “Skam” is my current obsession and the character of Noora has the most understated yet stylish fashion sense, and same goes for her makeup. She wears a bare face but a signature red lip. I would love to emulate that look… but I’m scared!!

– Paint my nails more regularly: I had bought a Sally Hansen colour therapy polish (shade 191 Pomegratitude) which is rare for me as I’m usually a Sportsgirl sale nail polish person. But when I did finally end up using it, I noticed such a difference in the quality. And I loved how it looked. You truly can look so much more ‘put together’ by having your nails done. So, even though taking it off once it’s chipped etc is annoying, it’s worth it in the long run! So I’d like to make a habit of it.

– Moisturise my body! I am such an avid fan of facial skincare but neglect the rest of my body. Even though we have heating, I hate getting out of the shower and having to wait around for my moisturiser to “sink in.” I just want to put my pjs on straight away! However, I want to make a conscious effort to moisturise more.

– I have heaps of blog posts sitting in drafts that just need pictures to accompany them and then they’re set to be published! But I have a busy work week ahead and then I have a girls weekend away, so I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to finish them up. (Case in point, the picture I took on a late night Bunnings trip is in this post lololololol) Nonetheless, blog posts are headed your way! Comment your blog/IG in the comments and let’s be friends.

Who else is ready go kick their goals? I sound way more enthusiastic than I am- right now I just wanna stay in bed haha!

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