New- In Drugstore Beauty


The gorgeous Jessica Riga did an old school style blog post where she talked through some of the new kids on the beauty block.  As much as I loved that blog *adds to imaginary cart* most products were, let’s just say, not available at Priceline. So I thought it would be fun to share some new in beauty bits but the drugstore edition. 

Sportsgirl Tinted Lip Balms

I first saw these when Kim from @i_shall_shop shared them on her page… and it was maybe a week or so later that I saw them on Sportsgirl’s website and IG. Let’s talk firstly about the packaging. Not only is it a gorgeous rose gold, it’s also magnetic! The ingredients of this formula include coconut oil- which says to me that Sportsgirl are working to make their beauty a whole lot more on trend but also considered. You might associate a fashion retailer’s beauty foray with something plastic and gimmicky but these lip balms could be foreshadowing a whole new direction for Sportsgirl beauty. There are three shades all at $12.95 each… aka a steal! Plus, they’re bound to be in one of Sportsgirl’s regular sales.

A very similar product on the market right now are these ones by Nude by Nature–  a slightly bigger colour range and price. Available at both Priceline and (newly!) Chemist Warehouse.

L’oreal Glow Cherie Range

This range consists of a Skin Enhancer Foundation (with watermelon extract- that’s a thing?), a Melon blush (very pretty to be fair, wonder if it’s scented?), Highlighter drops (in the same melon shade as the blush) and a setting spray. Get your glow on.

L’Oreal Lightweight Matte Lip Ink

This packaging is so luxe, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve already bought the red shade! My fave formula in a hippie is matte and liquid so this ticks all the boxes for me.

L’Oreal are on a roll with new Aussie releases, as their Paradise Primer Extatic has also hit the shelves of Priceline. Personally, I don’t see a need for a lash primer… but I would love to try the mascara from this range.

Glam by Manicare have released two new duo brush kits, one for ‘Precision Brows’ and one for ‘Precisions Eyes’. They look like such good quality and I think I’ll try to snap them up when they’re next on sale.


The cult fave ‘Neutralize’ palette now has a BFF with the ‘Mesmerize‘ palette launched earlier this month. I picked it up in their half price sale and can assure you it is MESMERISING!!

They also have a new finishing powder and highlight kit at Priceline. AND OMGGGG a minis set! It is teeny tiny and cutest thing ever.


So many new product launches for the overseas summer make me even sadder that it’s Winter here in Aus! Immitate a summer glow with the ‘Glow Gelee’ from revlon. This formula kinda weirds me out, not gonna lie, and for the price I can’t see these products being worth it. They also have two new ‘Draping’ palettes which are tiny in real life but beautiful.

The check tint also seems a bit of gimmick and not something I’ll be buying.

Barry M

So much newness from Barry M hitting the shelves of Priceline. Like all the other releases I’ve talked about, this rage is all about about that glow. Their new eyeshadow palette is all metallics which is right up my alley, however the colours are perhaps a bit too ‘out there’ for me.


Their new ‘Lip Art Graphic Liquid Lipstick’ already has a place in my beauty collection, although now I do think ‘why??” as you only get 1.8mls for $18.95 RRP.


OMG, so ‘foundcealer’ is a thing? Foundation plus concealer in a stick formula has been put to the test by the beauty babes themselves, @glossco and who both loved it and found it wore very well. Deffo picking this up when it’s on sale.

The highlighting palette is beyond divine, @i_shall_shop bought this and said it’s a bit too much glow to be worn by itself but as a bronzer or blush topper it is divine. Add to cart.


Technically not drugstore, but a drugstore price. I am literally hustling to get this post out to you guys in time to snap up the single highlighter for just $12 in the 40% off sale (use YAY10K at checkout). This is such a beautiful Aussie brand, go support them and get your glow on. Their full size highlighter palettes are literally beautiful.


Two new lip balm ‘Infusions’ from Blistex that contain ceramides to help retain the moisture in your lips. I’m intrigued.

Bio Oil

They have a new Dry Skin Gel that comes in three different sizes and is definitely something I’ll be buying because I 1) love Bio Oil the OG and 2) can always to with extra hydration for winter.

Revolution Makeup

This brand has recently launched in Priceline, and whilst I’m sure you’re all aware I just wanted to add it on here in case because, um, NEED. I’ll be starting my collection with the concealer.

You guys, I could literally go on and on and on but I have to stop somewhere.

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Happy shopping friends!

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4 thoughts on “New- In Drugstore Beauty

  1. What a fantastic post (although I don’t think my credit card will be thinking the same thing haha), that dry oil sounds amazing and I saw the cheek flush the other day in Priceline and was so close to buying it! (I’m a sucker for a creamy blush!) you did some amazing research for this so thank you! 😊

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